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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Xanny Rap

New Tape Tuesday!

I think I am going to need to prelude this writeup by saying that I do not pop xannies and do not condone the abuse of prescription medication. The purpose of this tape is simply to highlight a growing trend in rap music. It is not surprising that the effects of the 21st century prescription drug culture has trickled into the rap scene, and I would argue that much like Wiz Khalifa makes certifiably dank weed rap, artists like Lucki Eck$ and Jimmy Prime (formerly Jimmy Johnson) make “xanny rap.” As you will notice, the mix is not all rap music. I tried to space out the journey and the rewards of hearing some of the trippiest rap music being made (Also, “Lilly” by Toro y Moi is a wave). If you’re an impatient bastard, tracks 11 through 14 show the heart of the phenomena.

When I’m off all these bars I should be behind some bars


*SoundCloud mix is missing track 6 (“Lilly” by toro y moi)


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[Download MP3] Lucki Eck$ – Want More

Lucki Eck$ lets loose this latest cut, and well, this is about as druggy/trippy a song can get. Regardless this song, as someone mentioned on his Sound Cloud comments, is “proper,” whatever that means. Idk I don’t speak spanish. Peep out Lucki’s latest cut featuring his slowed down rhymes.

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[Download Mixtape] Lucki Eck$ – Alternative Trap

New Lucki Ecks!

Chicago’s Lucki Eck$ really does not sound like anyone else in the rap game. Maybe he’s comparable to A$AP Rocky–I mean aside from the dollar sign in the name. The two utilize spacey, synth-laden beats to match their respective styles. Where A$AP might go double time and rap faster, Lucki resorts to his forever chill flow, which makes for a smooth listen. Alternative Trap really is a genre that only Lucki seems to be able to produce, leading to one of the most interesting and arresting rap projects of the year.


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Lucki Eck$ – No Troubles

Lucki Eck$ strikes again!

Going 2/2 thus far with “Count On Me” and now his latest, “No Troubles.”

A smooth Bob Marley sample from Nate Fox (the producer of Chance’s “Juice”) as Lucki Eck$ provides us with another impressive joint with “No Troubles.”

Alternative Trap coming in the future

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