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The xx – On Hold (Jamie xx Remix)

Following the release of I See You, the third studio album from The XX, Jamie xx has now released a vibrant remix of On Hold. As far as solo projects go, Jamie has remained pretty quiet since releasing and touring his debut album, In Colour. Since its release in 2015 fans have been desperately waiting for more but considering he spent five years recording his first, we may not see a sophomore album too soon. At least for now we can bask in his spirited, dreamy sound with this.

Check it out below.

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Frank Ocean – Provider


In the seventh installment of his Beats 1 Radio Show, Blonded, Frank Ocean released new track Provider. The song offers the familiar, dulcet sound we’ve grown to know from his recent releases. Throughout the summer in earlier episodes of blonded we’ve seen the release of Lens, Raf, Biking and a remix of Slide On Me featuring Young Thug. With all the madness in the world, a steady stream of music from Frank gives us one thing to smile about. We can only hope this means an album is in the works.

Check out Provider below.

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LCD Soundsystem – tonite

LCD Soundsystem American Dream cover art

LCD Soundsystem is back with another new single, tonite, from their forthcoming album American Dream. This makes the third single from the LP, dropping September 1st. If it sounds familiar that’s because the song was first released live during a five-night string of shows at Brooklyn Steel back in April. If you like what you’ve heard from American Dream so far don’t miss your chance to catch them live this fall, the band will be hitting the road for a world tour following the release of the album in September.

The track was dropped alongside an 80s inspired video, check it out below:

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Purity Ring – Asido

Purity Ring Asido Cover Art

Their classic synth-pop sound shines through alongside emblematic lyrics in Purity Ring‘s new track “Asido”. The Canadian duo released the song on the fifth anniversary of their debut album Shrines. Megan James and Corin Roddick have been relatively quiet since the 2015  release of their sophomore album Another Eternity, only releasing a few remixes until now.

Though the single is expected to be the first from their third album we may not be seeing it any time too soon. Megan and Corin took to Instagram to tell fans, “As we work at our own pace on the third Purity Ring album, we wanted to celebrate with all of you this monument in time. And so, we share with you asido, a parable that holds nothing before and nothing after.”

Check it out below.


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Allday – Sides (ft. NYNE)

Even Allday, Australia’s preeminent left-field druggie rap-singer, isn’t immune to the Toronto influence. His latest single, “Sides,” clearly has some northern sensibility with its ominous synth beat and NYNE doing a pretty decent Weeknd impression on the hook.

“Sides” is the rapper’s first track since his Startup Cult record dropped in 2015, and it has us realizing just what we’ve been missing over the last 10-plus months.

That album cemented him as a master at walking the line between pop rap and something woozier and darker. The chorus here is Views-level catchy, and Allday’s verses have some serious bite, similar to “Right Now,” another surefire banger that was a highlight of Startup.

All in all, “Sides” is proof that Allday remains in mid-season form.

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20 Songs From Me To You

twenty songs from me to you

One of my New Years Resolutions this year is to spend two days per week at home after work without touching my computer. It’s going to be tough, and it might not happen for a full year. Let’s face it: I’m 0/2 so far…it’s not looking good. But in the past two days, I’ve been doing some SoundCloud Soul Searching, and found some incredible tracks that I either didn’t find the time to post in the past or I’m just stumbling across now. Either way, these are songs that I need yall to hear. So without further ado, the music…

1. Josef Salvat – This Life

2. Local Natives – Heavy Feet

3. Chet Faker – I’m Into You

4. POSTILJONEN – How Will I Know/All That We Had Is Lost

5. Tom Odell – Another Love
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The Shins – September

More new Shins! Good stuff. I posted “Simple Song,”  their first single off of Port of Morrow, their new full-length release set to drop on March 20th, and now we have a stream of the b-side of Simple Song, titled “September.”

I actually like this one a lot more than Simple Song–it has much more of a Shins feel to it, in my opinion. The guitar is almost a little twangy, which is interesting.

James Mercer’s voice sounds as on point as always…I can’t wait for Port of Morrow, I think it will be really interesting to see how their band has grown in the past few years.


Dream Big

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Ghost Beach – First Time

With a touch of Faded Paper Figures and a misting of Holy Ghost, Ghost Beach brings the party to the ephemeral shoreline in a big way. Check out their website for some free downloads, “Like” them on Facebook… do whatever you have to do, just make sure you keep an eye out for big things from this NYC duo.

MP3“First Time” – Ghost Beach


Ghost Beach || Website || Facebook || Twitter

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Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Penguin Prison Remix)

Some penguins, when threatened with a trip to Penguin Prison, flipper out and go on a 24-hour crime spree. Others take off their tuxedos and blend in with the surrounding fauna by becoming baby snowmen.

MP3“Blue Jeans” (Penguin Prison Remix) – Lana Del Rey

Not these penguins. These penguins love beatings; both giving and receiving. They marched straight to prison and became resident resonance chefs. Then they took a suasive song by a succulent woman and make a miso-happy soup out of it. Throw in a dash of salt and a pinch of nipple, and suddenly you have something even your mom’s ears wouldn’t mind eating.

Twitter || Lana Del Rey || Penguin Prison 

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Rebecca & Fiona – Dance

Rebecca and Fiona; innocent enough in the name department. Nothing to see here, move along now.

But wait, just as innocence has the propensity to melt in the club and not in your mouth, so does this duo have the chance to melt their name into the ears of anybody willing to listen. This track, Dance, is less a song about dancing and more a song about making love to the floor with your feet and, by extension, your body.

MP3: “Dance” – Rebecca & Fiona

Start looking around for their names outside the underground part of town, they are gaining popularity after being featured in “Turn it Down” by Kaskade.

Rebecca & Fiona || Facebook || Soundcloud || Twitter


Kaskade – Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania Remix) **Preview** by Le Castle Vania


” Dance” Source

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Monday Morning Music

Here’s a pick-me-up quick mix for your first Monday after the famous Thanksgiving of 2011. You’ve set aside the turkeys stuffed with ham stuffed with chicken strips; it’s time to get back to work, school, school work or work school.

Get ready to get ready!

MP3: “Mother Protect” (Goldroom Remix) – Niki & The Dove

MP3: “Heretics” – Andrew Bird

MP3: “Hit that Jive” (Original Mix) – Gramatik


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Miranda (School of Seven Bells Remix) – Surfer Blood

Miranda (School of Seven Bells Remix) - Surfer Blood

This remix of Surfer Blood’s “Miranda” shakes the world out of my brain and onto the kitchen counter. From there each layer of sound works as an independent contractor in an effort to erect a beautiful earchitectural construct. And boy, do I ever get erect.

So there I am, erect on the kitchen counter, chilling as best I can to this scintillating School of Seven Bells rendition… when the layers of the song start to come together at 1:45! At 2:06 I lose all respect for myself and country, ready for whatever awaits me in the rest of the song. And of course, with this much build up, it doesn’t disappoint.

MP3: Miranda (School of Seven Bells Remix) – Surfer Blood


I am completely sold; you can take that statement out of my paycheck and straight to the bank. Want more? Surfer Blood – Tarot Classics album review coming soon!

Source | Soundcloud


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