Move That Dope

[Music Video] Future – Move That Dope ft. Pusha T, Pharrell Williams

Okay so like is this hat attached to Pharrell’s head or something? The video for Future‘s latest single “Move That Dope” is kinda weird, I’m just being honest. We have Pharrell’s weird hat, Casino’s verse got cut out (which I’m not totally complaining about), and Wiz Khalifa and Schoolboy Q are just kinda hanging around. Whatever, this song bangs. Check out the tracklist for Future Hendrix’s upcoming Honest LP, too, courtesy of 2DopeBoyz.

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[Stream] Future – Move That Dope ft. Pusha T, Pharrell, Casino

WOOOOOO this damn track.  Future Our Lord And Savior released his latest single featuring rap’s resident dope dealer Pusha T, our favorite hat-wearing producer Pharrell, and some dude named Casino. The heavy Mike WILL Made It beat will cause you to jump around and break windows and punch holes in things and Future’s hook will also induce violent things. I was planning on giving this track the fantastic write-up it deserves but I’m really tired and have Finance to do. Check my Twitter in the near future (get it??? “Future?????”) for some finance jokes as the follow-up to my accounting jokes from the fall.

Also, if anyone has a version without Casino’s verse, I’d like that. A lot. Thanks.

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