[Premiere] nRCS – Run Through the Rain

Brooklyn-based nRCS has the perfect new single to get you ready for summer’s first major weekend, and we’re proud to premiere it here on Sunset. Produced by Sunset favorites and synth pop stalwarts Memoryy and Brothertiger, “Run Through the Rain” is a warm, gooey pop anthem that sounds like the closing track from your favorite inspirational movie.

Warm, gooey synths and cavernous drums give the track an anthemic quality; it’s part Bleachers, part Passion Pit. The song is endearing and earnest, the musical embodiment of a summer romance. It even breaks down for a few bars into a drums-and-vocals only hook that is sure to get your blood pumping.

nRCS has a six-song EP coming out soon, and it’s sure to be a rotation staple for the warm months ahead.

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Memoryy – All My Love

Singer-songwriter Shaun Hettinger originally wrote “All My Love” looking to get it recorded by Rihanna or Flo-Rida, but luckily he wound up keeping it for his own solo project, Memoryy.

Hettinger has given us some refreshingly upbeat, smart pop music under the moniker, and this new single is no exception. The track was co-produced by Yeasayer producer Abe Seiferth.

“All My Love” is a bit of a tempo departure from his previous discography. It hums along at a slower pace, and has an underlying sense of drama that is new to Memoryy. The track picks up on the hook, bringing the ’80s synth pop nostalgia that Hettinger has seemingly mastered and layering it on top of crisp drums and soulful piano.

Ultimately, the track proves that Memoryy is capable of making far more than just sunny summer indie tunes and is a truly versatile musician. The fact that it also has radio hit potential is just an added bonus.

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Memoryy – Feeling Sinister


For a track called “Feeling Sinister,” it’d be hard to get any more catchy and upbeat. Memoryy‘s latest song is a delightful slice of breezy summer pop, a joyous explosion of tropical drums and pad synths.

The New York-based musician has been churning out quality electro pop for a while now, and “Feeling Sinister” is yet another strong addition to his catalog. There’s an undeniable camp-ness to the track, which Shaun Hettinger smartly embraces in places where an artist less sure of themselves might try to downplay it.

The man himself describes the influences on “Feeling Sinister” as a mix of Twin Shadow, Tanlines and Peter Gabriel and the New Order, which pretty much hits the nail on the head.

Summer may be winding down, but Memoryy makes as strong a case any to keep the party going and simple touches like live horns or Hettinger’s well-deployed falsetto bring the song to life.

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Memoryy – Young Oblivion

New in my inbox this morning was an interesting piece by young NYC native Shaun Hettinger aka Memoryy – multi instrumentalist and pop aficionado with another epic indie/ectronic hybrid of a jam for fans of Promise Ring, Teen Daze, etc. I’ve got a lot of love for this rising artist.

I’m actually surprised that this young man hasn’t been signed to Arbutus Records or anything. Maybe he should just move to Montreal and get it over with. Let this jam uplift your soul as we move toward a bright and sunny springtime festival season!

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