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[Festival Review] Outside Lands 2013

Outside Lands: That time when San Franciscans make their annual trek into the foggy depths of Golden Gate Park to tap into their inner rocker, raver or head bopper depending on the vibe they’re going for (and/or how many drinks they had the night before).

Show-stopping performances came from newcomers and veterans alike throughout the course of the weekend, but a few stood out to me as especially noteworthy. [Continue reading to get the skinny on all the best performances, songs and secrets from the weekend from guest writer Molly Murtaugh.]

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Top Acts to See At Lollapalooza 2013


Summer is nearing its end, but summer music festivals still have some unfinished business. Lollapalooza in particular is coming up next weekend and what better to do than name all the great acts that are going to be there? The list is pretty freaking huge but I’m going to break down some of my top picks for each day. This will either help you out in forming your own schedule when you’re there or maybe I’m just putting salt in a wound since you can’t make it. Either way, hit the jump to check out the full list of top acts you need to see at Lollapalooza 2013.

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MS MR – Secondhand Rapture [Full Album Stream]

MS MR is one of those American duos we’ve had our eye on since 2011. They’ve released some pretty epic songs, but haven’t really had a chance to make a real name for themselves because of lack of material they’ve put out. Personally, they’ve fallen behind the likes of Say Lou Lou and HAIM because they haven’t distinguished themselves enough amongst some really powerful bands with female vocalists. Previously, they had released three singles in Hurricane, Bones, and Fantasy, and they released an EP called Candy Bar Creep Show.

Today they’ve released their debut album called Secondhand Rapture for streaming via Hype Machine, and I’m being reminded of why they piqued my interest in the first place.

baby you should stick around

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MS MR – Fantasy

MS MR dropped the first single, “Fantasy,” off their debut album, which is slated to come out May 14. This track really solidifies their sexy, dangerous sound, especially following their last EP, but the driving beat underneath this track gives it a sort of Florence and the Machine feel, especially with the echoing background vocals. I have a feeling their debut album’s gonna be disgustingly good…how bout you guys?

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MS MR – Candy Bar Creep Show

The blogosophere’s already a-buzz about indie-pop group MS MR‘s latest EP Candy Bar Creep Show, so I’ll offer this without too much explanation.

MS MR is an apt amalgamation of the some of the best indie-pop artists out there right now: a dash of Flo and the Machine, a sprinkle of Lana Del Rey, and maybe a little Alt-J to taste. The multi-part vocal arrangements and sweeping string parts on all four tracks are hauntingly beautiful, and the whole EP just, like, echoes. The group is on tour this fall with GroupLove, though many tickets are sold out.

Check out the provocative music video for “Dark Doo Wop” below. It’s a real piece of art in my opinion.

Dark Doo Wop from MS MR on Vimeo.

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MS MR – Hurricane [VIDEO]

MS MR Hurricane

Apparently Sunset is all about some explosive music. I never liked guns or explosives or any of that stuff too much, maybe because I’m a girl. I don’t know. But I really do like explosive music. It’s not crashes or bangs or anything, it’s just BIG. Powerful. It leaves a mark. Yeah, that’s what this song “Hurricane” by MS MR does for me. Apparently that’s not all that much — MS MR is saying it can induce popilepsy. I don’t know much about popilepsy, but as a former epileptic, I think I can dig it. Ya, I’m down.

Download “Hurricane” over at MS MR’s site.

[via Pitchfork]

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Saturday at Sunset: Songs for an Actress 2

Saturday at Sunset!

This 10-song mini-mix is a convenient way to catch up on some songs I haven’t posted, hype you guys for this week’s Tape Tuesday, remind you that Saturday at Sunset is still a thing, and show off my mad photo-editing skills.

The mix is raw and personal and so blatantly about a girl. It’s perfect to not be happy to. Swag swag.



  1. Childish Gambino – Rolling in the Deep (ft. Adele & Jamie xx)
  2. Skizzy Mars – Tara
  3. Albert Hammond, Jr. – In Transit
  4. Otayo Dubb – A Lil More (ft. Bambu)
  5. Ms Mr – Ash Tree Lane
  6. Prometheus Brown and Bambu – Rashida Jones
  7. The Tough Alliance – My Hood
  8. Sampha – Indecision
  9. Marlon Roudette – The Loss
  10. Childish Gambino – These Girls (ft. Garfunkel and Oates)


Songs for an Actress 2

“We are really close, and this party’s really loud…”

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