Monday Morning Music

Here’s a pick-me-up quick mix for your first Monday after the famous Thanksgiving of 2011. You’ve set aside the turkeys stuffed with ham stuffed with chicken strips; it’s time to get back to work, school, school work or work school.

Get ready to get ready!

MP3: “Mother Protect” (Goldroom Remix) – Niki & The Dove

MP3: “Heretics” – Andrew Bird

MP3: “Hit that Jive” (Original Mix) – Gramatik


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Mashup Monday

Happy Monday, world! Got some fun mashups for yall today to get the week started on the right note!

“Life’s a Bitch, Loser” (Amiland Mashup) – Nas vs. Beck

“Tik Tok vs. Hello Seattle” – Ke$ha vs. Owl City

“Tipsy In The Sun” (White Panda Mashup) – Weezer vs. J-Kwon

“Seasons of Juice” (Chambaland Mashup) – Notorious B.I.G. vs. Rent (This one is rough, but I had to include it because my family loves Rent.)

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Mashup Monday

Happy Mashup Monday! What a way to start your week! For real though, this one’s something special. 

Today’s star? Mashup-Germany. This kid’s name is Ben Stiller…but don’t be fooled. He’s not an actor. Just a talented mashup artist.

“Imagine One Day So Far Away” – Mashup-Germany

So this mashup contains music from Matisyahu, John Lennon, Blink 182, Gentleman, and Bob Marley. Sounds like a lot, but he manages to keep it simple and tasteful. Not overwhelming=good.

Download the mashup (right click and save).

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