Luck-One & Dizz ft. Tope & Epp – Get. Your. Money.

Luck-One & Dizz link up with Tope & Epp for a summer anthem type song called Get. Your. Money.

This is why I love writing on Sunset because Lydia was actually the one who forwarded me this song knowing I’d like it.

This track has solid verses backed up with a catchy chorus just in time for the last stretch of summer. Peep it!

Luck-One & Dizz ft. Tope & Epp – Get. Your. Money.

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An Emotional Farewell to Luck-One

Hip-hop is about to lose a major-talent player. Luck-One, who hails from Seattle and has shared the stage with some of the bigger names out there, has decided to close this book and open a new one. With his song “Farewell,” Luck-One has announced to the world that he’s saying goodbye to the rap game. It’s funny, I haven’t even been listening to his music for that long, but I’ve grown attached to Luck-One and his music. Ironically, though, “Farewell” is my favorite song of his. It’s rare to see a rapper get quite so real on a track. Often, when rappers are as open about their real lives as Luck-One is on this track, they’re talking about their past. What’s unique about this track, though, is that Luck-One talks about his past in relation to his future. He talks about the fact that despite his hard work–which went to the extremes, including being forced to live out of his car to survive on the shoestring budget a young rapping career can enforce–he was never able to take it to the level of prosperity he needed to survive and be happy. He endorses sincerity on this track, wishing other rappers the best and announcing that he wants to step down in order to fulfill his dreams carrying forward in life. As a Muslim, he mentions that he wants to take a trip to Mecca. He wants to travel with his wife. He wants to learn other languages. He wants to go back to writing letters, an act that many see as old-fashioned, but Luck-One relishes in.

It’s an emotional moment for me, and I assume certainly for Luck-One himself. He’s incredibly talented, which you’ll grasp from watching this video. He’s humble, which is a rarity in the hip-hop game. He’s intelligent. He had a vision with hip-hop. So a big part of me wants to be sad. But I suppose that’s selfish. I need to step back and realize that this is a major life choice that Luck-One has voluntarily made. There are bigger and better things out there for him to achieve. He may someday create a family with his wife, and surely he’ll have more time at home to be a father. He can take Hajj to visit Mecca. He can explore the world and go on these adventures that he’s been missing out on. Above all, he can smile and know that he made a mark on the lives of many, including my own. I wish him the best of luck moving forward.

In the meantime, Luck-One has promised to finish some open projects, so this video doesn’t mark the day that he seems to disappear into the abyss. I will mention, though, that you have a limited-time offer to get an autograph from Luck-One by signing up for this giveaway. The offer ends on January 13th, so sign up quickly. If you win, you can get a free Sunset t-shirt in the mail autographed by Luck-One (or Hoodie Allen, Timeflies, OnCue, The Dean’s List, ANTHM, Brenton Duvall, or G-Eazy). Show your love for Luck-One by sending him out with a big farewell. Click here to leave him a message on his Facebook page.

just a forewarning, not the cold call, that i will bow, but i wont fall.

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Three Artists on the Dashboard: December 2011

Skizzy Mars, Youth Lagoon, Luck-One

I consistently have to apologize for Artists on the Dashboard being an irregular feature, but this month there are three that I just couldn’t stand not to write about. As blogs start compiling their bests of the year lists, many of the big stars are put in the spotlight, but I want to be sure that some of the smaller artists get shouted out, too. You will likely see one of these artists on several blogs’ Best Albums of 2011 lists, and he absolutely deserves it. This month, we’ve got three solo artists who are deserving of your attention and are about to hit the big screens, in my opinion.  The three artists of choice this month are Skizzy Mars, Youth Lagoon, and Luck-One.


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