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The Five Best Dance Songs of the Week [Halloween Edition]

I know, I know. Halloween was yesterday. Does that really mean you’re not gonna continue the celebration this weekend? No, didn’t think so.

Another week, another reason to get freaky with a playlist making up some of the best from the world of EDM this week. Be sure to check out the two sandwiching tracks, which I’ve made especially Halloween-friendly.

Nothing like some reworkings of Ghostbusters and Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” to get your juke juke on, amirite?

Happy Halloween from the #SunsetFam.

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[MP3 Premiere] The Hard Knocks – Hosana

New The Hard Knocks!

When we were introduced to The Hard Knocks this spring, we instantly compared them to modern indie favorites like The Neighbourhood and The 1975. But that was before “Hosana.” This track is a two-and-a-half minute bulldozer over every preconception we had about LA band. It expands our previous comparisons to legends like Michael Jackson and Queen. On the recording lead singer Shane Hunter sounds like he’s singing for his life, sparking this ball of retro energy that is a perfect reminder of what our generation is missing. We’ll keep you posted on the band’s upcoming ME+ EP.

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Das Racist – Michael Jackson (Xaphoon Jones Remix feat. Maffew Ragazino)

Quirky, esoteric and legally insane rap group Das Racist are quite the polarizing figures. You probably either hate them or love them. But, add a dash of Chiddy Bang with this remix to their standout single, Michael Jackson, and you’ll probably just love them. Xaphoon Jones gets busy with this one, featuring tempo changes and a complete beat flip towards the end to showcase bars by NY native Maffew Ragazino.  Also, don’t forget to peep the homemade, Frankenstein type video below, co-directed by Kool A.D. himself. Ya feel me?

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Aloe Blacc – Billie Jean (live) [video]

The applause at the end goes on for over a minute and a half, and every bit of it is deserved. A gorgeous take on the Michael Jackson classic from the wonderful Aloe Blacc. Check out the MADE blog for 5 more videos from the session.

MP3: “Billie Jean (Live String session) – Aloe Blacc


For you impatient folk, the singing starts around 1:50…

Also, a new electrofunk remix of Aloe’s “I Need a Dollar,” spotted over at TMN

MP3: “I Need a Dollar” (Cee-Roo Remix) – Aloe Blacc


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Michael Jackson’s Soul Lives On…

…you can feel a bit of soul in this posthumous release of a new MJ Track titled “This Is It.”

Download “This Is It”

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Dwele MJ Tribute

Dwele MJ tribute. This is dank—Dwele recreates MJ one instrument at a time. I’d recommend watching the whole way through.

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50 Michael Jackson Tracks in 25 Minutes


MJ – 50 tracks in 25 min (via theechonest)

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Michael Jackson at the 1988 Grammy’s

This is the best live performance I have EVER seen. Michael Jackson at the 1988 Grammy’s. WOW.

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R.I.P., Michael Jackson

R.I.P., Michael.

My own personal message “to Michael” —

As the King of Pop, you left an indelible mark on music that none of us shall ever forget. It is a tragedy that you lived such a difficult life and you were forced to battle fame and its strangling grip and ability to rob people of necessities such as a proper childhood. But we as fans appreciate all that you contributed to our lives. You allowed the least of dancers to dance. The worst of singers to sing. The saddest of people to smile. In return, we salute you and will forever remember you.

On another note, it strikes me as strangely ironic that I’ve been listening to “Stranger in Moscow” off of Theophilus London’s mixtape “JAM!” nonstop over the past few days. That’s a remix off of Michael’s original song, “Stranger in Moscow” (I suggest watching the YouTube video). In that song, Michael says “How does it feel / When you’re alone and cold inside” and later, “Take my name / And just let me be.” In my opinion, Michael had really been struggling for a while now. As I said above, he was completely robbed of a childhood. His father forced all of the Jackson 5 members to constantly be on tour, which resulted in Michael’s loss of the childhood experiences. It seems he was forced into adulthood the second the band was formed. He was the lead singer and performer-immediately put into the spotlight and blocked from any privacy due to their success. I think this tore him apart. He was also the victim of abuse from his father growing up. Such a sad story. I hope, that his death allows him to feel at peace. “Take my name and just let me be.”

Lastly, as a tribute to the King of Pop, here are some songs, remixes, and albums that some people have put together in memory of Michael Jackson, including “Stranger in Moscow,” the Theophilus London remix. Enjoy.


1. Stranger in Moscow – Theophilus London

2. “Better On The Other Side” – The Game ft. Chris Brown, Diddy, Polow Da Don, Mario Winans, Usher & Boyz II Men

3. DJ Jaycee’s “Michael Jackson – The Soulful Years”

4. “Man Or The Music” – J Period (Tribute to Michael Jackson)

5. “HIStory” (J. Dilla Remix) – Michael Jackson

6. Michael Jackson Remixed – Album by Mick Boogie and the Press Play Show

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