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The White Panda – Pandamonium

White Panda Pandamonium

The White Panda is one of the best mashup groups out there, in my opinion. These two guys have mastered the art of mashup music. I still remember way back in the day when my family rolled around town in a super old school, tri-colored Suburban that only had a tape deck and my sister would play “mix tapes” that she created. About 30 seconds from each song for an entire tape. Thank god we’ve at least reached a point where we can blend songs and make them sound good. My sisters tapes were miserable. It’s okay though, I think she’ll admit to that, too.

Sample songs: “Walking On Al” (Paul Simon x Empire of the Sun) – White Panda

“Infinite Dream” (Katy Perry x Guru Josh Project) – White Panda

Download Pandamonium (for price of your choice)

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Mashup Monday #45 Featuring TCOS, DJ Twixx, Cheap Thrills

Monday comes too quickly every time, no? Sorry I’m a bit late on posting this one, but here’s the plus side of it: Monday’s almost over for those of us Stateside folks! I’ve got a piece of paper hanging up in my bathroom that my sister mailed to me called “Why We Love Weekdays!” Monday says “Fresh Start!” but maybe it should say “Mashuppppp WHAAAAAAT!” Three dope mashups for yall on this wonderful Mashup Monday.

1. TCOS gives us a blend of Biggie and Nelly Furtado. Speaking of, where the hell is Female Nelly?

Biggie Smalls(Suicidal Thoughts) Vs Nelly Furtado (Turn Off The Lights) by tcos777

2. DJ Twixx mashes up T.I. and Ratatat. Straight Talk: one of the best nights of my life was at a T.I. concert. I may or may not have had my hair in cornrows. #swag

Swing your Pipes (T.I. vs Ratatat) by DJ Twixx

3. Cheap Thrills jumps on some buzz bands and throws Wiz Khalifa and Foster The People in the pan together. Do your thing, dood.

Hold On Tight (Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Foster The People) by Cheap Thrills

Download “Hold On Tight” | Cheap Thrills Website

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