Outside Lands 2015: Playlist + 10 Must-See Acts That Aren’t Headliners

Another year, another adventure at Outside Lands awaits. Of the three years that I’ve been in San Francisco for this magical festival, this year’s lineup is arguably the most impressive. The headliners are about as diverse as they come: Elton John (to please the old school crowd), Mumford & Sons (to please the nostalgic crowd), The Black Keys (to please the rocker crowd), Sam Smith (to please the emotional crowd), and Kendrick Lamar (to please the hip-hop crowd). And yet there’s something appealing to the general music fan in all of these artist. Suffice it to say, they nailed it this year.

And that’s not just because of the big name headliners they’re bringing in. There is an amazing amount of rising stars in the smaller print names coming to the festival this year. To make sure you get the most out of your Outside Lands experience this year, we’ve picked 10 must-see acts who fall in the non-headliner category. And for fun, we’ve also put together an Outside Lands playlist to get you excited for the fun next weekend. Hit the jump to continue reading.

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Listen To MisterWives New Single “Our Own House”

I have pretty high hopes for MisterWives. The lead singer Mandy is extremely talented and she’s got great guys behind her that know what they’re doing. A talented group that is ready to take the next step in the music business, and I think they will.

Their latest single, Our Own House, is the next offering off of their upcoming album, also titled, Our Own House. You can preorder that here.

Our Own House is that upbeat, dancing pop infused track that is pretty easy on the ears, and you just really can’t get enough of Mandy.

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[Download MP3] MisterWives – Money on my Mind (Sam Smith Cover)

I have to say I didn’t really like the Sam Smith song “Money on my Mind” the first time I heard it. It didn’t sound like the Sam Smith I had fallen in love with on “Lay Me Down” or “Latch.” It sounded too bubblegum for me, and it didn’t make his voice sound as angelic as I know it can. But I’m coming around to the song, after learning a bit more about the inspiration behind it and how Sam was screwed over by so many agents and managers in the music business. Just as I was starting to warm up to the song, I heard from a friend that another of my recent musical loves, MisterWives, had covered the pop tune.

Listening to it, I think it might be perfection. Lead singer Mandy Lee nails the pitches, harmonizes perfectly, and in the end I’m thinking her voice might even be a better fit for this song than Sam’s. I know that’s saying a lot, but I just don’t think the original emphasizes Sam’s strengths. It strains his voice too much. What do yall think?

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[Interview + EP] MisterWives – Reflections

Today, MisterWives released their debut EP Reflections. I was able to interview the lead singer, Mandy, about the EP and other fun tidbits. In a quick sum up, the EP is filled with different tunes for your listening pleasures that’ll have you moving and grooving. It’s a solid debut, and one that should gain some rotation in your iTunes/Spotify. Hit the jump to check out the interview and directly below that, the EP.

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Debut Music Video From MisterWives + New Track

A couple weeks ago, I posted a track from MisterWives that you should’ve downloaded. Why? Because it was good free music. That track eventually made it onto being one of my favorite tracks from Best of April.

MisterWives is making some noise for themselves right now as they continue to release consistent music. Below is their brand new song, Coffins. Coffins is beautifully strung together as a ballad, which is different than their previous track, Kings & Queens. Just goes to show you the diversity of the group. Peep Coffins below.

P.S. – Yup, officially in love with Mandy Lee.

In addition, we also have the groups debut video to their song, Lullaby. Now, I’m now artistic whatsoever, but this is pretty artsy as fuck. Check out Lullaby below!

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Best of April 2013

April is a stressful month. Fun, but stressful. Those in school are gearing up for finals and a wild summer. If you’re no longer in school, I’m sorry because that’s unfortunate. The music scene this month hasn’t helped out the stress that much because frankly, there was a bundle of quality music released this month. Thus, a result of more stress because of so much music to listen to. This is already an issue as I’m preppin’ for finals.

You know the saying April showers brings May flowers? Well, we were spoiled this month with music, so May better bloom into these wonderful, high expectations.

Download link below, my top 5, and then the track list after the jump!

Download Best of April 2013

Jordan’s Top 5

Lucki Eck$ – Count On Me

Lucki Eck$ made some noise on the blogosphere with “Count On Me.” It appeared on our 4/20 mix, as well. Count On Me is something that’s different, but still fresh, all at the same damn time. Top 5 nod.

MisterWives – Kings & Queens

Give it three listens, and you’ll be hooked. You’re going to like the way you ears feel, I guarantee it.

Cashmere Cat – Do You (Miguel Remix)

One of the best remixes I’ve ever heard in a while. Filthy. Cashmere Cat done did Miguel’s song dirty. And Miguel is getting to the point where it’s like “c’mon guys, it’s Miguel.” Sort of like how Frank Ocean is, but not like Frank Ocean.

Ghost Loft – So High

Another track that appeared on our 4/20 mix, makes my top 5 as well. Ghost Loft captures the right electronic sounds and synths, and combines them appropriately to create a track you don’t need to be high for (but will be better in said state).

Drake – Girls Love Beyonce

Drake’s been on top of his game lately. Is it safe to say Drake’s got something really cookin’ for us come the next album? Girls love Aubrey, but actually.

Honorable Mention: Josef Salvat, Daft Punk, Antonio Paul, Max Frost, The Hard Knocks

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MisterWives – Kings & Queens

I’m pretty excited to share this track with you…

But first!

You need:

  1. dancing shoes
  2. dancing talent
  3. a disco ball
  4. fergilicious abs (optional)

MisterWives is a group that has been on the site before (featured on the Tape Tuesday: #girlshapedlovedrug). And there’s a reason for that. Let’s put it this way. You have my stamp of approval. You have Arjun’s stamp of approval. What else do you need?

Kings & Queens is a refreshing bundle of joy as Mandy Lee sings her way into the hearts of listeners. Slightly obsessed with her already, but not the point! The point is, is that if you don’t give this band a chance, I will be annoyed with you. It’s good music that’s free.

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