[Sunset Mixtape] Reality Distortion Field

New Sunset Mixtape!

I have been reading Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography Steve Jobs, and in it he describes Jobs’ “reality distortion field,” in which Jobs appropriated reality to fit his own singular focus. It is a tool Jobs used to speak things into fruition and to empower his employees to make the impossible possible. His colleagues often despised his rigorous, borderline irrational demands, but in the end, these high expectations often benefited the final product, and for that, the surviving workers thanked him.

I think anyone with unconventional goals needs to occasionally bend reality to fit his or her vision. You can’t lose grip on reality, but a blind faith supported by hard work seems like a tried and true recipe for success.

This mix is the soundtrack heard upon entering your own reality distortion field. It touches on spirituality and features dancehall sounds with some obvious sounds of digital distortion — just to remind you that you are momentarily dissociated from reality.

Are you working or just wasting your time? Did I mention that you’re still on my mind?

NOTE: This mix was meant to include “Somewhere in Australia” by Louis Val as track 6, but the track was removed from Soundcloud.

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[Download EP] NOVA – 19


NOVA has long been known as a one of the premier young producers in the game (some of you may remember him as one of the initial Jon Waltz collaborators). For the past year and a half, NOVA has been releasing solo tracks featuring his own vocals. His songs continue rap and R&B’s current modus operandi of extending the range and possibilities of autotuned vocals. It is not a particularly unique sound; NOVA just does it better. It helps that he is his own producer. These four tracks flourish in the pockets where NOVA flexes his production chops, adding depth and detail to otherwise ordinary moments. This EP is the result of years of experience in imagining sounds and executing songwriting ideas.

Download 19 here via a PayPal donation to NOVA’s mom.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Xanny Rap

New Tape Tuesday!

I think I am going to need to prelude this writeup by saying that I do not pop xannies and do not condone the abuse of prescription medication. The purpose of this tape is simply to highlight a growing trend in rap music. It is not surprising that the effects of the 21st century prescription drug culture has trickled into the rap scene, and I would argue that much like Wiz Khalifa makes certifiably dank weed rap, artists like Lucki Eck$ and Jimmy Prime (formerly Jimmy Johnson) make “xanny rap.” As you will notice, the mix is not all rap music. I tried to space out the journey and the rewards of hearing some of the trippiest rap music being made (Also, “Lilly” by Toro y Moi is a wave). If you’re an impatient bastard, tracks 11 through 14 show the heart of the phenomena.

When I’m off all these bars I should be behind some bars


*SoundCloud mix is missing track 6 (“Lilly” by toro y moi)


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Johnny Yukon – Rounds / Sleep

New Johnny Yukon!

In March we were introduced to Johnny Yukon via his gorgeous tune “Don’t Play,” which has held a permanent residence in my most played songs of 2015. Now part of the 1234 Creations collective, the singer-songwriter has released a follow-up single. “Rounds / Sleep” is a sprawling, hybrid of a song. The first half gives me shades of Justin Timberlake. The second half sounds heavily inspired by Drake.

Overall, this sounds like the type of music Justin Timberlake would have made if he grew up listening to Migos, Drake, and Jaden Smith, and honestly it’s incredible.


About a month ago, frequent Jon Waltz producer NOVA dropped an excellent cover of “Don’t Play” on his Soundcloud. Peep it below. Sorry for saying “peep.”

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[Download] Get Yr Flame On (4/20 Mixtape)

New Sunset Mixtape!

I think this is one of my favorite mixes. It is everything that’s good about hip-hop right now. You got Jon Waltz-collaborator NOVA moving to vocals from behind the boards. You got Bobby Raps going ape shit on a record. After that, Young Thug implements a game-changing autotune on “Halftime,” and then OVO-affiliate Jimmy Johnson (or Jimmy Prime) rips into a slow-burning anthem. BROCKHAMPTON artist Matt Champion and Jon Waltz made a 9-minute song, and it’s perfect. I could go on, but you should probably just listen and smoke a lot of pot. Happy 4/20. Stay ~wavy~.

*Missing track 3 (“Halftime” by Young Thug)


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