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Planet VI ft. Wiz Khalifa & Ariez Onasis – No Limit

Planet VI, Wiz Khalifa, & Ariez Onasis bring you this latest banger, No Limit.

In case anyone was wondering, Planet VI is the new name for one of my favorite groups back in the day, Rock City. “Rock City” used to be my shit a while back. This is probably the first time I’ve heard from these guys in ages.

Anyways, this is a banger as they recruit Wiz & Ariez Onasis. Peep it!

Planet VI ft. Wiz Khalifa & Ariez Onasis – No Limit

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KiD CuDi ft. King Chip – Just What I Am

KiD CuDi makes an official return to the rap game with his latest track from the new album “indicud” featuring his long time partner in crime, King Chip (formerly Chip Tha Ripper).

We knew this was coming. We knew he was back to rapping. We didn’t know what it’d be like. Would WZRD taint his rap? Would he be lost in the transition from genre to genre?

I’m probably making this a bigger deal than it actually is, but I think we’re all extremely happy he’s back to rapping. I’m one of the few that somehow liked WZRD because I appreciate him as an artist and support any direction he decides to take in his music, but clearly, a lot of his fans didn’t feel the same way.

The past is the past. From the sounds of “Just What I Am,” it’s like riding a bicycle for him. I love the new sound. This has the Man on The Moon feel all over it.

He’s back.

KiD CuDi ft. King Chip – Just What I Am


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Domo Genesis – “Heart of Gold” ft. Tyler, the Creator


Here’s a new track from Domo Genesis and Tyler, the Creator of Odd Future called “Heart of Gold.” As always, Tyler, the Creator goes hard and keeps sharp knives at his side. This time, it’s in the form of Domo Genesis. I’m really feeling this track. Happy Saturday!

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Tristen – Baby Drugs


Tristen is reminding me a bit of Tennis when I first heard their music. I clicked play, and the world stood still for a moment. It’s hard to find enjoyable pop music these days, but when you hear something that’s indie-infused like Tristen’s “Baby Drugs” or Tennis’s “Marathon,” faith can be restored. I truly believe the world sustains itself because of trend cycles. What was once cool becomes uncool, but sure enough, someday it comes circling back. It’s what we call vintage. Tristen is holding on to a vintage feel while refreshing all of our lives with some not only tolerable, but fiercely desirable indie-pop music. Thank you, girl. From the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU.

“Baby Drugs” – Tristen

[Credit: WAWSTSF]

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Young Prince – Strange Times (Prod. Brenton Duvall) [MUSIC VIDEO]

Young Prince and Brenton dropped their music video for “Strange Times” last night. It’s certainly not a high tech video, but I didn’t expect that from them anyway. All I wanted was visual footage of the fun those two kids can have together. And what did I get? Visual footage of the fun those two kids can have together. The world loves me, I guess.

Both of these boys are in my “band of little brothers,” and if you can’t tell why from this video, you are certainly not invited. Young Prince is such a fun performer. I tell you – being able to dance is so crucial to being a good performer. He’s an entertaining dancer, so he’s got me on lock.

Watch this video, dream about this video, live for this video…whatever it takes, this isn’t something to be ignored. Brenton and YP for life.

Download “Strange Times”

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Hey Marseilles – Rio

Hey Marseilles

Hey Marseilles apparently knows how to get straight to my heart. Starting with some hand claps, going into strums, violin, piano, and eventually breaking out into full band? It’s like a summer salad that’s topped with every single thing you could possibly want from the salad bar. This song is definitely going to make it on some driving-to-work playlists. Spotted at Fuel/Friends.

On the way I will go
Where the days left to breathe
Are not gone, are still long
I am traveling on

“Rio” – Hey Marseilles

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Live: Hoodie Allen (100Bands Review #48)

What’s Left: 166 Days. 52 Bands.
Band #48: Hoodie Allen

When/Where: February 24th, Motorco Music Hall, Durham, NC
Expectations: [Like I said with Eddy B & Tim Gunter and Anthem, I put on this show, so of course I am biased and had high expectations. That being said, though, I’m going to give my best shot at an honest critique.]

Hoodie Allen has been a favorite at Sunset in the Rearview for quite a long time now. I’m a huge fan of his music and held incredibly high expectations for high energy, enthusiasm, and excitement.

Concert: After two strong openers in Eddy B & Tim Gunter and Anthem, Hoodie and his producer RJF took the stage and the crowd went wild. The venue is very big, so unfortunately the room wasn’t completely packed, but it seemed that everybody in the room was itching to get as close to the stage as possible. Hoodie seems to have die hards in all corners of the country; there were people in the audience singing along to every single word that came out of Hoodie’s mouth. The one time when these fans couldn’t sing along, of course, was when Hoodie broke out into a freestyle about Durham and the surrounding areas in North Carolina. The crowd seemed to love that.

Much to my surprise, “You Are Not A Robot” was not his closer. He did, though, seem to go through the majority of his songs, including his (at the time) latest single, “Dreams Up.” Hoodie did indeed bring energy and excitement, though I still believe there is room for him to grow and expand to really maintain a level of excitement for not only the die hards, but for the naysayers as well. I think it’ll come in the form of more unexpected things like impressive freestyles and a wider array of dance moves, but again…let’s just remember that Hoodie is only getting started. I truly believe that he’s got a long career ahead of him.

Concert Afterglow: I was singing Hoodie Allen songs for days. I had a ball, and I think Hoodie will continue to progress and I will soon be begging to see him live again.

Recommendation: Check out Hoodie Allen live. It is certainly a fun show. Something tells me his cult following hasn’t expanded into the South quite as much yet, so you might see a better show in the North, but I’m doing my best to change that!

Song: ”Dreams Up” – Hoodie Allen

Dreams Up by HoodieAllen

Written by Lydia

*Photography Credit: Ambrielle Moore

Did you know that Sunset in the Rearview writers are trying to see and review 100 live shows in 365 days? Read More about 100Bands and See Our Other Reviews.

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Anthem – God of Joy (Dionysus)

Anthem sent me this song today and the second I turned it on, I started bouncing around like a little girl on crack. Damn – the combination of this beat with Ant’s lighthearted lyrics in the spirit of just letting go and having a good time – it got me going. The sample is “Shooting Stars” by Bag Raiders. Anthem described his relationship with this song perfectly:

In honor of spring, I dropped this song as my contribution to pregame playlists everywhere. Creatively, “God of Joy (Dionysus)” was one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in writing and recording.

Reminder: stay off crack. Listen to Anthem instead.

More from Anthem: On The iPod | Live Review | Twitter

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J. Cole – The Good Son (Part I)

J. Cole

J. Cole let out a new and previously unreleased track that he recorded back before The Warm Up release. I love hip hop tracks like these – reflective, honest, and telling of life behind the music. A Barry White sample never hurts, either! Spotted at Herfection.

“The Good Son” (Part I) – J. Cole

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Game & Yelawolf – Rough [MP3 + Lyrics]

Game & Yelawolf

Game has some good lyrics, but delivers them pretty poorly on this track. It’s easy to tell with him, though, that a slower beat and name-dropping is the way to go. This song samples Pearl Jam, and as usual,  Yelawolf sounds good. I love hearing hip hop tracks where the rappers talk about stuff that you know is true. Both Game and Yeller are talking about their recent pasts in this song, coming straight about their lives. I wish that Yelawolf had two verses rather than Game, but I’ll take what I can get. This seems pretty raw though, there’s not even a hook. Credit to FADER. Hit the jump to see full lyrics.

“Rough” – Game & Yelawolf

“Rough” – Lyrics

[Game – Verse 1]

What do you do when life gets too hard for you
Shed tears or is that too hard for you
I’m just a man, reflection of my family
Meaning you ain’t gotta have one to understand me
I got kids, I got friends
Only difference between me and you is I don’t care about this Benz
I care about Will, he was dying and neede me
I care about the Grammy they gave Missy, they cheated me
But they cheated Drake, they cheated Justin Bieber
Guess America don’t like Canada we some f-ckin heathens
Game can’t watch his mouth that’s why his daddy beat him
Same mouth made him millions and now his daddy need him
Finally got a black president look at how they treat him
Kids starvin in Africa why only Oprah feed them?
What happened to the music that I know
I miss it, U2 I guess we feel like Bono

[Game- Verse 2]

The living, the dead
These Dre beats, my head
“My Life,” featuring Wayne
That was Jayceon, this is Game
Adjacent to the fame aint chasing a dame thing
So tonight let all of your pain be champagne
I can’t tame my killers but I can tell them chill
I might give you a pass depending how I feel
The bipolar bear
They said the end of the world is coming, I know it’s here
Cuz California cold this year
Detox, R.E.D..
M.C.’s dead
Kill them softly like Lauryn Hill
Skin heads going K-K-Krazy cuz a n-gga in a foreign wheel
We all born to die, some of us born to kill
If that don’t wake you up I hope tomorrow morning will

[Yelawolf – Verse 3]

Never thought I’d see the day when I, would roll up in the parking lot
And having people comin up to me for a photograph of the shit I talk about
Yela can I get an autograph, Alabama so proud that we just can’t wait
Congrats on the Shady deal, any news on the release date?
I told them what I can, shake another hand, sign another autograph it’s cool
Got fans gettin inked up, dedicated to me, I love you too
Got 3000 sold, the spirit of rock and roll
Long barrel .38, loaded I’m John Wayne in Geronimo
So I don’t really know what’s going some of these p-ssies pants in a ball
Cuz I never done shit but get better and believin’ in God
And leavin’ my mom at 15 with a dream and a cross
A cross that I didn’t see until I was nailed to it for believin’ it all
That I could ever be accepted the way that I saw it
I mean I knew it would be hard, but really, come on yall
Oh I’m a redneck? F-CK YOU tatted on my neck
I sip High Life in a can at the Grammy’s now add that to my rep

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Phish – Bouncing Around The Room (Its Overture Edit)


Bouncing Around The Room (Its Overture Edit) by Its Overture

The concept of Phish is so interesting to me. I saw them live once, at ACL, and I was so blown away at the amount of absolutely diehard fans there who know every single obscure word to their songs that all seem to tell tales of random things that they’ve encountered in life. They serve a niche market, that much is clear. Personally, I think I’d love the music if only Trey Anastasio’s voice was bearable; but alas, nine times out of ten, I can’t stand the sound of it. This song, though, stunned me when I saw it live; these old men were playing the song while jumping, in syncronized movements, mind you, on trampolines. For those of you who may not attend many concerts: that is not normal. It likely takes a freakish amount of talent to figure out how to play your instrument, sing your part, and do some syncronized dance moves all at the same time.

Anyway, Its Overture, one of my new favorite remix/mashup groups, has decided to make a Phish song a bit more appealing and accessible to people who may not be Phish fans. It’s more uptempo, and quite frankly, makes me want to go buy a trampoline and see if I can play the part of guitarist and singer of Rock Band while performing some stellar dance moves on the trampoline. How much would you pay me to film that, huh?

Happy Friday at Five, everybody! Enjoy your weekend!

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Okkervil River – Wake and Be Fine

Okkervil River Wake and Be Fine

“Wake and Be Fine” – Okkervil River

Okkervil River wins my heart at the instrumental bridge at the 1:46 mark. I’m out of my seat, twirling around the room, pretending I’m both a rockstar and a ballerina at the same time. This song came at the perfect time. After a long, tiresome day, I came home, plopped onto the couch, fell asleep, woke up at 9:30 PM, and was reminded by Okkervil River that I, Lydia, have “still got time to wake and be fine.” Forget today and the cranky mood it put me into; I’ve got to remember my own motto that I preached on this last Straight Talk Sunday: life is short, live it with a smile.

ALSO! I feel as though the last line of this song is reminiscent of the last line of The Great Gatsby. Have you read that book? Yes? Good. No? Read it. The last line is epic. And so it is in this song, when Okkervil River tell us “our hearts are crashing loudly on some rock where the gulls whine, ‘Wake and be fine.’” Credit to Pigeons and Planes.

Click to Download “Wake and Be Fine”

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