[Sunset Mixtape] Goodbye Summer: One Last Go

You may be currently sipping a cocktail in the backyard and tanning your skin away, but we all know the inevitable is coming — the end of summer. I know, it burns our ears too, but let’s not forget all the good times basking in the sun quite yet. We’ve compiled the perfect playlist for your last minute BBQs and days at the park. There are songs literally about summer (Kate Nash), songs that just make you want to get down at the labor day party (Roy Woods, Mac Miller), and some tracks that are simply light and catchy (Big Baby D.R.A.M., Kali Uchis) for those “windows down” car rides. Before you kiss the sun and warmth goodbye, take this playlist for a spin and just live in the summer moment.

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[Sunset Mixtape] Candy Hearts and Sounds : Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s Day usually has the following effects on people: you’re ready to shower your significant other with lovin’, you’re drowning yourself in the finest wines and chocolates, or this day simply doesn’t exist in your mind (sorry, Hallmark). Whatever category you may be in, there’s simply no saying no to a good dose of heartfelt music. This Valentine’s Day Edition mixtape has a dose of sexy, sweet, and just about anything to make you feel those love butterflies for someone else (or your own fabulous self). Whether you’re into being serenaded by the r&b smoothness of Miguel or just need a hip-hop love declaration from Mick Jenkins, this mix will give it all to you. Listen to all the love-filled sounds below and give your Valentine’s Day weekend those extra feels.

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[Sunset Mixtape] I Woke Up This Morning

The concept for this playlist was built around the line in the opening track by Chance The Rapper that says “I woke up this morning / I woke up this morning / Gotta smile when I say that shit / I woke up this morning!”

I’ve been thinking a lot about that line since I first heard the song. I could go into a long monologue about ‘what a time it is to be alive,’ but honestly I don’t feel like sharing all of that today in my own words. I’ll share a few, but mostly I wanted to put together a playlist of songs old and new that sum up my feelings about the world.

It’s funny – I think I get a certain way at the end of every year as my team is putting together our Best Songs of the Year playlist; I think it makes me pause and think about what music really means to me. It’s weird to be able to connect so deeply to the words and art of people you don’t know at all. But when you do feel that sense of connection, it’s a really beautiful thing.

This is a collection of songs that I feel a connection to. It’s a mix of all-time favorites, recent favorites, and songs by some new artists I’m into. For one reason or another, each song gets me excited to wake up each morning. And I’m thankful to be reminded of what a gift that is.

Happy Holidays,


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[Premiere] Joey Aich Releases His Latest Mixtape, “Aich Files”

A little over a year ago, I told the story of Joey Aich following the release of his first official mixtape, “College D.egree.” You should check out what I had to say. Following the release, Joey stayed active with a few tracks here and there to keep busy, with this one being my favorite. He’s been working hard on his latest release “Aich Files,” in which you see Joey mature even further. He still kicks that old school vibe, which is his forte, but he’s proven that he can adapt to different styles. You can tell he’s hungry  through his words and he’s going to keep working. That’s the clear cut difference between “Aich Files” and “College D.egree.”

When I asked Joey about the project, he said the same thing.

“Something that really stands out about this project is it’s me. It’s as Joey Aich as Joey Aich can get at this point. A lot of energy and more confident than my previous releases. I had a lot of fun with songs like Loading, Menison, and Greyhound, and also dug deep in some tracks like Graffiti Murals, Snapshots, and Acknowledgement. to reveal certain things to the listener.”

It’s been a pleasure to watch him develop and this is just the beginning. Standouts are Snapshots, Menison, and Graffiti Murals. Peep the stream below, and let us know what you think of the young Cleveland artist.

Also, shout out to that Hey Arnold snippet at the end.

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[Download] Wildflower: The 4.20 Mixtape

The high holidaze is almost here isn’t it? What’s it called again? Ah, yes! Easter. So one year later we get to celebrate Easter on this lazy Sunday and celebrate the only way we know how to: by listening to music, eating anything in sight, hanging with friends, and uhhh, celebrating Easter! Last year’s mix was nuts, but this year? This shit right here? The best Easter music you’ll find on the internet. Just remember one thing for me: when you play the game of thrones, you win or you lose. So if you lose, you tell the god of death “not today, but stay and get high.”

Stay beautiful my friends.

Download Wildflower

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Top Songs of 2013: Sunset In The Rearview

2013 came, and went in a blink of an eye. That’s what happens though, right? And on top of that, all this shit happened in 12 months. For example, Chance blew up in a matter of 8 months, and Kanye talked to Jesus (he said what-up Yeezus). Then we have Lorde, the 16 year old sensation, and R. Kelly having a song with Lady Gaga. On paper, 12 months seems like a while, but realistically, it’s quite the opposite. Before we knew it, December came upon us, and we had to gear up for all of our “2013” releases. Well, look no further, as here is Sunset in the Rearview’s Top Songs of 2013.

This year is slightly different than what we’ve done in the past. We decided to increase our top song count from five to ten because who in the hell can narrow it down to five and not feel like songs got snubbed?

Download Best Songs of 2013 here 
(Use this as the decryption key if asked: YVTGoxTk1UbDqH9RVmJqYxz0hPhcMAWHytOyqiUBoZw)
(Below contains around 80% of the songs. Mixtape songs aren’t on Spotify, thus not on this player. IE: Chance The Rapper, Skizzy Mars, etc…)

Hit the jump to read all of our picks.

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Best of October 2013

The “Best of Series” is a playlist generated every month providing you with quality, sounding music across all genres that were released during that month. Whether you’re too busy to visit daily, or just need some music, this is our way of helping you stay current.

Outside of today being Halloween, it’s also “Best of” day, which is the equivalent of all those reeses, candy corn, M&M’s, snickers, milky way, crunch bars, etc… There’s a sweet tooth, and then there’s the pleasure ear, so check out my best from September!

Download Best of October 2013

Jordan’s Top 4:

Skizzy Mars – Summer11

Phases was like, a while ago and I want something new from Skizzy because this track right here makes me miss Skizzy, a lot.

Jon Waltz – Bang (Left My Home)

I’m telling you that Jon Waltz is going to be a name to know. He has Skizzy, he has the voice, and the bars. He’s got the recipe, just needs some exposure! Bang is “chill.”

Goldlink – Creep

This might be my favorite on here. It’s filthy, as he takes TLC’s jam, and make it his own. And that outro…oh my. Check it out for yourself.

Childish Gambino – 3005

Catchy as hell, and ’tis the season of Donald. Just ask Arjun.

Hit the jump for the track list! Continue reading “Best of October 2013” »

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Best of September 2013

The “Best of Series” is a playlist generated every month providing you with quality, sounding music across all genres that were released during that month. Whether you’re too busy to visit daily, or just need some music, this is our way of helping you stay current.

So here’s the thing, there wasn’t that much music in September. I’m pretty sure if you compared the amount of posts we had to this month from August, there’s a drastic difference. As a result of this, I have just 15 songs for you to check out! These are my favorite 15 from the month (also the only 15 I even thought were worthy of placing into my iTunes/Spotify). Download link, Top 3, and track list below!

P.S. – Drake, JT, & Danny Brown all dropped albums in September. They’re great.

Download Best of September 2013

Jordan’s Top 3:

Bipolar Sunshine – Love More Worry Less

This guy is going to have two of the best EP’s by the end of the year. The second EP starts with this, Love More Worry Less. Good advice, right? Put some more love in your life, and a little less worry.

Pusha T ft. Kendrick Lamar – Nosetalgia

I don’t know about you, but I’m suuuuuper excited about a Pusha LP. He has good connection for features, and he’s just straight filthy on the mic with his Ric Flair personality.

James Blake ft. Chance The Rapper – Life Round Here

This doesn’t need an explanation. #IGH

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Best of August 2013

The “Best of Series” is a playlist generated every month providing you with quality, sounding music across all genres that were released during that month. Whether you’re too busy to visit daily, or just need some music, this is our way of helping you stay current.

Well, I’m back in college for my junior year. This is some scary stuff. One more year? Don’t get me started. Also, I turned 21 today so that’s a great thing as well. Here’s my gift to you!

Download Best of August 2013

Jordan’s Top 5:

Sam Smith – Nirvana

He is unbelievable. I would let him sing to me, one on one, clothing optional, and not feel weird about. Sorry if that was slightly weird. Nirvana will give you that feeling, too.

Big Sean ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica – Control

Well, if you haven’t heard, Kendrick Lamar calls out a ton of rappers, and it’s fantastic. Even two rappers that he’s on the same song with! Wowza!

Antonio Paul – Coloured Screens

Arjun is the big Antonio Paul guy, but I’m becoming one as quality release after quality release is becoming a consistent thing for them. Let Coloured Screens dazzle you.

Cass Lowe – Birthmark

You know what? It’s just good, so just listen.

The Hard Knocks – Hosana

Blast it, jam it, sing it, loudly. This is one of those “why isn’t it at least four minutes long” scenarios. You rock out at only 2 minutes and 40 seconds, but it’ll feel like an eternity with one of my favorite songs of the year.

Hit the jump for the track list Continue reading “Best of August 2013” »

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[Mixtape] YONAS – The Transition 2

One of my favorite projects ever was from YONAS was one of his firsts, The Proven Theory. From start to finish, that thing was my shit. Then, he gives us The Transition which I loved. Next comes The Black Canvas, which I was indifferent about only because of the high standards I held him to. The Transition 2 is the latest from my guy.

I’m not sure if it’s the deal with 1st Round Records (home of Sammy Adams and Matty Trump), but YONAS has definitely gotten more poppy since the deal. I mean, he’s good at it, like the dude can create some catchy ass tunes, but the YONAS that dropped The Proven Theory was my favorite.

None the less, The Transition 2 is a good effort and everyone will be able to find a couple tracks on here that they like.

[UPDATE] – YONAS has just informed me that he has left 1st Round Records and is back to being independent!


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Best of May 2013

[Our main man Jordan is abroad in the Far East this month and next, so I’m handling his duties of Best of the Month while he’s gone. Don’t worry ladies, he’ll be back soon enough.]

May is a great month. Summer unofficially begins with Memorial Day Weekend, school winds down and with the ending of classes comes the beginning of the festivities. Cookouts, boating, or simply imbibing while the sun is still high in the sky, whatever your favorite activity is, I’d bet that this soundtrack would work perfectly for it. From summery strings to heated hip-hop, you’re guaranteed to find something you like here, or your money back. (Just kidding, it’s free [you’ll still love it though])

The download link is below, and we’ve got my Top 5 tracks below and the tracklist after the jump.

DOWNLOAD Best of May 2013

Andy’s Top 5

Giraffage – Music Sounds Better With You

Some awesome electronic here. A nice little high hat, an ear-grabbing keyboard melody, and some very cool vocals hook you from the get-go. (Guys, it also provides you with an A+ drunk text to your summer romance. Just saying.)

Jaymes Young – Wondering

Not even sure how to describe this one, but Young’s smooth vocals will sure as hell help you rewind after a long day at the summer job.

Noname Gypsy – Sunday Morning

Possibly my favorite of the month. We got our first taste of Gypsy on Chance’s Acid Rap, but this track of hers is just… perfect, man. “Sunday morning, and the birds are lovely”

Pacific Air – Move

This one here’s your classic band cut that is just necessary for the summer months.

Smallpools – Dreaming

This one’s right up there with “Sunday Morning,” actually. Some HUGE synths and Passion Pit-esque vocals/strings just do it, no Nike.

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Logic – Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever [Download Mixtape]

Logic is a young rapper we’ve had on the radar for a couple years now, but he recently really came into the spotlight when he was selected as a member of the XXL Freshman Class of 2013. We had the honor of doing an interview with Logic back in 2011, at which point he told us the following:

“In five years I see myself 2 studio albums in with a cult following all over the world and on the cusp of a successful acting career.” – Logic[Quote from 2011 Interview with Sunset in the Rearview]

Well it’s 2013, so it’s been two years, and he’s a lot closer to that goal than he was when he originally said it in 2011. He made the XXL Freshman Class list and he signed a deal with Def Jam Records. This release of Welcome to Forever is his fourth mixtape in just as many years, and it puts him much closer to his goal than where he was just days ago. In the opening track, “Welcome to Forever,” Logic shows off his rhyming skills and brushes off the haters who don’t believe in him just because of his skin tone. He makes a ballsy move on the third track by spitting over Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” instrumental, but he kills it. He tells us about his upbringing, from the days of eating off food stamps to being the white kid who’s denied attention because he appears to be white. He lets us know in “5AM” that though you wouldn’t know it from appearance, he’s half black, but is that supposed to make him a better rapper? Are we still judging based on skin tone alone?

In all honesty, I think it still influences what I think about a rapper before I listen to anything. It’s ridiculous, but I can’t deny a hint of truth in that. But after listening to Logic, it’s hard to tell much of a difference between his voice and J. Cole’s.

That said, I don’t think the mixtape is perfect. A song like “Break It Down” doesn’t do anything for me. It’s one of those songs about getting high that really doesn’t have much more of a purpose, in my opinion. It’s fluff that could have been cut out because I think the mixtape is already too long at 20 songs. “Life Is Good” is another one that doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a story about how he’s got it good these days, but Logic…remember where you came from, man. I understand that you’re telling a story as you go through the mixtape, but you’re still a young buck who just got signed. It’s all relative, man. Overall, I think Logic sounds better over some thicker production than he does over the minimal beats, because he’s more of a straight spitter than a harmonic addition to a minimal instrumental.

Oh and one last thing. I’ll echo Logic (in “5AM”): shout out to his homies Chance and Skizzy Mars.

came a long way from eating with goverment-gave permission/ if you think these lyrics aint deep, you too stupid to listen/ just an outcast with a mission that spits at whoever listens, bitch it’s logic – Roll Call

Download “Welcome to Forever”

Logic on Twitter | Logic on Facebook

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