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Can’t Miss Fall & Winter Festivals

For music lovers everywhere summer means one thing: festival season. But just because the days grow shorter and the nights cooler doesn’t mean the fun, or the music has to stop. Across the US great music festivals are constantly taking place, here are some can’t miss fall and winter festivals:


The Growler’s Six

Previously known as Beach Goth, The Growler’s are back again this fall with the renamed Growler’s Six festival. Offering a more eccentric lineup than the typical festival, The Growler’s headline both nights with help from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dan Auerbach, Modest Mouse and Danny Brown. Grab your costume and head to the L.A. waterfront October 28-29 to catch these acts and more.

Day for Night

Taking place December 15-17 in Houston, Day for Night is described as “an art and music event that explores the deep connections between light, technology, sound and space”. This year’s rosters includes some of the most talented names across all genres such as James Blake, Tyler, the Creator, Jamie xx and Justice. In between sets you can catch several installations and talks from people such as Chelsea Manning and Nadya from Pussy Riot.


If there’s one city that knows how to party, it’s New Orleans and this years Buku lineup is sure to guarantee that. Young Thug, Travis Scott, DEADMAU5, 21 Savage and Run the Jewels top the bill with great supporting acts sure to keep the fun going all weekend long. Head down to the Big Easy, March 10-11 for what is sure to be a can’t miss experience.

South by Southwest

If you’re looking for a film, comedy and music festival offering great interactive experiences, look no farther than South by Southwest. In 2017 SXSW hosted over 2,000 official performers, covering all genres from all over the world. If you find yourself in Austin anytime between March 9-18 make sure to catch a set.



Image courtesy of Day for Night.


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[Video] 90 Pounds of Pete – Arms

Peter Martin is from my hometown of Winnetka, Illinois, and I’m pretty sure we used to play on the same basketball team or something way back in the day. Now, he spends his time in NOLA, one of the greatest music hubs in the nation.  He’s been into music for years, and I’ve stayed somewhat updated over Facebook. Every now and then he’ll have a new band or a new project, and they’ve all been pretty solid. One of his old bands toured on a Red Bull tour, but I haven’t appreciated any of his music as much as I do his newest project, 90 Pounds of Pete. His lyric “look at him now/ He’s really got it going on this time” was roughly the same thought process I had when I heard his new music.

After spending years playing and touring with various indie rock bands, Pete says he has “refocused his attention on creating a series of electro-pop party anthems.”  The origins of the EP he is now set to release began in Spring 2012, when Peter joined forces with engineer and co-producer Adam Stewart to turn songs conceived on an acoustic guitar into full-blown electronic productions. Since then, the two have spent countless hours locked  inside their makeshift bedroom studio using Peter’s pop sensibilities and Adam’s extensive recording experience to turn a couple rough demos into a four song EP with a sound that transcends the constraints of the environment in which it was created. The final result is a set of songs that reflect Peter’s unique circumstances of living in two major cultural centers, growing up in the 1990s, and possessing a genuine and undying love for the world of pop music. These factors and others have inspired the creation of a bold new artistic concept, one that eschews contemporary standards of a distinction between indie-rock authenticity and pop star ambition to culminate in the finished product before us now.

The video is pretty awesome too. Directed by Ryan Lumley, another kid from my area, the video is the perfect combination of quirkiness and nonsense, kind of like an Animal Collective video. The way the rhythm is matched up with the images is really cool.

90 Pounds of Pete, at least in my mind, bears a striking resemblance to Modest Mouse. If you know me or my taste in music, you know that is a significant praise–Modest Mouse is one of my favorites. Peter and Adam really seem to have found their sound, and I’m excited to see where it goes from here. When you’ve got a sound that combines some of the best aspects of artists like Modest Mouse, Miike Snow, Vampire Weekend, and Animal Collective, the sky is the limit.


Dream Big

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New Lupe Fiasco Single! #FreeLupe

It would happen to me that right as I started talking about Lupe today, a new single by Lupe comes out. Sometimes I swear I’m psychic. Anyway, here’s a new single by Lupe where he samples “Float On” by Modest Mouse. If you ask me, this is totally his record label, Atlantic Records, making him do this one. If you’re unaware of the whole fiasco (no pun intended) between Lupe and Atlantic, I recommend clicking here to read the story. This song sounds like a desperate attempt to get on the radio, which always seems to be the goal of the major record labels (though that’s understandable). It’s fine, in my opinion, but it’s just not Lupe’s style. I think he’s so much more creative than this. He doesn’t need to sample a washed up hit…he can do his own thing.

So what’s the solution? I think Lupe needs to gather his belongings and separate himself from Atlantic. Perhaps easier said than done. But I’ll do what I can here to play my part. With Weezy getting out of jail in just a few days, let’s start calling this petition #FreeLupe. If I start babbling on about #FreeLupe, don’t mind me. Just go with it. And if you write #FreeLupe somewhere, link it back to this post. Let’s get a movement going. Shout out to Pigeons and Planes for the idea…I realize I’m completely jacking this from your #FreeWeezy movement, but I feel it needs to be done.

MP3: “The Show Goes On” – Lupe Fiasco

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