Logic ft. Childish Gambino – Driving Ms. Daisy

Childish Logic

Logic and Childish Gambino come together for an epic collaboration. What do you expect when you have two rappers hungry to make moves in the hip hop world. Love love love the flow, the beat, and the verses in this track. Look out for Logic’s debut album which will drop sometime this fall. Cheers!

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Logic – Alright (ft. Big Sean)

Gearing up to the release of his EP, While You Wait, rapper Logic lets loose a collaboration with his Def Jam brother Big Sean over a track produced by Tae Beast. Dirty stuff right here. …I dig it.

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Download “24 Freestyle” by Visionary Music Group Artists Logic, QuESt, Castro and Jon Bellion

Logic, QuESt, Castro, and Jon Bellion from Visionary Music Group got together, spat some bars on a freestyle hip hop beat, and called it “24 Freestyle.”

Truth be told, I haven’t listened to one of these group freestyles in some time, but when I saw the names featured on the track I figured it was worth my time. The names that jumped out at me most were QuESt and Logic (in that order), but frankly  all guys brought some heat on their bars. I wasn’t familar with Castro before the track, and I can’t say he really made a fantastic impression on me, but it’s not to say he doesn’t have talent. QuESt definitely impressed me the most out of all of them, but that was to be expected going into it. Lately, Logic has been getting more press than QuESt, but I still think QuESt is the most talented of the bunch.

No real analysis to go into here. Just wanted to share some dope hip hop. Like the old days.

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[Straight Talk Sunday] I Miss the MySpace Days

I tweeted a couple weeks ago that I miss the days of discovering music through MySpace. That’s how I got started on this whole thing. I got inspired after talking to a friend when I was home for Thanksgiving break and he told me about all these young hip hop artists from Seattle who he was really into (names like Macklemore, Blue Scholars, Dessa…but this was back in 2008, so even a name like Macklemore meant nothing to me yet). So to find their music, I had to go to their MySpace pages. And what was really fun was to find an artist I really liked, and then find out who they were into by searching through their top 8 friends on their MySpace page. It was kind of like a puzzle for me, and I’ve always been a big fan of puzzles. Sometimes the artists would put their top producers on their Top 8, sometimes they’d put their inspirations, and other times they’d put that artist from down the road who they were good friends with and wasn’t getting much recognition yet. I remember finding Ryan Lewis, specifically, and getting super excited. Here was this guy who was an incredible musician and producer, but also an extremely talented photographer and videographer. But nobody really knew about Ryan Lewis outside of Seattle yet. These days, everything’s so open – it’s almost as though there’s too much access. Everything’s right there in front of you on the table (or in your inbox, if you’re a blogger), it’s just a question of whether you have the time or attention span to go through it all. I miss the pursuit. There was a bit of a chase, and it was fun.

But what I can still hold on to is the joy I got out of listening to good hip hop. There’s something about finding a hip hop song that not many people have discovered yet and listening for raw talent that really gets me going. And to be completely honest, I haven’t been able to find much lately that’s been able to get me going. Day after day, everything seems a bit the same, life seems a little redundant. I’m stressed out at my job, I miss my family at home, and I look forward to vacation time more than anything else. I miss my friends and the simple lifestyle in North Carolina. It’s a scary feeling. But I reminded myself that I’m lucky to know of one thing that makes me really happy. It’s not that easy for some people to pinpoint. Music has been a constant for me for many years. So I let myself slow down and get back to doing what I love – finding music, and letting myself stop and listen. I took myself on a search for some new hip hop music (to be honest, I tried to recreate the MySpace chain search experience on SoundCloud to find people I hadn’t heard of yet, but it didn’t work very well) and included some songs below that I liked as I went along.

One thing I’ve learned in the past couple years is that you may not recognize as you’re doing something just how meaningful it will be in your life. Ordinary things may not stand out to you while you’re experiencing them. But once some time passes and you think back on those things, some moments may stand out that you didn’t expect. It’s like when you smell or see something that immediately reminds you of a time in your past. At the time, you may not have realized that you were creating a memory. But looking back, you wish you could go back to that moment in time. I had no idea that MySpace would be one of those things for me. It feels kind of weird saying that. But those days also remind me of being in college, of days of lesser stress about getting older and needing to know exactly what I want to do with my life, of having all of my closest friends within walking distance at all times. It’s not just about MySpace, it’s about the times that surrounded that experience. But while I sit here and wish I could go back to those days, I’m also trying to take a second to recognize the good things I may be overlooking in my present. I may be going through a hard time, but there are little things (right now it’s the smell of the wreath in my apartment, the cozy feeling of the twinkle lights I just put up in my windows, and the good music I’m listening to right now) that I may look back on and long for someday in the future. We’ll see, maybe I’ll be posting something a few years from now called Straight Talk Sunday: I Miss My Twinkle Lights.


OnCue – Staring at the Stars (prod. CJ Luzi):


BMB – Playah (ft. GoldLink)


Sunni Colón – Jezebel


Logic – Like Me (ft. Casey Veggies)


Vic Mensa – Suitcase (ft. Chance The Rapper)


NoName Gypsy – Samaritan (ft. Mick Jenkins)


Brothers From Another – Groov (ft. Asher Roth)

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Logic – Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever [Download Mixtape]

Logic is a young rapper we’ve had on the radar for a couple years now, but he recently really came into the spotlight when he was selected as a member of the XXL Freshman Class of 2013. We had the honor of doing an interview with Logic back in 2011, at which point he told us the following:

“In five years I see myself 2 studio albums in with a cult following all over the world and on the cusp of a successful acting career.” – Logic[Quote from 2011 Interview with Sunset in the Rearview]

Well it’s 2013, so it’s been two years, and he’s a lot closer to that goal than he was when he originally said it in 2011. He made the XXL Freshman Class list and he signed a deal with Def Jam Records. This release of Welcome to Forever is his fourth mixtape in just as many years, and it puts him much closer to his goal than where he was just days ago. In the opening track, “Welcome to Forever,” Logic shows off his rhyming skills and brushes off the haters who don’t believe in him just because of his skin tone. He makes a ballsy move on the third track by spitting over Outkast’s “Ms. Jackson” instrumental, but he kills it. He tells us about his upbringing, from the days of eating off food stamps to being the white kid who’s denied attention because he appears to be white. He lets us know in “5AM” that though you wouldn’t know it from appearance, he’s half black, but is that supposed to make him a better rapper? Are we still judging based on skin tone alone?

In all honesty, I think it still influences what I think about a rapper before I listen to anything. It’s ridiculous, but I can’t deny a hint of truth in that. But after listening to Logic, it’s hard to tell much of a difference between his voice and J. Cole’s.

That said, I don’t think the mixtape is perfect. A song like “Break It Down” doesn’t do anything for me. It’s one of those songs about getting high that really doesn’t have much more of a purpose, in my opinion. It’s fluff that could have been cut out because I think the mixtape is already too long at 20 songs. “Life Is Good” is another one that doesn’t appeal to me. It’s a story about how he’s got it good these days, but Logic…remember where you came from, man. I understand that you’re telling a story as you go through the mixtape, but you’re still a young buck who just got signed. It’s all relative, man. Overall, I think Logic sounds better over some thicker production than he does over the minimal beats, because he’s more of a straight spitter than a harmonic addition to a minimal instrumental.

Oh and one last thing. I’ll echo Logic (in “5AM”): shout out to his homies Chance and Skizzy Mars.

came a long way from eating with goverment-gave permission/ if you think these lyrics aint deep, you too stupid to listen/ just an outcast with a mission that spits at whoever listens, bitch it’s logic – Roll Call

Download “Welcome to Forever”

Logic on Twitter | Logic on Facebook

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Logic – Undeniable [Download Mixtape]

Logic Undeniable

Logic has been turning our heads here at Sunset for months now, but with this mixtape, suffice it to say he has blown my mind. This kid is not fucking around. He sounds just as good as any big-time rapper out there on this mixtape. He doesn’t sound like frat rap, he doesn’t sound like he’s catering toward college groupies, he doesn’t sound like a white kid trying to rap. He sounds like a fucking badass rapper named Logic. The beats are good, but nothing utterly spectacular. It’s probably not a pack of instrumentals you’d listen to on their own. The fact is, Logic makes this music so good. That’s about the best you can do as a rapper, and he just did it.

You used to hate it/ Now you love it/ Smile in my face/ I think nothing of it/ Ya, I shake your hand/ Kill em with kindness/ Homie this is Young Sinatra at his fucking finest


Logic Undeniable Back Cover

via P&P

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Logic – Tic Tac Toe

Logic drops “Tic Tac Toe” which samples Dirty Diana. This is filthy. I will have tons of filthy sex to this. You will be required to do so after listening to this.

He doesn’t usually listen to music while having intercourse, but when he does, he prefers “Tic Tac Toe.” – The Most Interesting Man In The World

Logic – Tic Tac Toe

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Friday at Five [Weekend Music]

New Friday at Five!

Happy Friday ya’ll. I hope everybody is similarly enjoying the unseasonably warm weather that I’m getting here in Chicago. What are you guys doing for St. Patrick’s Day? Any special traditions? Drinking green beer? Green eggs and going ham? Passing out in a greenhouse? Whatever your activities are on this festive weekend, be sure to enjoy them to the tunes below.

Also, make sure to get into the Irish spirit with this rendition of Danny Boy by the muppets:

1. Peso (Vaski Remix) – A$AP Rocky

2. Rasclat Riddim – Vato Gonzalez & Diplo

3. The Warning (K.I.D.S! Bootleg) – Logic

4. Blue Jeans (RAC Mix) – Lana Del Rey

5. Cities – Alvin Risk

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Logic – Numbers [VIDEO] [Updated w/ MP3]

We’ve been following Logic here at Sunset for a good minute now, and today, he dropped a new video for his highly anticipated single, “Numbers,” which will be featured on his upcoming mixtape Young Sinatra: Undeniable. He’s sounding quite a bit like Drake on this track, with a little bit of J. Cole and Skizzy Mars mixed in at times. As soon as this video gets to 150,000 views, Logic will release the MP3 to accompany the video. What do y’all think? Can Logic become big amongst the plethora of white rappers out there today?

UPDATE: After the video hit 200K views in a week, the young rapper released the MP3 for the single. Check it out below.

MP3: “Numbers” – Logic

Follow Logic:
Facebook | Twitter

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Logic – Young Sinatra [Mixtape]

Logic Young Sinatra Artwork

Logic is a young rapper who has been featured a lot lately on this music blog, and for good reason. He’s quick-witted, clever with his rhyme schemes, and tells a great story. Today marks the day that he has released his much-anticipated mixtape, Young Sinatra, and it’s well worth the wait. One of my favorite lines from the tape may be off of his song, Just Another Day (In My Mind), where he tells his fans “I gotta make it, and if they don’t give me what I deserve, then I’mma take it. I’ve been underrated, underestimated and hated, but I can’t wait to look back and say that I made it, cuz nowadays everyone’s a rapper and I hate it.” This attitude that he’s working up to greatness is something I really appreciate about the young rapper. He isn’t here to say that he’s already taking over the world. But he’s working his ass off to get there. Do your thing, Logic. And keep your producers close at hand, they’re flexing their muscles on this tape. Good use of samples, flipped and screwed to craft them as your own. Well done.

MP3: “Just Another Day (In My Mind)” – Logic

MP3: “Let Me Go” (ft. Lykke Li) – Logic


LOGIC || Facebook | Twitter

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Logic – Just Another Day [Music Video] + Announcement

If you don’t know who Logic is by now, you will soon. Trust me on that. I think it is fair to say he is one of my favorite rappers right now. Not just for his hard hitting lyrics and his originality, but also he has this attitude that stands out to me. He makes music the way it should be made, with hard work and dedication. The song “Just Another Day,” his final single off of his sophomore mixtape Young Sinatra is no exception. The video itself is amazing. You can see the passion he has in the clips where he is recording in the studio, looking like he has a point to prove. So great job by GRVTY on the video. I will throw the video and the MP3 link down below.

Here is the short announcement. Logic will be dropping his album Monday, September 19th. So be on the lookout for that, I can guarantee it will blow you all away!

MP3: “Just Another Day” – Logic


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Logic – Street Dreams

Last night was a really bad night for me. No power, no VMAs, no Jersey Shore, and (worst of all) there was no way of listening to Logic‘s new release. Thankfully, Irene decided to leave me the fuck alone so I can post Logic’s latest song titled “Street Dreams.” In this song, Logic pays homage to Lamont “Big L” Coleman, one of the greatest MC’s of all time. I am pretty sure that when Logic says Castro he is talking about his homie C Dot Castro, another awesome rapper out of Maryland. Listen to the song, word for word, and get ready for a big twist at the end!

Also, Logic’s new mixtape, Young Sinatra, comes out really soon. While Logic was UStreaming, it’s a word trust me, he played a sneak peak of  each song. There is going to be a lot of quality content for sure. I am really happy to know that Logic will be rapping over my favorite song from 3 years ago, Madcon’s “Beggin.”

Right click to download and have a good night!

MP3: “Street Dreams” – Logic

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