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The Wire Eyes – What I Knew (Brasher Version)

Very impressed by this offering from The Wire Eyes, a talented group from Detroit. The song, What I Knew, features an intricate balance of simplicity and escalation. From the first strains of the lead’s vocals, you understand what belongs and what is expected; this will be the unfolding and unraveling of a well-rehearsed but somehow never-before-heard story. This is breaking news with bite. Turn it up!

MP3 Download“What I Knew” (Brasher Version) – The Wire Eyes

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Little Dragon – The Crystalfilm Shuffle Dream

Little Dragon - Yukimi Nagano

Swedish Fish – the succulent velvet red sin-sized snacks – have nothing on the sizzling, fiery sexcellence of Little Dragon. This troupe of Swedes knows how to lay down a think, checkered blanket of smooth and host an all-inclusive picnic on it. Accessible, sensual, fire-breathing. I’m in. Are you?


Little Dragon | Website | Twitter | Facebook


MP3“Crystalfilm” – Little Dragon

MP3: “Shuffle a Dream” – Little Dragon

MP3“Feather” – Little Dragon


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New Lykke Li: “Get Some”

Lykke Li

Lykke Li – Get Some

Some new material from Lykke Li today. She’s a little crazy. It takes a special breed to make a song where they feel completely comfortable saying “I’m your prostitute, go and get some.” But we’ve always known Lykke Li is a special breed, and that’s why we love her, right? Love her or think she’s crazy, this song is awesome.

Spotted at her boyfriend’s blog, Pigeons & Planes

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Friday Morning New Releases!

TGIF, right? Well, that becomes a bit more powerful when you realize there are two new songs from G.O.O.D. Music artists waiting for you when your alarm clock goes off. It’s almost as if I opened my eyes and the internet had a gift, just for me, sitting and waiting to be opened. Well, I’ve opened it and I am very satisfied indeed. The Cudder track is funny and jammable. And the Kanye track…man, I’ve been waiting to hear some Kanye like this for a while. I was listening to a lecture recently about hip hop production and was hearing 9th Wonder and others talk about who they think the best producers in the game are. Sure enough, one of them said Kanye West. I immediately thought, wow…it takes balls to say that, just because I feel like Kanye has this stigma around him that’s either related to his outlandish personality at times or maybe the ability for his music to go mainstream. But when you think about it…he really is a spectacular producer. His ability to use samples so gracefully is, well, not unparalleled, but definitely among the best. All that being said, Kanye didn’t produce this song, but I’m sure he had a lot to do with the process. Production on this joint was done by Symbolic 1 (Edit: I apologize, I misspelled his name…it’s actually Symbolyc 1, but he’s better known as S1). But go back and listen to some Kanye tracks that he has produced and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Anyway, enough blabber…on to the music.

“All Talk” (ft. LCD Soundsystem, Chip Tha Ripper and Christian Bale) – Kid Cudi

“Power” (ft. Dwele) – Kanye West

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Accept The New – Theophilus London


“Accept The New” – Theophilus London

New Theophilus London! I have been anxiously awaiting this. Theophilus is easily one of my favorite artists I’ve come across since I started blogging back in December 08. And this song is a clear example of why that is – he rhymes over spectacular music and it merges perfectly, somehow. Keep it coming, Theophilus! Cannot WAIT until the release of the entire mixtape, I Want You, dropping April 28th!

Download “Accept the New”

BONUS: Another intentional leak. Download “Oops” (“Tweet” by Missy Elliot Cover)

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Introduction: Delorean

Delorean is a Spanish quartet that is getting major buzz right now. And I’m buying the hype. Matter of fact, I’m going to say they’re going to be a big hit by the end of the year…and probably make it onto some top 100 lists. We’ll see if I’m right, come December. Anyway, more info on them. They’re from Zarautz, Spain, and they make pop music that is often danceable and sometimes a bit dark. Most importantly, for me, it’s catchy. Exciting. Leaves you asking for more.

Here’s how the folks over at Kickin The Peanuts described their sound:

delorean’s lo-fi groove is a breezy summer synthesis of panda bear/animal collective & toro y moi & the radio dept. & we absolutely love it.”

Pretty accurate, I’d say. Anyway, here are two free tunes for them for yall to enjoy. Get excited for more to come from Delorean!

“Simple Graces” – Delorean (mp3)

“Stay Close” – Delorean (mp3)

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Ready to Go – The Dean’s List


“Ready to Go” – The Dean’s List

The Deans List

Just now hearing about this group called The Dean’s List. The energy in their music is contagious. Sort of reminds me of Rocky Business, but personally I think the rapper from The Dean’s List is more talented. He sounds a bit like XV, and at times flow is a bit like Wale. If you ask me, that’s recipe for success in today’s hip hop world. That and the obvious pop influence in their production, which I will add is quite nice!

Oh, and another thing. They sampled “Breakeven” by The Script in one of their songs that I’ll include below. Great song, but who would have thought to rap over it! Digging. Yall hear the XV similarities?

“Valley Girl (The Script’s “Breakeven” Remix)The Deans List

Download “Ready to Go”

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iyaDedE – Don’t Make it Easy

RWANDAN ELECTRO-POP. I love finding new music like this. I would love to say this was a complete steal of a find, but iyaDedE is quickly rising in the ranks and is now being compared to the likes of Goldfrapp and Santigold.

Born and raised in Rwanda, iyaDedE (pronounced eeya deh deh) has now lived on 3 continents after escaping the genocide of 1994 by fleeing to Belgium, and now living in Brooklyn, NY. Her mother was a popular radio DJ in Rwanda and iyaDedE has decided to pursue the same passion. In addition to all of this, she speaks four languages!

She is known to love rock and soul music and blend the two into grimy electronica with the touch of clever words in both English and Kinyarwanda (native Rwandan language).

One of the featured tracks, “Brimstone and Fire,” is an “urgent post-punk anthem about colonization.”

“Don’t Make It Easy” – iyaDedE

“Brimstone and Fire” – iyaDedE

Visit the following sites to hear more of iyaDedE’s work and thoughts:

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