Mashup Monday | Week 145

Mashup Monday

Lots of new mashups this week – hit the jump to hear all of them.


1. “Sail in Change” (Awolnation x Joe Maz x Faul ft. Wad Ad x Pnau x Rihanna) – Mashup-Germany


2. “Rule The War” (Tears For Fears x Blackbird Blackbird) – The Hood Internet


3. “Radioactive Swimming Pools” (Imagine Dragons x Kendrick Lamar) – SWAX

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Mashup Monday | Week 144

Mashup Monday

I got called out last week on Twitter for not posting enough Mashup Mondays. I feared it would come to that. So I’m getting my ass in shape and posting a Mashup Monday. (No promises on next week – good mashups are too hard to come by. That might also be an excuse for it being hard to find time to post on Mondays. The real world is the worst.)


1. “Stay/Animal” Mashup/Cover (Miike Snow x Rihanna) – Jessica Rotter & Emily Columbier


2. “Calling All Monsters” (Ellie Goulding x DJ Cassidy x Robin Thicke x Jessie x Eminem x Rihanna x Kanye West x Journey x Gallo & Alaia x Michael Jackson) – Mashup-Germany


3. “Backstreet Rap Alright” (Backstreet Boys x Tupac x Eminem x Nate Dogg x Ludacris) – Poppa Smurf


4. “Counting Favours” (One Republic x Empire Of The Sun) – Carlos Serrano


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Mashup Monday | Week 143

Mashup Monday

My goodness, you guys. I sincerely apologize for dropping the [Wrecking] Ball on the Mashup Mondays feature. Somebody should Wake Me Up and remind me that I need to treat yall like Royals, because that’s what you are. Alas, the Demons of the real world have been haunting me. The Monster that is work has been particularly monstrous lately. But today, I got a chance to Slow Down and enjoy some mashups. That’s right, I’m a lion and you’re going to hear me ROAR. [Applause from the crowd.]

Bonus points to anybody who can name the artists behind all the songs listed in this description. Or all of the artists used in Mashup Germany’s mashup below. Crazytown.


1. Mashup-Germany – Top Of The Pops 2013 (Hey Brother) [Revisited]


2. Ed Sheeran & Passenger – No Diggity vs Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix)


3. Ricky Cervantes – Artichoke Dip (OutKast v. Ke$ha v. Madeon v. Grandtheft)


4. Isosine – Hearts (Bon Iver vs Calvin Harris vs Ellie Goulding vs Childish Gambino vs Jeremy Lim vs Serena Sun)

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Mashup Monday | Week 138

Mashup Monday

1. Dire Dire Desire (Mike Posner v. Super Mario 64) – Ricky Cervantes

2. Hollywood Blvd (RAC+Penguin Prison+Empire of the Sun+Felix Da Housecat+TEED) – DRMWVR

3. Can’t Hold Superfreakz (Macklemore x Ryan Lewis x Superfreakz x My Chemical Romance x Bob Marley x Elton John x The Underdog Project x Peter Fox x The Doors x Pink ) – Mashup Germany

4. Party Mashup 2013 Drop It Low Mix – Mason Spinson

Disclaimer: I don’t usually post full sets, but this one was too good to ignore. Throw this on for a party and you’re good to step away from the “DJ booth” for 30 minutes.


5. Close 2 Justice (Kendrick Lamar x Giraffage) – The Hood Internet

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Mashup Monday

Mashup Monday

I don’t mean to let yall down, but I only found two good mashups this week. I went through all submissions and tried to search the web for other quality ones, but wasn’t able to find any. Oh well, quality over quantity is always the answer. So boom, here are your two mashups.


1. “I’m Coming Home” (M83 x P. Diddy ft. Skylar Grey x Bob Marley x 3 Doors Down x Sting x Jamaram x Men at Work x Mighty Mike x Rihanna x Cro) – Mashup-Germany

This one has a lot of elements to it, so at times it gets a little busy, but what I like best about it is that it has a theme: it’s a song about leaving and coming home. Nice work, Mashup-Germany.


2. Fort Mansion (Tupac & Nas x Fort Minor) – Fusion

There’s a super weird section of singing in this mashup, but other than that, pretty smooth mashup. Tupac lives.

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[Video] Mashup-Germany – Top of The Pops 2011

Well, we’ve finally hit December. 2012 is just around the corner. For those other students like me, good luck on your finals. For those of you in the working world, finish out the year strong.

Every year (usually DJ EarWorm) there is a big mashup of the top hits of the year. This year, Mashup-Germany, brings us the top pop hits of 2011 and these mashups are usually great. This one is good by my standards. From Adele and Britney Spears, to Avicii and Usher, this is 2011 wrapped up in four minutes. Enjoy!

P.S. – be on the lookout as Sunset will wrap up this year in music as well.

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Mashup Monday

Somebody commented on Mashup Monday recently saying something along the lines of “maybe now Mondays will be something to look forward to!” This made my day. I sure hope I can help make Mondays something to look forward to.

As seems to be a pattern of late, we’ve got a brand new Mochi Beats track just in time for Mashup Monday! It has yet to be released anywhere else!

Time After Romance (Lady Gaga + Cyndi Lauper + Three 6 Mafia) by mochi beats

To download, click on the right arrow on the side of the player.

Next up is some new Mashup-Germany ish. This track is over an hour long…great party mix!

Recycling Revolution Tour – Promo Mix by MashupGermany

Download “Recyclying Revolution Tour – Promo Mix”

Happy Monday, everybody. Hopefully it’s been a good one so far!

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Mashup Monday

Sorry for the lack of words lately…haven’t been too inspired to say much. Strike up a conversation through comments/twitter/the Facebook group and get my mind going, please! Here’s the Mashup Monday material:

1. “Teaching the ABC’s” (N.E.R.D x K’Naan x Beenie Man x Kirk Davis x Michael Jackson x Culcha Candela x Nirvana) – Mashup-Germany

2. “Drake and Diane” (Drake x John Mellencamp)- The White Panda (link via Audiomuffin)

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