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JHYVE – Ruby (Love Thy Brother Remix)

love thy brother

Love Thy Brother has been one of my breakout stars to watch in 2016, and they’re closing the year out strong with an incredible remix of JHYVE’s “Ruby.” In recent months, there has been a flood of artists pairing with potential crossover stars, and the Toronto-based electronic duo have teamed up with their fellow countrymen and R&B sensation, JHYVE, to deliver a rousing remix of his latest track that is dripping in vibes.

Laying down a signature house backbone, Love Thy Brother covers “Ruby” in a shroud of shimmering synth melodies and reverb-ed out guitar arpeggios. JHYVE’s dreamy, ethereal lyrics grab your hand and guide the track through a haze of vibed-out goodness. This remix is a double-edged sword – perfect for the dance floor but appealing enough for the mainstream. Check it out below and keep an eye on Love Thy Brother for 2016.

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Love Thy Brother – Higher Love ft. Jason Gaffner

love thy brother higher love

It’s truly amazing to see how much music changes as the seasons change. Summer can be characterized by the sun-soaked instruments and uplifting melodies of genres like tropical house and the newly-minted sub-genre, melodic house, while winter features grittier builds, thumping drops, and heady synths more fitting for old-school warehouse raves, rather than these present-day music festivals. Spring offers a distinct mixture of the soaring melodies of summer and edge-y synth work of winter, but with a kiss of sunshine, while fall seems to offer a sound best described as change, more fitting for feelings of nostalgia and quiet reflection – much like the season itself.

For years, fall has been the season of reflection and being thankful of our present situations by showing appreciation for our past, and Love Thy Brother have done just that with their cover of Steve Winwood’s classic, “Higher Love.” There is no way to overstate the impact that Winwood has had on the music industry, and subsequently dance music, as his music has inspired the likes of legendary artists like DJ Falcon, Thomas Bangalter (of Daft Punk), and Eric Prydz.

On their modern day cover of “Higher Love,” Love Thy Brother showcase their distinct style of house and techno while tabbing LA singer, Jason Gaffner, for vocals. Gone on the track is the bright horns and feel-good vibe of the original, and in its place, Love Thy Brother intricately weaves a web of big, pulsing bass lines and complex, yet evolving, percussion arrangements alongside Gaffney’s soaring top-line to turn the 80s classic into a modern-day hit.

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Kiiara – Feels (Love Thy Brother Remix)

kiiara - feels (love thy brother remix)

Twenty-year-old Kiiara has been one of the summer’s brightest stars. She stormed onto the scene 2 months ago, displaying a futuristic, glitched-out electronic-meets-R&B vibe in her debut track, “Gold,” that catapulted the singer-songstress into the spotlight. Last week, she dropped the third track of her slowly-growing catalog, “Feels,” and it took over the music industry by storm, receiving support from industry tastemakers like Zane Lowe and Annie Mac, ahead of the release of Kiiara’s debut EP, Meet Me On The Cornfield.

I didn’t know about Kiiara until she dropped “Feels” last week, but just seconds into the track I knew that I had to write something about it – it was that good, and that beautiful. Now, the “Feels” remixes are starting to roll in, and as a die-hard electronic music fan and a budding Kiiara fan, I just had to shine a spotlight Love Thy Brother’s re-imagination of the track.

Gone is the futuristic, leaned-out R&B production by Felix Snow, and in its place, the Toronto-based duo has crafted a web of dark, pulsing basslines, subtle electronic textures, and sparkling synth arrangements that walk alongside Kiiara’s ethereal voice to elevate the track to a completely different level. This one will still get you right in the “Feels,” but it’s gonna hurt a little less.

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