[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: BAD 4U

New Tape Tuesday!

Based on probability alone, most people are bad for you. The problem is my generation is so antisocial that they cling to any semblance of familiarity. Familiarity, oftentimes, is also bad for you. This mixtape documents that internal struggle between the comfort of familiarity and the drab of routine. I miss new feelings. In order to experience newness, you first have to acknowledge how damn easy it is to be sucked into unhealthy but familiar tendencies, and then you have to fight those urges. Progress comes from the fight for novelty.

On a different note, “Vic Mensa sang beautifully on a Kanye West song” is not a thought I ever imagined I’d have. But on “Wolves” Vic croons, “I’m just bad (bad, bad) for you,” and it’s the most affecting part of the song (along with the haunting sounds that follow his verse). This mixtape is in part an ode to the perfection of that song. It’s my attempt to channel the same energy of “Wolves” into an entire mixtape that doesn’t include the song itself.

By the way, this is the 40th Tape Tuesday. We actually celebrated the anniversary a few weeks ago and a lot of celebrities came out to support. Check out the footage from that here.

And I was only trying to make it

*SoundCloud mix missing track 7 (“Home” by Heems), track 8 (“The Death, The Funeral” by Sean Leon), and track 19 (“Stay Down” by Big Sean) — so basically, download the entire thing below.


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[MP3 Premiere] Mulherin – Fair Play (ft. Wave Chapelle)

New Mulherin!

We have recently grown quite fond of the music of Mulherin. The twins from Tennessee have a knack for these simple concept, R&B songs. With their past two releases (the first being “747“), they have toyed with a word here and there and based entire songs around witty comparisons that can be related to universally. They also have a knack for choosing the right collaborators for their songs. Their last track was a perfect fit for SITR favorite Jon Waltz‘s thoughtful musings, and this one seems perfect for Wave Chapelle. I mean, this is the first piece of music I have heard from him, and just from listening to his two verses of painstaking honestly, I feel like I know him. That’s rare.

Check out more tracks by Mulherin over on their SoundCloud.

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[MP3 Premiere] Mulherin – 747 (ft. Jon Waltz)

New Jon Waltz!

Mulherin is comprised of twin brothers from Memphis, Tennessee. Their new song “747” opens up with a sound reminiscent of “Cameras” from Drake’s sophomore album Take Care, but as soon as the initial beat drops and the vocals kick in, you are left with a completely original composition. It is a piece of music where the instrumental is just as important as the voice and words, where the melody loops around and locks into your mind and the background vocals transport you into the clouds. Then, Jon Waltz rips a quietly poetic verse, and suddenly, the 4 and 1/2 minute song is over. Damn. I guess, time flies.

Maybe time is just a 747 plane…


Stream the twins’ recently released Noon EP, featuring my other favorite song by them (“Downlow”).

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