Mar x iLL BLU – What’s Up

Alright, take a moment to remember these popular song lyrics, “Say what, say what, say what. Girl, you know what’s up”. Who comes to mind? None other than Mr. Donell Jones, of course! It was by far one of the greatest r&b classics of the 90s (if you don’t know it, you’re young and please don’t remind me how old I am). Now that we got a mini-music history lesson, it’s time to take a look at the present day. Mar and iLL BLU have teamed up to give us a perfect summer jam that is laced with traces of Jones’ hit. Not only is there the element of old-school tunes, but it’s also completely addictive with its dance-floor electronic vibe. Mar also makes sure to shine with his slick, r&b vocals to add some soul to this club banger. This version of “What’s Up” is something else and we’re sure Donell would be impressed. Check it out for yourself below.

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Superfriends

New Tape Tuesday!

It is really really really difficult to believe in love when you have not experienced it, yet it is so engrained in culture that it is instilled in even the most adamant nonbelievers. I set out to make out a mixtape that is as grimy and slimy (sorry for rhyming) as the ZHU smash “Superfriends” and somehow came out with this grand statement on love. I think the context of this love still comes from like a night out, “we found love in a hopeless place”-type scenario, so that is cool and interesting. Other than that, it is just a mix of 24 songs ranging from Mar‘s gorgeous “Ode to Her” (which makes the lyric “If I was born a girl, I would be just like you babe” endearing and not weird) to the addictive and danceable “Coast Is Clear” by the odd couple of Skrillex and Chance The Rapper.

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