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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: A Long Strange Trip

New Tape Tuesday!

I am a month into my final semester of university. Obviously, this is a very reflective couple of months in my life, but like my peers I am also looking forward, trying to attain a job, stability, and some sense of control over my own personal roaring ’20s. My path in particular is unclear, as if I am climbing a mountain where the fog is not clearing from the top. This mix is about holding onto youth, facing doubt about the future, and persevering through the challenges of transition.

P.S. The next Tape Tuesday will be the 50th and final Tape Tuesday I produce for Sunset. Thank you to all the people who have listened over the years. Hopefully, the change will allow me to explore other avenues of music coverage for this site.

Tell me when to stop, tell me when to stop feelin’ for you / Tell me when to flop, tell me when to flop so I can make you feel better


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Njomza – Tell Me A Lie (Prod. Larry Fisherman)

Yeah, it happened again. I fell in love with another singer. I guess I must have a soft spot for raw and sexual female voices hailing from Chicago.

My latest crush goes by the name of Njomza (that’s pronounced “nee-ohm-za”). Not unlike her fellow Windy City crooner Nylo, Njomza’s sound is full of fuzzy, Weeknd-esque production with thumping, hip-hop sensibility.

But, it’s her vox that’s the real standout. She roars like some awesome concoction of Christina Aguilera blended with Neon Hitch. I mean, she’s got that real bad bitch behavior about her, you know what I mean? Like a singer with a rapper’s mentality.

Peep her standout single , “Tell Me A Lie”, from her mixtape Gold Lion below. It’s produced by none other than Larry Fisherman aka Mac Miller’s beatsmith alter ego.

Oh, and if you don’t get pregnant by the end of the song, you’re doing it wrong.

Njomza, call me.


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