DJ Snake – Middle ft. Bipolar Sunshine

dj snake middle

Blogging about DJ Snake on Sunset may be a first, but I think it’s safe to shelve any concerns about DJ Snake as a non-trap producer, because “Middle” is absolutely out of this world. The Parisian producer behind main stage EDM tracks like “Get Low” and “Turn Down For What” has taken 2015 to show off his multi-faceted talents in production – first on “Lean On” with Major Lazer and MØ, and now “Middle” with one of the finest producers from across the pond, Bipolar Sunshine.

With a debut album on the way, “Middle” is a sneak peak of what to expect from the international sensation – and we’re perfectly happy with the direction that he’s taking his music. DJ Snake shrouds the track in a haze of dreamy piano melodies and dancing xylophone strikes that are guided Bipolar Sunshine’s soaring vocals.

“Middle” definitely leans a little more indie than anything DJ Snake has put out before, but if this is the direction that he’s taking his music, definitely keep an eye out for him to make some serious moves in 2016.

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