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And that, is how we start of this edition of Womp Wednesday. This playlist is chalk full of tunes that are sure to bring your energy level up. From a hot new remix by Porter Robinson to a dance floor heaven remix by Myles Travitz. If you are feeling some hip-hop flow, be sure to check out “CADILLAC” by LUCA LUSH & Dirty Chocolate. If you are feeling the video game vibes, check out “Donkey Kong” by San Holo. I’ll leave the rest up to you, the listener. Cheers everybody.

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Milo & Otis ft. Chance The Rapper – Lift Up

So I’m a huge fan of Chance The Rapper. Recently a new fan, but so huge that I think he has the mixtape of the year right now (probably still will come December), and I’m super duper excited to see him in July when he’s in Ohio. Yes, I just said super duper.

Any who, Chance retweeted someone else on Twitter, the beauty of social networking, and I found that Chance did an awesome feature for this duo Milo & Otis.

The work that Chance did for this song, his verse and chorus, is outstanding. He slows it down completely compared to his #10Day mixtape and adds a little softer touch to his verse and he pulls it off tremendously, and I think that’s what makes Chance a special artist. He’s quite versatile in rapping. He can hit you with a verse that goes “HARD AF” or he can slow it down like this. Peep the track below.

P.S. – I’ll never say HARD AF again. It’s against my morals.

If you have any interest in checking it out, Milo & Otis just dropped their album. Check it out here!

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