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Tape Tuesday: Teenagers

I’m graduating on Saturday. I think graduation is a time when people want you to be both selfish and selfless. They expect you to want stuff–whether it be a whole graduation party or a freaking overly emotional parting gift. They say that this is your time, and it is. But also half of graduation is for other people. It’s a time when you let your mom fix your graduation cap for one last time. It’s a time when you endure a really boring ceremony just so your parents can have a picture of you accepting your diploma framed and sitting proudly on the mantelpiece in the family room.

My point is that I made this mix for you as much as I did for myself. I’m really kind of scared of graduation, so I stuck a lot of (new) songs that for one reason or another remind me of a specific memory from the last four years–I guess so I don’t forget. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

You got a young heart and you’re afraid to break it off to a slow start but don’t worry I can take it, you are worth the wait and I’ve got the time

  1. Mouth’s Cradle – Sparks
  2. iFFY The Bad Man – Triumph
  3. Russ – Serenity
  4. N.A. – Sheep & Wolf
  5. A.Dd+ – Shit Got Crazy
  6. Jon Hope – Cashews
  7. Unouomedude – Buildings
  8. Carousel – Let’s Go Home
  9. Jesse James – Opposite
  10. Left Boy – Your Song (Daft Punk Rejected Mix)
  11. Slow Magic & Beat Culture – Once
  12. Trails and Ways – Nunca
  13. Fast Years – Young Heart
  14. Ninja Turtle Ninja Tiger – Spinning on Fire
  15. Fletcher C. Johnson – Messin’ Up My Mind
  16. Torches – I Want Something
  17. Dante – Next to You
  18. Tough Guys of America – SALE
  19. Saint Motel – 1997


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Tape Tuesday: Hot Ass Summer Day

The weather is a lot warmer now. I like that. Just the other day I almost went to the beach, which really is a promising sign. But gosh darn it, I digress. This mix isn’t about summer the season. It’s about the people you spend time with during the summertime. It’s about friends. It’s about family. It’s even about those random strangers that you meet at the beach (not the rapey kind!). This is the mix that can soundtrack your entire summer vacation and hopefully stay relevant throughout.

Let me also say that HOT ASS SUMMER DAY is dedicated to Lydia, whose birthday is today. I love Lydia. I don’t know how many times I have to say it (I think that’s the first time). She’s taught me so much in such a short amount of time and has given me such an awesome opportunity to write for Sunset in the Rearview and do things that I never thought would be possible a year ago. I literally love every second of it, so swag on that.

Please take this time now to wish Lydia happy birthday softly in your mind or on Twitter.

While I was feeling such a mess, I thought you’d leave me behind,
While I was feeling so upset, I thought the sun never shine,
Then I found forever. Hey! Hey! Love!
We’ve been best friends forever darling,
That’s what’s up!

  1. Maverick Sabre – Let Me Go (Welcome to HASD)
  2. Dieter Schaaf – Biochemistry
  3. Oberhofer – Away Frm U
  4. Vacationer – Everyone Knows
  5. Of Monsters and Men – Mountain Sound
  6. Manicanparty – Rebels in the Light
  7. Swim Deep – King City
  8. Mouth’s Cradle – The Fever
  9. Dana Buoy – Call to Be
  10. The Preachers – Take a Card
  11. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – That’s What’s Up
  12. Teen Mom – You and me
  13. The Parlotones – Honey
  14. The Cast of Cheers – Animals
  15. Last Dinosaurs – Weekend
  16. Chance The Rapper – Prom Night
  17. Sunni Colón – Shrines


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Best College Artists Mixtape

Presented by Sunset in the Rearview and Hold My Coat

Two months ago, Sunset in the Rearview and Hold My Coat decided to take submissions to a mixtape that we would call the “Best College Artists” mixtape. After a great number of submissions, the teams at SITR and HMC came together to vote and decide upon the artists we believe are worthy of being on this mixtape.

The other day, BroBible released their “College Rapper Database”, which included what they considered their top 100 college rappers in order from 1-100. I vehemently disagreed with their list, as did the majority of people who read it. This is not our response to their list; this is simply a list of artists both Sunset in the Rearview and Hold My Coat truly believe in. Our list bridges genres. These are not the Best College Rappers: these are the Best College Artists.

Winning Colleges:
NYU (2)
Syracuse (2)
Notre Dame
University of Michigan
College of Staten Island

Hit the jump for a full tracklisting, a description of each artists, and the download link.

Download “Best College Artists”

1. “Temptations” – Gorilla Warfare Tactics (NYU)

Out of New York University, this group came up very quickly on the blogs. “Temptations” hit a great number of blogs as soon as it was released, and the group immediately received a lot of hype. They really delivered on their latest EP, Premier, which was released by SITR and Pigeons & Planes. Pigset.

“Fellas with the beats whatchu cookin’ in the kitchen?/ Found hip hop and started losin’ my religion”

2. “Take Me Away” – Fortune Family (NYU)

Also out of NYU, Fortune Family’s “Take Me Away” is a catchy song that almost immediately gets stuck in your head. With great production, this duo shows consistent lyrical strength. Their latest EP, “Paradox,” was received almost unanimously as an extremely impressive project. This group shines in the diluted genre of “college” rap, and, as young as they are, they have a very bright future in front of them.

“Say he’s a cool cat/ Living on his ninth life/ Me I’m more like one of Vick’s dogs/ Living on my ninth fight”

3. “Top Shelf” – JuiceBoX (SUNY-Oneonta)

With some really cool production on this track, JuiceBoX comes with a unique flow that bumps throughout. JuiceBoX spits hard, as if he has a chip on his shoulder and something to prove. You can really see the emotion shine through in his music.

“I let the haters talk/ Let them do what they do/ Bitch I’m in it to win it/ There is no option to lose

4. “Video Game” – Mouth’s Cradle (Syracuse University)

Mouth’s Cradle has an extremely unique sound and a very cool vibe. I love the synths on this track, and the flow of the instrumental itself is really cool. Definitely an extremely talented group, these guys are serious, and you will hear more from them.

“I wish that love was like a videogame/ And that no matter how I played it, it would turn out the same”

5. “Strange Times (prod. Brenton Duvall)” – Young Prince (Guilford College)

Well, Brenton’s my boy and we at Sunset absolutely love everything he touches. So when he started producing original material for some rapper I had never heard of named Young Prince, I was extremely intrigued. This track has the Brenton feel to it for sure, which is always a good thing, and also some great flow and tight rhymes from YP. Young Prince has recently been invited to join “Lydia’s Band of Little Brothers.” That obviously means he has talent.

“See my music complements my purpose/ Cause what I’m hearin’ on the radio is soundin’ worthless”

6. “The Sky is Filled” – In Euphoric Company (Notre Dame)

I was immediately impressed by this group’s ability to create to create a full, multi-layered, potent sound. Similar on some level to Animal Collective, they really do create a “euphoric” sound.

“Won’t you feel it?”

7. “Waiting For The Sun – Oh Stereo (Vanderbilt)

Oh Stereo has a really great sound as a band, and this is a feel good track that is easy to listen to, with a mellow vibe. Great piano, great drums, great guitar, great singing…great band.

“Emotions cast a haze on the moon”

8. “Imperfect” – Bradford Hester (Syracuse University)

Bradford Hester is a great rapper and a solid singer. Creating a really slick song here, the opening lyrics of this song, below, really describe it well. Just a solid song to kick back to.

“This got that crusin’ down the highway, topdown, 70 degrees, clear skies, beautiful girl in the passenger seat feel”

9. “Rock My World (ft. Sam Kay)” – Josh Smith (University of Michigan)

This track gets you vibing to the beat even before Smith comes in to rap. With a really understated, synth and drum beat, Smith rocks a mellow flow over the top. Sam Kay comes in with a great hook and really adds another element. While I’m not at all a fan of this genre (pop/R&B), these two do it well.

“And it was wrong in the worst way/ Didn’t care, had me comin’ over to her place”

10.“It Was Never About Winning” – Stann Smith (College of Staten Island)

Stann Smith has a flow that reminds me a lot of Chris Webby. I don’t particularly enjoy Chris Webby’s music, but this submission really impressed me. Nothing special about the production on this one (besides, of course, the GLORIOUS Spongebob Squarepants sample), but Smith goes in with a flow that makes me excited to hear more from him in the future.

“Everything you hear’s real/ My music’s my reflection/ The consumer’s my objective/ Soothin tunes is my subjective”

What do you guys think of the list? Keep in mind some artists you might have wanted to see on here did not submit-who else do you think deserves to make the list?

Download “Best College Artists”

Download “Best College Artists”

Dream Big

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Mouth’s Cradle – The Hype


“The Hype” – Mouth’s Cradle

Mouth's Cradle | Sunset in the Rearview

Mouth’s Cradle has a mixtape, Mouth’s Cradle vs. The Hype, dropping on Tuesday. Here’s the first single from the project, “The Hype.” I’m loving this tune. Heavy synths, interesting sounding vocals that are nothing short of unique, and a fun song to jam to. Definitely foresee this making a playlist.

Download “The Hype”

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“Chinese Food” – Mouth’s Cradle


“Chinese Food” – Mouth’s Cradle

Here’s a new song by Mouth’s Cradle – it’s a tribute to LFO’s lead singer who recently passed away. It’s got that throwback feel. These guys are interesting. I think you can either love their sound or hate their sound, but my opinion? Well, I’m not quite sure about it yet. It’s different, which is nice, but I’m not sure yet if it annoys me. What do yall think?

Here’s what Mouth’s Cradle had to say about the song:

Life is too short, isn’t it? Human beings have always been trying to find a way to live forever, and recently we’ve learned that writing a catchy hook can be a surefire path to immortality. After spending the last few weeks poring our creative energies into an updated version of “Summer Girls” by LFO, which we’ve titled “Chinese Food”, we at Mouth’s Cradle are especially sorry to hear of the passing of LFO member Rich Cronin. We hope that our interpretation of the track stands as a tribute to him and to the undying nature of Pop.

No weak beatz,

Mouf and Rogers (Mouth’s Cradle)


Download “Chinese Food”

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Honey From A Stone – Mouth’s Cradle


“Honey From A Stone” – Mouth’s Cradle

I blogged about these two guys a good ways back when I got my hands on their EP, and since then have sort of put them off to the side. Well, I probably shouldn’t have. Turns out they’re blowing up overseas right now. And in Norway, my motherland, of all places! They just opened for Sleigh Bells, which says something in and of itself. Reminds me of when I first heard Kid Cudi’s name because he was opening for Kanye way way back when, and I was like…oh, I’m going to look this dude up. Only about 17 seconds later was I obsessed and sure I loved him. Well, back to the point. These guys have definite pop talent. This song I’m posting, Honey From A Stone, is the Alpha Male of pop flavor. Catchy, gets stuck in your head, easy listening, sing-along. Get it, and be careful not to listen to it before you go to sleep (not sure why you’d do that on such an upbeat song anyway), because they say if you fall asleep listening to a song it will be stuck in your head the whole next day. Oh, and one more thing of note! This song was on their EP, but it’s been re-recorded and has a much higher quality. Most of the other songs on their album (available here on iTunes) are new.

Download “Honey From A Stone”

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Mouth’s Cradle – Baby Teeth EP

I got this over at Hold My Coat, so I’m just going to copy and paste what they had to say about this EP. Before I do that though, let me just say that I am always skeptical of a completely unheard of group and try to go in with a critical mind…but I really liked this music. Like…a lot. Very diverse sounds, each song is unique. That’s a lot to ask for from a first EP release.

Hold My Coat Review:

Quite rarely do you stumble upon someone like Mouf (Kevin Hegedus) and BLinn (Brandon Linn), and I mean that.  Mouf is a cluster of Chester French and Rob Roy, he can rap, sing, and absolutely murder any hook.  BLinn is the producer behind the scenes as well as the live show DJ, dude continues to make consistently dope beats.  The first track I ever heard from this duo was, “Honey from a Stone,” and I was quite impressed, until I heard their second song, “Cool,” and realized Mouf can most definitely spit.  This is an EP that will prove to everyone that this Syracuse University students mean business, and will soon be making quite a name for themselves.

1. Honey from a Stone

Everyone I’ve sent this to can’t stop singing.  This is the perfect example of Mouf’s abilities to create an absurdly catchy hook, and is definitely the pop track on the album that won’t be soon forgotten.

2. Cool

“Cuz that camels name is Kevin.”  Mouf absolutely destroys this beat, showing his abilities not just as a singer, but also as an MC.  His flow is on point, and it makes you want to hear more rap from Mouf.

3. Sleepydead (ft. Passion Pit)

This track is just fun.  And of course, Passion Pit brings the fire with their hit song backing the vocals, “Sleepyhead,” although BLinn absolutely twists the entire song to give it a whole different feel.

4. Meniscus

Mouf shows he’s just as capable as a one-man band, as he provides the vocal loops for this song, with a hard drum kick from BLinn.

5. Thank You!

Who would ever think to sample Golden Girls?  Mouf spits again on this absolutely ridiculous beat from BLinn, great ending to the EP.

Download “Baby Teeth: EP” here

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