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Miike Snow – The Wave (Flight Facilities Mix)

Miike Snow Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities just remixed a popular Miike Snow song, managing to tone it down a bit and give it a bit of a summery vibe. Little to say on my end (other than the fact that I’m playing it on repeat), but here’s what Flight Facilities had to say:

We’re nearly at 50K fans and Miike Snow are in the country so we thought we should give something away. We did a mix of their single ‘The Wave’. We finished this back in May and we either missed the deadline or it was rejected. We never actually found out. You be the judge. Thank you to everyone for all your support. We’re only able to keep doing this because you keep listening…

If you’re digging it, go “like” Flight Facilities on Facebook and help them reach 50k fans!

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[Video] Manicanparty – Animal

SITR’s been really excited about Manicanparty since we first heard their music several months ago. Singer Jessica Corazza and producer Patrick Morrissey have energies that really feed off of one another, and that’s evident in this video.

Here, they cover Miike Snow’s “Animal,” taking it and really putting their own unique spin on the original. The video itself gets a little crazy at times, with really artsy, colorful clips of Jessica juxtaposed with simpler, straightforward clips of the two of them performing the rendition.

Keep an eye out for more original music from the duo, and let this great cover tide you over in the meantime.


Dream Big

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Miike Snow – Black Tin Box (ft. Lykke Li)


I present you with “Black Tin Box,” the latest and greatest from the Swedish pop trio, Miike Snow. Instead of the poppy upbeat vibe previously heard in “Devil’s Work” & “Paddling Out” Miike Snow offers a new dimension in “Black Tin Box, with a rather dark atmospheric electro tune. It features a pulsating percussion back drop and is coupled with some spaced out vocals. Featuring the lovable Swedish pop star Lykke Li, this upcoming album is bound to be one of the most highly regarded albums of 2012. The countdown to March 27th continues as we anxiously await the arrival of Happy To You. Until then, feel free to feast your ears on “Black Tin Box” below.

Miike Snow – Black Tin Box (Feat. Lykke Li) by Ernestime

Official Site – http://www.miikesnow.com/

Follow – http://twitter.com/#!/MiikeSnow

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/miikesnow

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Miike Snow – Paddling Out


Sweden’s Miike Snow has just cut loose “Paddling Out,” the lead single on their upcoming record titled Happy To You, due out March 27th. At first glance, I thought this song was about surfing. Who knew the Swede’s were so slick in the water? Are they paddling out to that big swell? Unlikely. It certainly presents an interesting theory, but again, doubtful.

The Swedish trio has made a name for themselves with their catchy, head bangin’ pop tracks. They’ve no doubt found the recipe for success and “Paddling Out” is no different as it’s laced with yet another catchy chorus that’s bound to get stuck in your head. Happy To You will be one of the most highly anticipated LP’s of 2012, so get your fix below and be sure to support once released.


Paddling Out by miikesnow

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Miike Snow – Silvia (VOODOO FARM REMIX)

Gotta keep it short, because my eyes are closing as I type (long week), but WOAH…this makes me feel like I just injected a bit of somethin’ or other into my arm and will actually never fall asleep. GotDAMNNN, Voodoo Farm! TRIPPPYYYYYYYYYYYY!


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Miike Snow – Silvia

MUSIC VIDEO: “Silvia” – Miike Snow

Miike Snow have released what I believe is their first music video. It’s a bit dark, and perhaps not exactly what I was expecting, but I’ll take it, because I love this group. Makes me feel a bit cold…certainly not comforting. But who expected that after hearing this song anyway?

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The Hood Internet – Cult Logic Forever (Drake x Miike Snow)


“Cult Logic Forever” (Drake ft. Miike Snow) – The Hood Internet

Another dope mashup. Enjoy.

Download (Quicktime file…right click and save download) Cult Logic Forever

Side Note: The Hood Internet will be in Raleigh and Carrboro on October 24th and 25th, respectively. Worrrrrd. If I know you and you want to go, hit me up.

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Miike Snow – Animal [MUSIC VIDEO]

MUSIC VIDEO: “Animal” – Miike Snow

I got really excited when I saw that this video had come out, because I’m a big Miike Snow fan. They’re a big up and coming group, and I’ve posted a few of their things in the past. This video is great, not only because it’s so creative and well-made, but also because it perfectly aligns with the message that the song includes in the hook:

“I change shapes to hide in this place but I’m still, I’m still an animal”

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Miike Snow – Sans Soleil


“Sans Soleil” – Miike Snow

There are so many songs I want to post today because I got a ton of new music today, but this one comes out as the front runner. I’d suggest any and all Miike Snow music, but this one is particularly soothing and peaceful. Great piano and vocals on top of a steady beat.

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