Third Eye Blind – Semi-Charmed Life (PINEO & LOEB Remix)

When PINEO plays shows, heads turn. Not because of his dashingly good looks, but because they recognize every damn song that he remixes. Teamed up with LOEB, they make PINEO & LOEB – cosmic retro funk renegades of the future (if that makes any sense). I’ve gotta admit that I’m a pretty big fanboy when it comes to these guys, they seem to never disapoint!

Catch their latest, and grab it for free:

If you dig this remix, you’d most DEFINITELY love his re-work of Gorillaz, Will Smith, or Tears for Fears. Find them here.

From PINEO himself:

“Bringing back the 90s addicts anthem along with some live guitar played by Matt Stevens (Helical), Jurassic 5 samples and all sorts of crazy sounds. Free download uploaded while we’re off playing some shows in Nepal!”

Catch him on the internet, as well:

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[Stream] Paul McCartney – New

Totally unexpected (to me at least), Paul McCartney dropped a new track last night titled “New.” With its poppy vocals and light-hearted strings and cymbals, “New” sounds exactly like an old Beatles song, which I don’t think any of us would complain about, ever. Paul McCartney’s new album drops on October 15th in the States, 14th in the UK.

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Mac Miller – Jerry’s Record Store

Mac Miller – Jerry’s Record Store || Download

New Mac Miller track. I remember when this kind of thing used to excite me. Alas, I’ve grown pretty disenchanted with Mr. Miller, but I still always check out new releases of his in hopes I will see what I once saw in the young white rhymesayer.

Huge (HUGE) fan of the production on this one. It includes some really relaxing piano and drums, and some really dope saxophone/trumpet samples.

I do, kind of, see the Mac I used to really dig in this track. His flow stays on point, and his voice sounds nice, but there’s no real depth to anything he says. To be expected, I guess.

One little pearl–

I believe in God but I don’t believe in religion

Kind of sounds like he’s trying to hard to be John Lennon but hey, I’ll give it to him. Nice line Mac. I hope he continues with this type of production. He’s been working with Cam’ron, and it’ll be interesting to see what comes of that.


Dream Big

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Travis Barker – Cool Head (Feat. Kid Cudi)

“Cool Head (Feat. Kid Cudi)” – Travis Barker

For those of you who don’t know who Travis Barker is, let me apologize to you…that’s a shame. He’s only one of the baddest asses and by far one of the best drummers alive. Combine that with Kid Cudi, and that’s a recipe for absurd amounts of dopeness. Travis used to be Blink-182’s drummer, and kind of (kind of) still is, but he’s been focusing on making his own music recently.

His new mixtape, “Give the Drummer Some,” drops March 15th, and of all the leaks that have dropped, this is by far my favorite. Kid Cudi’s flow is one of the most adaptive out there right now, and on this he rocks a lazy, chill vibe over a nasty bass line and some booming drums.

Lots of new music coming out in the next week or so, get excited my friends.

Download “Cool Head”

Travis Barker || Facebook || Twitter ||

Kid Cudi || Facebook || Twitter ||


D Prep || Twitter

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LIVE: “Mama’s Boyfriend” – Kanye West

NEW AND LIVE: “Mama’s Boyfriend” – Kanye West

Kanye performs one of his new songs live, with clear video footage. I gotta say, if this is what this song is really going to sound like, it’s going to be on my Top Played before you know it. So. Freaking. Good.

Also, I had another thought about Kid Cudi sounding mainstream or not as talented as before. This idea was sparked after a person under the name of Solarcatcher commented on my earlier post saying that maybe Kanye has a hand in pushing Cudi to go toward radio stardom. The thing about this is, in my opinion, Kanye is a little bit like Lil Wayne in that both are heads of a group of talent (in Wayne’s case, Cash Money, in Kanye’s, G.O.O.D. Music) – and both seem to be a little intimidated of their proteges becoming bigger stars than they are. The difference is, Wayne doesn’t do much to stop it other than step out of the limelight a little (and this is before he went to prison), whereas Kanye seems to put a bit of a stopper on his team’s talents. It seems like if Kanye is getting the idea that Kid Cudi has the potential to be bigger than he is, Kanye himself might have the powers to take away some of Cudi’s fanbase. Because let’s face it, anybody who is a diehard Cudi fan most likely revels in the dark, lonesome side of him and would squirm in disgust at hearing Kid Cudi on Top 40 radio. So Kanye then pushes him to go mainstream. Meanwhile, Kanye’s at work creating his own album that continues to push boundaries and draw in crowds, and what do you know – Kanye stays on top, group stays successful, everybody’s happy? Oh, except for, you know…Kid Cudi’s true fanbase. And…maybe Kid Cudi himself, for signing with a nutcase who always wants all the attention on him.

What do yall think? Time for me to go to bed? Or does that make sense? Just speculating here. Oh and one more thing – did I mention how excited I am for this song to come out?

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“Look Up In Da Stars”

Link: “Look Up In Da Stars”

New Kid Cudi and Wale, “Look Up In Da Stars”

Download available through the link.

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