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Live Review: Milo Greene

Milo Green Live in San Francisco

Concerts for me generally involve listening to great music while staring at the back of the person in front of me. I’m 5’2” and at concerts, I can’t see nothin’. But with the help of some balcony tickets and a few people willing to let shorty stand in the front, my experience at The Independent with Milo Greene on Friday, November 16th was significantly improved. No phonebooks needed – and at a sold out show no less!

Milo Greene, a five-member band with roots in North Carolina and continued creative glory in California, is one of those bands you want to listen to when you get home from a long day at work. They’re the band that goes hand-in-hand with a Chimay White or a glass of Pinot. They’re the band to relax to. (You’re probably looking them up right now so friendly reminder to add the “e” at the end of “Green” – tricky).

Back to the show: energy bubbled throughout the packed venue while the light and sound crew fixed up the stage. (Do they do this before every show?? I’ve never been able to see any of this. From here on out it’s balcony or bust.) Milo Greene came on after a few minutes and the crowd began to sway (this is the swaying type of band). Overall these guys have a strong and confident sound. They mentioned they were excited to be back in California (Robbie, guitarist/vocalist, is apparently an SF native) and they maintained a spurt of onstage, we’re-almost-back-home energy throughout the entire night. I was impressed: a band this young was able to captivate their crowd from song one to the very end of their two-part encore.

One thing was obvious from the beginning: each of the band members is extremely talented. In a game of musical chairs (pun!), Marlana would start out playing the keyboards but then would move to guitar and let Andrew, Graham, or Robbie take over for her (Curtis was the only one to stay put on the drums). Their interactions with different instruments and with each other allowed the crowd to get a sense for each of their personalities. They were having a lot of fun both with the crowd and with each other. The instrument-swaps were quick and the change in sound and voice kept the audience engaged but their transitions were not seamless. You could tell that overall, they are a young band. Nevertheless, the fivesome worked it through. Spurts of nervousness were channeled into adrenaline and minor equipment faux pas (like Marlana’s microphone malfunction) turned into a joke carried throughout the show.

Overall these guys were great – I would definitely recommend seeing them should you get a chance. If they come back through SF, in the words of 1957 my favorite track of theirs: I’ll go I’ll go I’ll go I.

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Milo Greene Live in San Francisco November 16

Milo Greene

On David Letterman. At NPR. In Esquire magazine. Milo Greene – an emerging awesome LA indie band – is blowing up. Now’s the chance to see them before they get so big you’ll have to spend half of your significant-other’s birthday present on tickets.

Lucky for you San Franciscans, the 5-member band will be making an appearance at The Independent on Friday, November 16th to show off their self-titled recently debuted album.

Get a little taste of their music below.

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3 Folk EPs For Your Upcoming Week

Outside it’s raining. Inside I have some hot chocolate, a blanket (too embarrassed to admit that it’s actually a Snuggie), and this music. It’s a Sunday, and I’m not quite ready to start a new week. If you’re dealing with the same sorry predicament, this post is for you. Below is some relaxing folk music that will warm your soul and help you deal with the turmoils of the upcoming week. That’s the idea at least.

Because some days here at Sunset in the Rearview all we want is some softer folk music.

1. Wake! Owl – Wild Country

This EP is a collection of 5 really catchy, well-executed folk songs. Each one follows a flawless, four step formula: begin with the strumming of a guitar, then add some soft singing to it, then burst into infectious harmonies, and then quietly close by fading out into nothingness. I honestly think I could listen to this all day and not grow tired of it. These songs are meant for a rainy Sunday.

2. The Oh Hello’s – The Oh Hello’s

The Oh Hello’s create a similarly relaxed atmosphere. I don’t know how to describe it, but their music just sounds like home: cozy, warm, reliable. Also, I’m a sucker for male-female vocal pairings. Like Stars–that’s my shit. But I digress. Listen to and download the four tracks below and try not to square dance (?) during the second and fourth tracks.

3. Milo Greene – The Hello Sessions

Milo Greene is going to be a big deal; the only question is when. In The Hello Sessions, they created four powerful folk songs that sit in a realm of simplicity and perfect execution. If anything just listen to that moment before the chorus sets in on “Silent Way” when one of the four lead singers sighs, “When we are older can I still come over?” That’s the moment I knew this was a special band.

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Milo Greene – 1957

You absolutely must keep an eye on this band who is quickly being compared to Local Natives by fans and bloggers with their wistful indie pop sound and four part harmonies that can melt your heart. Milo Greene is a brand new band from L.A. with only 2 tracks on bandcamp, leaving many pining for an album in the near future. In the meantime, let yourself get swept away by this song although I highly doubt it will be enough to satiate you, I’m anxious for more.

MP3: Milo Greene – 1957

Bandcamp | Website | Live Video

Jessica || Twitter

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