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100Bands Review #25: Miniature Tigers

What’s Left: 294 Days. 75 Bands.
Band #25: Miniature Tigers

When/Where: November 7th, 2010, Local 506, Chapel Hill, NC

Expectations: Don’t know much of their music, but I’m always one to believe that an opener for such a great band as Freelance Whales must be doing something right!

Concert: It was a Sunday night. I was tired. I nearly didn’t go to the show, because I knew I’d feel the sleepiness the next morning. Didn’t know much about Miniature Tigers, but I am oh so in love with Freelance Whales. So I did it; I went to the show. At the start, the crowd was smaller, though there were certainly some fans up at the front of the stage with me who knew all of the words to each of the Miniature Tiger songs. But really, you could have heard the drop of pin between songs.

Lead singer and guitarist Charlie Brand noticed the silence and wasn’t a fan of it, so he made the decision to jump into the audience and start dancing with all of us. It was unexpected, funny, and successful. After showing some of his odd dance moves and mocking others’, the crowd picked up speed a bit and began to dance on their own. After climbing back onto the stage, he sarcastically stated, “I’m just saying…come on guys…it’s Sunday night.”

Miniature Tigers put on a fun and impressive show. Their ability to each (with the exception of the bass guitarist) play multiple instruments and entertain the crowd was delightful. I also adored two of their outfits – one of the drummers was wearing a sweatshirt with Elmos face on it, and the lead singer was wearing what looked like an Alaskan dog racer’s wool jacket. Quite fitting for the cold and cozy night inside Local 506.

Concert Afterglow: I will likely purchase their album. Their music was impressive, they seemed like a bunch of nice guys, and they certainly could be a lead band on national tour before we know it.

Recommendation: Hop on board their train with me. Looks like it’ll be a fun ride.

Song: “Gold Skull” – Miniature Tigers [Audio via So Much Silence]

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