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Saturday at Sunset: Boxing Day

New Saturday at Sunset!

I try to keep you guys updated about my life because I think there’s something that can be said for being more than just any ol’ anonymous writer on a music blog. Everybody follows my Twitter. So you know that last week I tweeted about how music and comedy are the only things that have never disappointed me, which is not supposed to be sad. It just happens to be true. I love music and comedy. This love became more apparent than ever this past week.

As I grow up in the humdrum life of a high school senior, it seems like every week gets tougher than the last. Between college applications, school work, real work, and the maintenance of a social life, it becomes overwhelming. And when stuff becomes overwhelming, you turn to the things you love, so I turned to music and comedy. And when I did, everything seemed less overwhelming. I survived the long week of tests and the anticipation for college letters thanks to Louis C.K.’s hilarious new stand-up special (BUY IT HERE FOR JUST $5 IF YOU LIKE HAPPINESS AND GOOD THINGS) and the songs on the mini-mix below.

It looks like I’m going to college and freakin’ acing tests in the meantime. I’m not saying these things to brag or anything. This past week I relearned something that hopefully you knew or now know: condoms…feel..weird. Listen and download your favorites below.

  1. Pandr Eyez – Little Bit
  2. CYNE – Boxing Day
  3. Common – Come Close (ft. Mary J. Blige)
  4. mc DJ – Best I Ever Had (Bambi Remix)
  5. Milagres – Gentle Beast
  6. French Wives – Numbers
  7. Bombadil – A Question
  8. Joel Plaskett – When I Go
  9. Daniel Tashian & Mindy Smith – Taking You With Me
  10. King Charles – Bam Bam

I just want you to know, your whole being is beautiful.

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