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[Premiere] CHCKLK – Young Boy

You might not know much about CHCKLK yet, but after giving his new single “Young Boy” a spin you’ll be plenty familiar. The New York-based indie R&B singer gives us his life story and more on this mesmerizing new record, which details his background and path to music.

CHCKLK (pronounced Check-leh-EK) blends genres effortlessly into a soulful, surreal concoction. Think Beach House meets early The Weeknd meets Marc E. Bassy. He’s an excellent storyteller with a sharp, understated delivery.

Speaking on “Young Boy,” CHCKLK said:

It speaks on the internal struggle I’ve always had, between the desire to chase success, and the mindset to fight for what I believe in.  For me, those are two totally opposite paths, because becoming successful in this world might mean the erosion of all my beliefs and everything I stand for.

The instrumental, provided by Rohme, churns along slowly creating a nostalgic, foggy soundscape that fits the track’s confessional lyrics perfectly.

“Here’s the story of a young boy, who looked at the world and was unsure/But made the choice to never conform,” CHCKLK sings.

With a unique sound and a captivatingly left-field take on R&B, CHCKLK has a great chance to move beyond the ranks of SoundCloud sensations and take the music world by storm.

As a bonus, check out the “Young Boy” music video teaser below, directed by Gabriel Lucido.

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[Video] Skizzy Mars – Do You There (ft. Marc E. Bassy)

New Skizzy Mars!

Last night the pre-order for Skizzy Marss The Red Balloon Project went up and with it came a brand new song, “Do You There,” featuring Marc E. Bassy (also known as Marc Griffin from 2AM Club). The song is just gorgeous. My favorite thing about it is that Skizzy is barely even rapping on it–yet it’s undoubtably a rap track. The transition between the chorus and verses are so damn seamless.

February 3rd is when the project will be released, and that is when it all changes for Skizzy. Because for whatever reason to be a legitimate artist, you need a successful debut project on iTunes (except Chance The Rapper, he is the exception). Right now, the project is sitting pretty at #6 on the iTunes Hip-Hop/Rap charts, but let’s get it higher. It’s time to pay a little bit for all of those free tracks.

Pre-order The Red Balloon Project on iTunes here.

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[Download MP3] Skizzy Mars – Sweetest Hangover (ft. Marc E. Bassy)

New Skizzy Mars!

Skizzy Mars and Marc E. Bassy team up on this Diana Ross-sampling banger. This year has been pretty incredible for Skizzy. After dropping Pace in March, the New York native has gone full Drake mode and released a slew of free, non-album tracks that all fucking kill. And he’s not done. His next tape The Red Balloon should be coming out soon. Stay tuned.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Awesome Hanging Out with Her

New Tape Tuesday!

College is a bizarre place. It is not like the actual world. It is this vacuum of constant intoxication and twisted idealism. Going to classes on a campus is weird as hell. School is the only time all of these individuals will be grouped together like this–packed into classrooms like sardines, awkwardly sweating next to your potential future wife. As much as college is about the whole higher education thing, it is also about forced socialization. You choose a major and a concentration and voilà, like robots or young wizards, you are sorted with kids with whom you share similar interests. You’ll spend years going to the same classes as these kids–some of them you will know and become friends with and others you will recognize but never really talk to. Anyway, I’m not about to start naming names like iLoveMakonnen, but there’s this girl in my major that has a boyfriend but spends more time with me and got me in this terrible thing where I don’t care what happens, it’s just awesome hanging out with her. I know. It’s disgusting.

Lemme talk to you, I want to hear you talk to me back

*The SoundCloud mix is missing track 15, “Winning” by Just Jack.


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