[EP] Left Boy – Guns Bitches And Weed

Sans a few loosies here and there, Austrian-songster Left Boy has remained relatively quiet in the past few months. Maybe I haven’t been in the loop enough, but it completely surprised me tonight to find that he just dropped a whole slew of songs packaged together on a new EP, Guns Bitches And Weed. I’m down, though.

For those not yet familiar with Ferdinand Sarnitz, better known as Left Boy, use this EP as your point of reference. Thus far, his style hasn’t respected many boundaries, which is one of his defining and refreshing qualities.

Much of GB&W’s soundscape is sprinkled with genre-blending elements of blipping electro and thumping hip-hop (oh yeah, and a fucking Vanessa Carlton sample) all driven by a flow by Mr. Sarnitz that’s not quite rap and not quite singing. It’s something in between and much weirder. Again, I’m down though.

Download the full EP via leftboy.com and peep a couple highlights that I’ve picked below.

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