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[Video + Lyrics] Chance The Rapper – No Problem Ft. 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne

Keeping the momentum rolling on his latest mixtape Coloring Book, Chance The Rapper has shared the visuals for his summer anthem “No Problem,” which features 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne. Both featured artists make an appearance in the fun-filled video, with numerous other cameos including Young Thug and DJ Khaled.

Watch Chance and company drink, smoke, and dance their way through the video for “No Problem” below. Rap along to the lyrics as well!

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Womp Womp Wednesday


Not enough Womp in your life? We got you covered with our latest edition of Womp Womp Wednesday. From a dope “A Milli” remix by Drezo to a very unique sounding track in “Habits” by Halch, I’m confident there is a track to satisfy your speakers.

Lil Wayne – A Milli (Drezo Remix)

Diplo – Revolution (Autolaser Remix)

Tiga – Bugatti (Jauz Remix) [feat. Pusha T]

The Chillest WompHalch – Habits

Stuck On Repeat: Julio Bashmore – Kong feat. Bixby

Stuck On Repeat: SoySauce – Broken Record (feat. Joni Fatora) (Louis The Child Remix)


Too much Womp? No problem, here is a track to soothe those ears: RAC – We Belong feat Katie Herzig (ODESZA Remix)

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10 Songs I’m Playing On Repeat

Have you ever experienced one of those breakthrough moments where you feel like FINALLY you’ve reached what you’ve been trying to get to for so long? I had one of those today. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been in a funk for a while now – just not really feeling like myself. Work hasn’t been exciting me, and I’ve been letting that affect my personal life. But I turned 27 yesterday and I told myself that 27 is going to be better than 26. And I woke up this morning, and somehow I just felt giddy. I’ve been cheery all morning, and a big part of it has been fueled by the music I’ve been listening to. So I wanted to share 10 songs that I’m playing on repeat today (some new, some old). I don’t usually get into remixes or heavy beats, but I’m feeling it today, so why the hell not! Let the beat build!

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Mashup Monday | Week 142

Mashup Monday

Not feeling very well today, but thankful for time to rest, Monday Night Football, and mashups…getting me through today. Here are some top mashups for y’all. Highlight is #3 – pure perfection coming from Isonine.


1. Poetic Justice (ft. Clams Casino) Remix – Andrew Gentry


2. Say Goodbye (Krewella x Kesha x Felix Cartel x Madame Buttons x Martin Solveig) – Frank Carmine


3. Poetic (Anna Kendrick x Kendrick Lamar x Drake x Florence and the Machine) – Isonine


4. Untitled (Passion Pit x Daft Punk x LCD Soundsystem) – Kees


5. Fall The Time (Jeremih x Natasha Mosley x Lil Wayne x Rhye) – The Hood Internet

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[Download MP3] Lil Wayne – You Song (ft. Chance The Rapper)

New Lil Wayne!

As a fan it has been amazing to watch Chance The Rapper blow up. The climb to hip-hop’s upper echelon has not been an over night thing. Literally, if you for some reason don’t have Chano’s back catalog, scroll through here to catch up. The young MC has been rapping for a minute, and he has finally made it. I mean, he’s got a track with Lil Wayne, one of the best rappers ever, and like, every big name in the industry knows who he is (now including his hero Kanye West).

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Mashup Monday | Week 141

Mashup Monday

First off, happy Monday. I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted a Mashup Monday, but I hope yall can forgive me. Now that that’s behind us, here’s our first mashup. It’s by our dude Ricky Cervantes and it got Drake, Krewlla, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Eminem all on one track and it sounds amazing.


Second, bet you never thought you’d hear Kendrick and Katy Perry on the same track? Particularly not after meeting angry kid Kendrick on “Control.” Ah but alas, The White Panda wanted it to happen, so it did.


Third, Arjun sent me this little gem today, in perfect time for Mashup Monday. The Tutankhamun Brothers found a way to blend Kanye West and The Beatles in a way that sometimes (and frankly more times than I would have expected) actually sounds decent. Not quite Danger Mouse/The Grey Album status, but this is good stuff.

Highlight: What’s a Black Beatle

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[Music Video] Big Sean – Beware (ft. Lil Wayne and Jhené Aiko)

Big Sean‘s “Beware” has been on replay for me over the past couple days (it also earned a spot on my 2nd half of 2013 Spotify playlist), despite some aggravating sections of the song (namely Lil Wayne’s verse and the bridge-like session from Big Sean where he slows things down). It’s still a good song to throw on your headphones and listen to mindlessly. The music video, though, that’s some weird shit. It felt a little bit like I needed to readjust my laptop angle because the coloring was off and spotty. There’s a difference between trying to make art and making art. This seems like a half-assed attempt at trying to make art…but it doesn’t come off as real art. Hey. Big Sean. Leave the artsy stuff to Kanye. Make a cleaner music video.

Real-life pro tip, though: go to YouTube, find a video. (Here’s one for you.) Press pause. Type 1980. Click play to continue. [Have fun and you’re welcome.]

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[MP3 + Tracklist] Big Sean – Beware (ft. Jhené Aiko & Lil Wayne)

Big Sean first got me excited for his upcoming album, Hall of Fame, coming out August 27th, 2013 when “Fire” leaked. Then I heard this jam, “Beware,” and realized he was two for two. It is helping me get over my fear that maybe Fire was just a particular standout. I started liking Big Sean years ago when he was just a friend of Mike Posner’s who was begging people on Facebook to check out his music. I believed in his sound and his unique flow. But then things got a little rocky…his debut album was really nothing special and I lost a bit of faith. But from the sounds of it so far, Hall of Fame might reinstall that faith that Big Sean is a young rapper who can tell a good story and make it sound good. Because that right there is how you capture my attention in the hip hop world.

Also…remember when rumors were flying around that Lil Wayne had died? So, he’s alive…but his verses suck. Mopad, Weezy? It’s a moped. (Referencing the verse just after the 3:00 mark here.)

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Lil Wayne – Awkward (With Annotated Lyrics)

I love this. I don’t care about your opinion; this is great. On this track from DJ Stevie J’s The Appreciation Vol. 5 Holiday Edition, Lil Wayne basically documents an awkward sexual experience, AND IT’S AWESOME. He barely rhymes and mostly just sing-talks what could honestly be a real conversation between him and a lady friend. Amazing.

MP3: Lil Wayne – “Awkward”

*Below are the transcribed lyrics, courtesy of Rap Genius. I took the liberty of annotating the lyrics, too. I think Lil Wayne could have reconsidered certain parts of the song, but also, nahh it’s dope the way it is.

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Lil Wayne Cusses Out 18 Year Old Duke Basketball Player

Lil Wayne Cusses out Duke basketball player

Lil Wayne hates kids. He proved it earlier this week when he was sitting courtside at the Duke-Kentucky basketball game in Atlanta and he cursed out Duke freshman Rasheed Sulaimon. Sulaimon had a little something to say about it after the game.


Lil Wayne wasn’t able to slow down the kid, Sulaimon; the freshman went on to score 10 points, grab 6 rebounds, and dish out 5 assists as No. 9 Duke upset No. 3 Kentucky on Tuesday. Bam. Joke’s on you, Weezy.

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French Montana – Pop That (ft. Rick Ross, Drake, & Lil Wayne)

French Montana (and hopefully his bear hat, too) just dropped the lead single to his debut album Pardon My French. The star-studded track is definitely a contender for summer anthem as of right now, and I’ve found out that I can stand Lil Wayne as long as he keeps on his ign’ant grind. Will update once the CDQ/tagless version drops, S/O to Illroots for the find.

UPDATE: No tags, waddup

MP3: French Montana – Pop That (ft. Rick Ross, Drake, & Lil Wayne) (No Tags)

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Lil Wayne ft. Big Sean – My Homies Still

I really don’t know what’s going on now. Pusha T made this. Then Lil Wayne made this. Then Big Sean & Lil Wayne made this?! I don’t get it. To clear some things up, it’s rumored that this was recorded before Pusha dropped Exodus 23:1, which makes some sense. BUT look at the title of the song… My Homies Still? Is he suggesting that Big Sean is still his homie even after what’s going on with Pusha? Now I’m confusing myself. Someone please give us some answers!

Is it just Pusha against Drake & Lil Wayne?

Are certain members of each label cool with other members of the opposite label?

Regardless, Lil Wayne is garbage. Big Sean saved the song, obviously.

Supposedly this is the first leak off of Wayne’s I Am Not Human 2. This is a radio rip for now.

Shout out to Weezy being rejected at the Thunder game.

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