LANY- Good Girls

LANY- Good-Girls

Friday was a big day for LA-based trio LANY, with the release their new single “Good Girls” and the announcement of their self-titled debut album- hitting music stores & streams near you on June 30th. Let me tell ya, I am pumped. LANY is one of the groups that stole my heart awhile back and continues to leave me wanting more (I’m lookin’ at you, Paul Jason Klein). They are modern, they are raw, they are edgy- and if their live shows are any indication of what is to come, they are on the brink of something really, really special.  This latest release “Good Girls” is complete with the beachy pop-synth vibes that run throughout previous jams like “ILYSB” and “pink skies”- vibes we expect to carry through to debut album ‘LANY’. Check it out below, and see the full debut album track listing after the jump.

Full Track Listing of ‘LANY’, (singles in bold):

Dumb Stuff
The Breakup
Super Far
Flowers On The Floor
Good Girls
Purple Teeth
So, Soo Pretty
It Was Love

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Silver Car Crash

New Tape Tuesday!

I can’t have many more summers like this. Silver Car Crash is the result of that realization and the looming issue I refuse to face that is my future. I know what I am about to say about ideas is ironic considering this cover, title, and paragraph are a direct result of my ideas, but I don’t feel like I do enough with my ideas. Here’s why. In the perfect world, everyone shares their best ideas, and from that grand mixing pot of people’s best ideas, the absolute best idea is selected as the concept for a product. But in the world we live in, the best idea doesn’t always win, so we learn to conform. We learn to adjust our ideas to fit with old ideas. In essence, we are constantly updating the second or third best idea, and no matter how much we update that idea it will never match the potential of the absolute best idea. iPhone 5s are a good reference for this process. It is backwards and terrible, so that’s why a frustrated, young thinker invented art (probably) because there is no “best” art; there are many “best” art(s). I don’t really know the point of this. I just know that I enjoy using art as the medium for sharing my ideas because the real world is horrifying, and there’s no reason why the best idea shouldn’t always win. But the fact that I enjoy something doesn’t mean it’s right, and as I type this I am realizing that I need to start sharing more ideas outside of a safe, cushioned context and face this shit head on in a silver car crash. Okay, that was corny. But hey, I said the title, so it had to feel at least a little validating after reading all the crap I wrote above. Sorry. Don’t conform, and be brave.
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