Best of 2011: Mashups (New Years Playlist)

You guys are going to be the most popular kids in town when you throw this mix on for your New Years Eve pregames. Not even kidding. These aren’t just any mashups. These are THE BEST MASHUPS OF 2011. Hit the jump for the full playlist. The songs are listed in no particular order. They’re mashed up, if you will.

I apologize in advance for making you feel like death on January 1st, 2011. Ring in the new year with a bang, right?

Have fun. Get sloppy.

Download Best Mashups of 2011 (.zip – Mediafire)

*(updated link)

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Mashup Monday – Dec 5th Edition

Mashup Monday

Oh my God it’s Monday. Where did the weekend go? Well, for me, I think it’s obvious. I didn’t get out of bed until 5 PM on Saturday. We’ll leave it at that.

This first mashup makes me feel like I’m on steroids at the gym or something. A little bit like I could take over the world. Probably because it’s got a song from my past in it. I tell you, I still remember every single word of this song, and that’s true with SO MANY SONGS FROM MY CHILDHOOD. Maybe I need to quit my job and continue the art of School House Rock. So brilliant. America could quickly become the smartest country (see ya, China) again if we turned it into hip hop lyrics. Alright, somebody get on that. Or maybe I will. We’ll see.

1. “Smashed Again” (Smash Mouth x Basto) – The Two Friends
Smashed Again (2F Bootleg) by The Two Friends

This next one is too legit. Want to know why? BECAUSE THEY SAMPLED BIG L! That shit is real.

2. “In The Cold Cold Night” (The White Stripes x Tupac x Biggie x Big L) – VOODOO FARM
The White Stripes ft. 2pac, Biggie, Big L- In The Cold Cold Night (VOODOO FARM REMIX) by VOODOO FARM

This one tapped into the new rage that is Icona Pop. And added Madonna to it. That was a ballsy move, but Miss Alexandra Baker pulled it off! Get it girl.

3. “Nights Like Bonita” (Icona Pop x Madonna) – Alexandra Baker
Nights Like Bonita by Icona Pop

This guy is a little raw, but it’s got something going on. Big Sean + Xaphoon (you crazy) + J. Cole? Caught my eye immediately. Plus I love this DJ because he’s writes a lot on the Sunset Facebook Page — I love that. Here’s an alternate download link.

4. “Blow Up Or Bust” (Big Sean x Xaphoon Jones x J. Cole) – DJ Radio DreaD
Blow up or Bust [Big Sean x Xaphoon Jones x J Cole] *ALT. DL LINK* by DJ RadioDreaD

Wow. This really is a kick ass party anthem! This can definitely jumpstart my Monday. Maybe I needed this on Saturday, hmm? Damn. This is a ridiculously good mashup. I love.

5. “Kick Ass Party Anthem” – Fat Superman
Kick Ass Party Anthem by Fat Superman

I will admit to something that most of you guys will likely scoff at. I’m a music snob but I love “California Girls” by Katy Perry. Isn’t is spelled differently? Like Gurls or something like that? See, I’m snobby enough to not even know. But I love it. It’s so good. “Teenage Dream” is too. Ugh, okay, I’m embarrassed now. Just kidding, I’m not.

6. Raining California Girls (Kaskade x Dada Life & Kaskade x Deadmau5 x Skrillex x Florence & The Machine x Benny Benassi x Bruno Mars x Katy Perry x Kevin Rudolf x Rihanna) – Doug Bogan
Raining California Girls! by dougbogan

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Mashup Monday #44: Featuring Cake Effect, DJ WEIGS, It’s Overture

So it’s Valentines Day, I hear. I can dig a day dedicated to pink things, red things, candy, and love. I love lots of things. Hedgehogs, my cat, my boyfriend, music, sunshowers, Duke, Houston Rockets, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, lite brites, Gerald Henderson, orchids, seahorses, Coke-flavored slushies, blankets, watching people fall off Pogo Sticks…the list could go on and on. So I think I’m down with Valentines Day. Yeah, we’re cool.

1. “Say Black & Yellow” (Wiz Khalifa vs. Rusko) – Cake Effect

Say Black & Yellow Everyday (Rusko x Wiz) by Cake Effect

2. “Remixxx Babyyy” (Katy Perry vs. The Cool Kids vs. Coldplay vs. Lil Wayne vs. Kanye West vs. Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup vs. Lil Jon) – DJ WEIGS

Remixxx Babyyy – DJ WEIGS by djweigs

3. “Biggie’s Holy Ghost” (Holy Ghost vs. Notorious B.I.G.) – It’s Overture

Biggie’s Holy Ghost (Its Overture Blend) by Its Overture

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