Lonely Child – A Beautiful Exit (Miguel Cover)

If you’ve ever lost somebody, you may be familiar with the connection you feel to a song when it seems to resemble that person you lost. It can happen with love and breakups, and it can happen with the death of a loved one. You start to hear a song in a different way and suddenly the lyrics mean so much more to you.

I’ve always found this to be a really powerful experience in music. I find myself listening to the lyrics much more intently when I’m at my highest or my lowest, searching for similarities and connections to my own life and emotions.

A similar experience happened to Lonely Child, who recorded this cover of Miguel’s song “A Beautiful Exit” after losing a very close friend of his. He was in the midst of a crazy time of his life; he was working too much, building his studio, and was constantly feeling exhausted. He told me the following:

When my friend died, it obviously took a lasting toll. Whenever I was driving, though, this Miguel record would play. It was the first in my iPod’s rotation, so it would come on every time I turned on my car. And it started to reveal itself as being about my friend. It was so weird, but this song became part of my day to day life, every time I’d drive my car. And I realized I wanted to record it as a tribute to my friend. It so perfectly describes him, encapsulates how I feel about him, and was just such a cathartic experience to record. It’s the first thing I recorded entirely in my new studio as well. It’s just a very important, personal recording to me.

Things like that are a big part of why I love music so much. We can find peace in our deepest hours through songs and stories. It hurts like hell to lose somebody, but being able to cling on to a special feeling like this and, for Lonely Child, forever remembering that his first song in his new studio was written in memory of his friend, makes it seem like everything just might be okay.

Hit the jump to listen to the Miguel original and read the lyrics.


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[Sunset Mixtape] Candy Hearts and Sounds : Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s Day usually has the following effects on people: you’re ready to shower your significant other with lovin’, you’re drowning yourself in the finest wines and chocolates, or this day simply doesn’t exist in your mind (sorry, Hallmark). Whatever category you may be in, there’s simply no saying no to a good dose of heartfelt music. This Valentine’s Day Edition mixtape has a dose of sexy, sweet, and just about anything to make you feel those love butterflies for someone else (or your own fabulous self). Whether you’re into being serenaded by the r&b smoothness of Miguel or just need a hip-hop love declaration from Mick Jenkins, this mix will give it all to you. Listen to all the love-filled sounds below and give your Valentine’s Day weekend those extra feels.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Superfriends

New Tape Tuesday!

It is really really really difficult to believe in love when you have not experienced it, yet it is so engrained in culture that it is instilled in even the most adamant nonbelievers. I set out to make out a mixtape that is as grimy and slimy (sorry for rhyming) as the ZHU smash “Superfriends” and somehow came out with this grand statement on love. I think the context of this love still comes from like a night out, “we found love in a hopeless place”-type scenario, so that is cool and interesting. Other than that, it is just a mix of 24 songs ranging from Mar‘s gorgeous “Ode to Her” (which makes the lyric “If I was born a girl, I would be just like you babe” endearing and not weird) to the addictive and danceable “Coast Is Clear” by the odd couple of Skrillex and Chance The Rapper.

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[MP3] Miguel – Simplethings

Miguel is probably the only reason I haven’t gone insane without Frank Ocean music being released. Miguel’s voice is so soothing, and the production behind him is top notch. This was made for the HBO Show “Girls,” which I know that my brother stopped watching recently until he sees some boobies.

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[MP3] Miguel – Can’t Sleep Together

So I guess Adult Swim has been doing a thing with having artists release singles in the “Adult Swim Singles Program.” They’ve done artists such as Flying Lotus & Autre Ne Veut. This time around, they’ve nabbed RnB crooner Miguel.

Let’s get serious for a second: outside of Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean, & Sam Smith, Miguel has the best voice out there right now. God damn, do I love when he grabs the mic and sings about sex. This is a nice little joint with totally different production than we’re used to from the singer, but it’s a good change. Switch up! Peep the stream below.

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Miguel – Do You… (Cashmere Cat Remix)

New Cashmere Cat!

Cashmere Cat (birth name: Magnus August Høiberg) is one of our favorite rising producers. Earlier this week, we accused the young Norwegian of being Trippy Turtle (because that would make sense), and now he’s back with what very well could be my favorite remix of all time. Listen to it now.

It’s like being on drugs, and I like that.

Do you like drugs? Do you like drugs, yeah? Well, me too…

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Aaliyah – Rock The Boat (Jelani Remix)

I love Aaliyah, there I said it, but as far as I am concerned it is impossible to not love her, and Jelani helps show us that in his remix of Rock the Boat. An single off a upcoming Aaliyah remix project set to release in june, this remix is a crazy, sensual, dreamy, seductive reinterpretation of Aaliyah. I don’t say that lightly, this track is really one of my favorites of the year so far, this remix remains hazy and melodic, messy but detail oriented, Jelani really did something great here. Throughout the remix Jelani drops drums that sound like they were taken from Snoop Dogg‘s “Drop it Like it’s Hot” and creates huge synth melodies that perfectly complement Aaliyah’s angelic voice. Grab the download here and find a dance partner to get extra close with while listening to this jam.

Bonus: If you are really digging Jelani’s sound like I am check out this great refix to Girl with the Tattoo by Miguel.

Jelani on Twitter – Jelani on Soundcloud


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J. Cole – Power Trip (ft. Miguel)

Power Trip J. Cole Miguel

J. Cole‘s new single with Miguel, “Power Trip,” was brought to my attention as soon as my alarm clock went off this morning. I had a text from Andy telling me that J. Cole’s new song is fire. Funny thing is, I was just thinking about J. Cole yesterday wondering when the hell he would put out some good new material. My boy from North Carolina used to consistently put out some of my favorite songs, but he’s seemingly been on a hiatus from that claim to fame. Today, though, my faith has returned. “Power Trip” is a reminder of the melodious jams that made me fall in love with J. Cole in the first place.

Power Trip is the first official single off J. Cole’s sophomore album, Born Sinner. All we’ve got is a radio rip for now.

EDIT: Added a Soundcloud player of the CDQ, dirty version of the track. Enjoy.

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The Best Five Dance Songs of the Week

Just. Dance.

1. Kanye West vs. Kavinsky – Protolife (Carlos Serrano Mix)

2. DMX – Ruff Ryders Anthem (B.Dolla Remix)

3. The Hood Internet – The Thing U Do (Miguel x Shlohmo x RL Grime)

4. Viceroy – Dream Of Bombay (feat Chela)

5. Flux Pavilion – I Feel It

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Rawn & Bambi – Adorn: The Sextape [Miguel Remix]

Let me tell you, when I realized that I forgot Miguel’s “Adorn,” the “Let’s Get It On” of our generation, on my Top Songs of 2012 list, I was distraught. My energy was killed. I didn’t leave my rooms for days.

Not really, but I was disappointed in myself. So when I saw this 25 minute remix by Rawn & Bambi creep across my Twitter timeline, I jumped at it. Fantastic. Combining various remixes (including their own) of the song, Rawn & Bambi (R&B!?!?!?! *head explodes*) create the only track you’ll ever need for alone-time with the boo-thang. From a capella to funk to some Bad Boy/Diddy talk, this has everything you need to enjoy over and over again. So light some candles, break out the nice sheets, and remember: safe sex is a woman’s responsibility. (RIP Patrice O’Neal)

[h/t @lilybenson]

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TRAILS & WAYS – Sure Thing (Miguel Cover)

TRAILS & WAYS does a dope cover of Miguel’s hit, Sure Thing.

I’m in love with this group. Everything they do is just so freakin’ awesome.

They’re not known for RnB type music, but they take Miguel’s Sure Thing and add their own touch to it. They reworked the verses, and added a lil bit to the instrumental to make this such a smooooooooth cover.

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