Låpsley – Falling Short

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Hailing from the famous musical town of Liverpool, singer-songwriter Låpsley has emerged into national consciousness via her mutant blend of piano driven folktronica. She has recently inked a deal with XL Recordings and will be releasing her debut, Understudy, January 5th. XL has decided to release the song “Falling Short” as a teaser for the forthcoming EP which will undoubtedly expand on her evocative downtempo sound.

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10 Indie Songs That Help Me Relax

Sometimes I get this feeling that my life is speeding ahead in the fast lane and all I can do is try to step back and beg to slow it down. My mind will go a mile a minute while my body stands still, leaving me victim to many sleepless nights. The best I know to do is put on some music (some choose TV, I tend to choose music or a good book) and try to lose myself in that narrative rather than my own. I’m in one of those places right now, so here’s my best attempt to slow my roll. Some of the songs are really slow and minimal, others are a little bit upbeat (because too slow and life can find itself getting too heavy). Soundtrack after the jump.

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