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Last Lynx – Ocean Reels EP

Last Lynx have things figured out. After their introduction to the world — a beautiful single called ‘Killing Switch’ that topped Hype Machine charts and made its way onto almost every playlist I’ve made over the past five months — they’ve done everything right. Opting for an awesome set of paintings by Martin Bejboms instead of corny press photos for their visual presence, Last Lynx has remained just the right amount of mysterious. Instead of visualizing five beautiful faces (they’re from Sweden and I’m pretty sure it’s against the rules to be ugly in Sweden) we get to picture an even more magical world of chubby little creatures running around in whimsical locations. It’s perfect.

For some reason you can’t purchase their new EP Ocean Reels in the US yet, but it is available for streaming (which you can find below). Besides the previously mentioned ‘Killing Switch’, be sure to check out another favorite ‘The Great Water Sequel’ as well. Actually, the whole EP is full of very worthwhile catchy indie pop that nicely rides the line between modern electronic influences and 60s pop. Or as the band likes to call their influences: “the 60’s & wolf howling”. Stream the EP in its entirety below and snag free downloads to the singles on their facebook page.

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Listen While You Work: 1.0

Listen while you work music sunset in the rearview

While I’m trying to keep my head above water with my day job, it pains me not to be able to share every song I hear and love. Particularly because even while I work, if I’m sitting at my desk, I have to listen to music to keep the blood pumping through my veins. That’s just how I operate. And there’s a lot of stuff going into my ears. So I’ve decided I’ll try to do some of these posts where I pull some of the top songs together and make a custom playlist for you to be able to listen to while you work. So here goes…Listen While You Work: 1.0. This week features music from Peace, Vondelpark, Josh Record, Fyfe, Say Lou Lou, Wintercoats, Junip, Last Lynx, Sir Sly, Cloud Boat, Ajimal, and Niagara

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