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[Download Mixtape] Lucki Eck$ – Alternative Trap

New Lucki Ecks!

Chicago’s Lucki Eck$ really does not sound like anyone else in the rap game. Maybe he’s comparable to A$AP Rocky–I mean aside from the dollar sign in the name. The two utilize spacey, synth-laden beats to match their respective styles. Where A$AP might go double time and rap faster, Lucki resorts to his forever chill flow, which makes for a smooth listen. Alternative Trap really is a genre that only Lucki seems to be able to produce, leading to one of the most interesting and arresting rap projects of the year.


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Best of April 2013

April is a stressful month. Fun, but stressful. Those in school are gearing up for finals and a wild summer. If you’re no longer in school, I’m sorry because that’s unfortunate. The music scene this month hasn’t helped out the stress that much because frankly, there was a bundle of quality music released this month. Thus, a result of more stress because of so much music to listen to. This is already an issue as I’m preppin’ for finals.

You know the saying April showers brings May flowers? Well, we were spoiled this month with music, so May better bloom into these wonderful, high expectations.

Download link below, my top 5, and then the track list after the jump!

Download Best of April 2013

Jordan’s Top 5

Lucki Eck$ – Count On Me

Lucki Eck$ made some noise on the blogosphere with “Count On Me.” It appeared on our 4/20 mix, as well. Count On Me is something that’s different, but still fresh, all at the same damn time. Top 5 nod.

MisterWives – Kings & Queens

Give it three listens, and you’ll be hooked. You’re going to like the way you ears feel, I guarantee it.

Cashmere Cat – Do You (Miguel Remix)

One of the best remixes I’ve ever heard in a while. Filthy. Cashmere Cat done did Miguel’s song dirty. And Miguel is getting to the point where it’s like “c’mon guys, it’s Miguel.” Sort of like how Frank Ocean is, but not like Frank Ocean.

Ghost Loft – So High

Another track that appeared on our 4/20 mix, makes my top 5 as well. Ghost Loft captures the right electronic sounds and synths, and combines them appropriately to create a track you don’t need to be high for (but will be better in said state).

Drake – Girls Love Beyonce

Drake’s been on top of his game lately. Is it safe to say Drake’s got something really cookin’ for us come the next album? Girls love Aubrey, but actually.

Honorable Mention: Josef Salvat, Daft Punk, Antonio Paul, Max Frost, The Hard Knocks

Hit the jump for the track list! Continue reading “Best of April 2013” »

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Lucki Eck$ – No Troubles

Lucki Eck$ strikes again!

Going 2/2 thus far with “Count On Me” and now his latest, “No Troubles.”

A smooth Bob Marley sample from Nate Fox (the producer of Chance’s “Juice”) as Lucki Eck$ provides us with another impressive joint with “No Troubles.”

Alternative Trap coming in the future

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SITR Presents: GRIZZLY ADAMS (4/20 Mix)

Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear.

Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair.

Fuzzy Wuzzy linked up with Jordan & Arjun to make a continuous track consisting of 20 songs to get blazed to on 4/20.

Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t really fuzzy, was he?


Hit the jump for the mix tracklist… Continue reading “SITR Presents: GRIZZLY ADAMS (4/20 Mix)” »

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Lucki Eck$ – Count on Me

New Lucki Eck$!

As a hip-hop hotspot Chicago is on another level. It has churned out some of the best young rappers in the game right now, and the city does not seem to be stopping anytime soon. With “Count on Me” Lucki Eck$a 16-year-old, Chi-City native, just added his name to this growing list. The spaced-out beat produced by Hytman is unlike anything I’ve ever heard on a rap track, and Lucki’s loose delivery makes the song feel reckless and controlled at the very same time.

Look out for Lucki Eck$’s mixtape Alternative Trap to drop in the near future.

MP3: “Count on Me” – Lucki Eck$

Shout out to Lydia for the find.

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