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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Silver Car Crash

New Tape Tuesday!

I can’t have many more summers like this. Silver Car Crash is the result of that realization and the looming issue I refuse to face that is my future. I know what I am about to say about ideas is ironic considering this cover, title, and paragraph are a direct result of my ideas, but I don’t feel like I do enough with my ideas. Here’s why. In the perfect world, everyone shares their best ideas, and from that grand mixing pot of people’s best ideas, the absolute best idea is selected as the concept for a product. But in the world we live in, the best idea doesn’t always win, so we learn to conform. We learn to adjust our ideas to fit with old ideas. In essence, we are constantly updating the second or third best idea, and no matter how much we update that idea it will never match the potential of the absolute best idea. iPhone 5s are a good reference for this process. It is backwards and terrible, so that’s why a frustrated, young thinker invented art (probably) because there is no “best” art; there are many “best” art(s). I don’t really know the point of this. I just know that I enjoy using art as the medium for sharing my ideas because the real world is horrifying, and there’s no reason why the best idea shouldn’t always win. But the fact that I enjoy something doesn’t mean it’s right, and as I type this I am realizing that I need to start sharing more ideas outside of a safe, cushioned context and face this shit head on in a silver car crash. Okay, that was corny. But hey, I said the title, so it had to feel at least a little validating after reading all the crap I wrote above. Sorry. Don’t conform, and be brave.
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[EP] Magic Man – You Are Here

After the release of Paris & Every Day (which you can listen to below), Magic Man has released their latest EP and this is fan-freakin’-tastic. If you’re a fan of music in general, you should be checking out this EP. You Are Here contains 5 tracks for you to delve into, with each one being unique in it’s own way. Paris & Every Day are on constant rotation in my “Best of 2013” Spotify playlist. Peep it! And happy Friday!

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Songs of the Week : September 2 – September 8

School is in session but at least we’ve got some serious jams to look back at, right? Yeah!

1. [MP3] Hugh – Not Fair Too Far…

(Posted by Alicia)

Hugh randomly popped out this week with a somber, chilling track. “Not Fair Too Far…” is a twist of female and male vocals and a dash of darkness. It’s really something else and is the perfect debut.


2. [MP3] Seekae – Another Girl

(Posted by Lydia)

What a hauntingly beautiful track Seekae has created. It’s one of those songs that just put you into a trance, that you simply don’t even want to get out of. “Another Girl” is gorgeous in possibly the saddest way, but we’re loving it.


3. [MP3] Magic Man – Every Day

(Posted by Lydia)

“Every Day” is an upbeat electronic pop jam that’ll get you in a damn good mood. It’s fun, light and simply addictive as can be.  Can’t go wrong with that, right? Go ahead, groove around to this one.


4. [MP3] Vaults – Cry No More

(Posted by Alicia)

This is by far my personal favorite track of the week. “Cry No More”  gave me chills on first listen with its pure emotion and unique elements. It’s a bit dark yet it’s so incredibly catchy at the same time. It’s a gorgeous combination that makes this track the special piece of art that it is.


5. [MP3] alt-J – Breezeblocks (RZA Remix)

(Posted by Dusty)

RZA + Alt-J? Weird, but I’m down.  This RZA Remix of Alt-J’s hit “Breezeblocks” is definitely a bit odd but it works out. It’s a fresh, unique take on the tune we all fell in love with. Can’t argue with that one!

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[MP3] Magic Man – Every Day

Yesterday morning I was begging for calmness and sought solace in Seekae’s new track “Another Girl.” This morning, I heard that one of my favorite electro-pop bands Magic Man released a new song, and I immediately knew it was going to be upbeat and infectious. While it’s still early, I knew I’d be able to handle it because it was done by Magic Man, that band that continually sends jubilance to the world through their sounds of pop perfection. I pressed play and found myself bouncing around a bit to the song, probably disturbing my friend sitting next to me on the bus trying to take a nap.

If you haven’t heard their remix of one of my favorite tracks of 2013, Dreaming, by Smallpools, do yourself a favor and go listen to it. And then listen to “Paris” by Magic Man. It’s all fantastic. You might find yourself in love in no time.

Lucky for us lovers, Magic Man will be releasing a 5-song EP called You are Here next Tuesday, September 10th. Check out the tracklist below.

You Are Here tracklisting:

1. Texas
2. Paris
3. Every Day
4. Nova Scotia
5. Waves

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[MP3] Smallpools – Dreaming (Magic Man Remix)

Oh my god it’s been a long day. When I finally found a minute to open up my SoundCloud account (for the first time in over a week…good god, this is my nightmare), I found solace in this absolute GEM from Magic Man. It’s a remix of one of the best tracks in the year: Dreaming by Smallpools. The thing is, and I don’t mean to belittle Smallpools in the slightest, this version feels a bit more victorious than the original. It’s got this airy, heavenly vibe about it that’s suddenly like OMG I AM GOD, THIS IS MY WORLD, EVERYBODY SHUT UP AND LISTEN. I feel invincible right now, yall. And there are no drugs involved. Just this magestic song. WHOA.

Oh no, please god tell me we’re dreaming

Original track: “Dreaming” by Smallpools

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Tape Tuesday: girlshapedlovedrug

In the modern digital era we inhabit today, there are so many things going on all the time. It’s frustrating, and it’s something that affects everyone and everything–the clutter, the screens, the unanswered messages, the tweets. I think if you told God about Twitter he’d be kinda pissed, like “What the fuck is a tweet? I made you people, so you can talk to other people with your mouths!” I just think life will be difficult no matter what; why should we make it more difficult? Think about the years that could be added to your life if you stopped worrying about a girl not texting you back (after you saw the “…” of her typing) or not getting a satisfactory amount of retweets on some shit you probably should not have put on the Internet forever (hypothetical situations, of course). But really, this mixtape probably has nothing to do with what I’m saying, but it’s something I felt like I had to say.

The cover was created using a lot of pictures and edited to form a simple heart. The title is inspired by a Gomez song from back in the day.

  1. Darwin Deez – Chelsea’s Hotel
  2. The Spinto Band – Shake It Off
  3. Bangladesh – Lean
  4. Lowrider – Golden Sun
  5. Eden Mulholland – I Will Echo
  6. French Horn Rebellion – Girls (ft. JD Samson and Fat Tony)
  7. Darwin Deez – Redshift
  8. Fyfe – St. Tropez
  9. Dan Croll – Compliment Your Soul
  10. Born Ruffians – Needle
  11. Slow Dakota – June 4
  12. Homeboy Sandman – Hold Your Head
  13. Stroik – One More Time
  14. Magic Man – Paris
  15. MISTERWIVES – Vagabond
  16. Good Oak – Fill My Cup
  17. Whisky Winter – Heavy

‘Cause I’m not leaving, this is just the place, I’ve been homeless since the dimples on her simple face , and I’ve spent my fortune, torn this town apart to build a hotel on her heart


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