Kygo – Piano Jam 3

I’m lying in bed, have been fighting debilitating health complications for over a month now, and as dark as it sounds, it’s hard to find joy in much. TV gets old, I don’t have the patience for movies, books aren’t as entertaining as they usually are. But a soothing new piano jam from Kygo seems to be doing the trick this morning. I’ll be listening to this on repeat today. Reminds me a bit of the music I used to hear on the stereo speakers when I woke up each summer in Maine as a child – always piano-based, often void of lyrics. The likes of Paul Sullivan and George Winston. With this type of creation, Kygo might be on his way to joining Sullivan and Winston in that metaphorical trophy case in my mind – one that I mostly think of as locked and untouchable.



Hear Kygo’s other Piano Jams: Piano Jam 1 || Piano Jam 2

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Kygo – Nothing Left (The Golden Pony Remix)

Another addicting deep house / summer vibe jam from the prodigy producer duo hailing from NYC, The Golden Pony. These guys have got their shit together. Every time I see these guys in my feed, I feel the urge to play the damn track until it gets old. As a DJ, I also see great potential in every release these guys have dropped as far as live mixing goes, as well!

In my opinion, these guys should drop an EP of some sort. I’d like to see them branch away from the 4-on-the-floor house scene and maybe do something a bit slower – maybe some hip-hop / Odesza styled sounds. I think that they could pull it off.

Check it out, and tweet your thoughts on this one to us! @SunsetRearview

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Best New Songs of August 2015

31 days up, and 31 days down. Per usual, the team over at Sunset has gotten together to bring you the best new songs to be put out in August. Phenomenal list, as always!

Highlights this month:

Kygo released not one, but two random piano tracks. Chance The Rapper made an appearance this month. Skizzy Mars keeps on releasing dope remixes. Oh, he also hopped on his buddy, Allday’s “Grammy.” Oh, Be Clever flexed their muscles with their latest release, “River.” The recent out pour of Gallant’s “Weight in Gold” remixes is intimidating, but we decided to give you a standout from Sweater Beats. Sol dropped some wise knowledge on us.

Hit the jump for the Soundcloud stream and download!

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Kygo – Piano Jam 2

I received nothing but positive feedback when I posted Kygo’s first Piano Jam, so I imagine people might be excited to know that Kygo has released a second Piano Jam. This one is even less produced than the first one – it’s nothing more than the sound of a grand piano. Kygo started to take piano lessons at age six and continued until he was about 16, when he decided to stop the lessons and start making his own music with a MIDI after watching many YouTube videos. As somebody who also took lessons for about 10 years, I can hear the classical influences in this piece. I can also say that I clearly did not get as much out of my ten years of piano lessons as Kygo did. In another life, I might have to take those lessons more seriously so I could sit down and create something as simple and beautiful as this. Loving it.


Listen to other piano-based songs

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Kygo – Piano Jam

There’s no hiding how much I love piano jams. So when I saw last week that Kygo had released something he titled “Piano Jam,” I thought it might too good to be true. And after listening, it just might be. This is the type of shit that makes me think it’s time I buy a keyboard and dust off my old piano “skills,” if you can call being able to read sheet music poorly “skills.”

Side note: saw Elton John at Outside Lands last night. Talk about piano inspiration. Holy shit, can that legend work wonders on a piano!

Anyway, press play on this one, put it on repeat if you’d like. It’s so simple and so good.



Listen to other piano-based songs


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Lollapalooza 2015: Friday, Saturday, & Sunday Recap

For the first time in what seemed like years, a drop of rain didn’t hit the Lollapalooza grounds. Sure, a looming thunderstorm threat caused the festival organizers to evacuate concertgoers Sunday afternoon for a bit (and they even shut down headliners that night 30 minutes early), but Lollapalooza 2015 looked more Coachella than Tough Mudder competition for once. It was three days overflowing with underdressed teenagers melding and moshing to classic rock, new age hip hop, electronic dance, and blissful pop while the sun beamed down and set to a perfect Chicago skyline each evening.

Between A$AP Rocky, Kygo, Paul McCartney, and everybody in between, #SunsetFam was represented over the long Lollapalooza weekend. Below, enjoy a day by day recap of the most righteous sets, and be on the lookout for an official Sunset SoundCloud playlist to relive the sounds from the festival over and over again in the coming days!

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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: Rare Occasions

New Tape Tuesday!

This is the last Tape Tuesday before school starts back up again for me. Every summer I try to make that one mix that the few of you who religiously follow my mixes will look back and say, “That music defined my summer.” I think Rare Occasions is that mix. Looking at it from a strictly musical point-of-view, you can clearly see that R&B ruled summer 2014. It’s not even a question. From my personal point-of-view, I am hoping this mix will remind me of the rowdy nights in my new apartment that I only partially remember now. I hope it will remind me of the moments I shared with the people in my life. I hope in the future I will know which moments were significant and which were insignificant because in the moment, the view can be blurred. Maybe I will listen to this assortment of songs in ten years and regret something–or feel some type of way. That’s the beauty of songs. They are like vials for your bottled up emotions that can spill over at any given time. For example, when you are at the perfect level of drunkenness and “0 to 100” comes on at your own party or when you are driving in the rain and a song comes on and you suddenly feel like you are the main character in a TV drama. In the moments when the rhythm of the music syncs up perfectly with the pace of your life, you get flooded with lost emotion and develop a true connection with a song. Those are the moments that will stay with you forever and give you perspective on the rest of stuff going on in your life. Those are the rare occasions.

For realla, baby

*Missing track 1 (“Her” by Majid Jordan) and track 3 (“On The Way” by Kilo Kish), not available on SoundCloud.


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10 Indie Songs That Help Me Relax

Sometimes I get this feeling that my life is speeding ahead in the fast lane and all I can do is try to step back and beg to slow it down. My mind will go a mile a minute while my body stands still, leaving me victim to many sleepless nights. The best I know to do is put on some music (some choose TV, I tend to choose music or a good book) and try to lose myself in that narrative rather than my own. I’m in one of those places right now, so here’s my best attempt to slow my roll. Some of the songs are really slow and minimal, others are a little bit upbeat (because too slow and life can find itself getting too heavy). Soundtrack after the jump.

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Mashup Monday | Week 143

Mashup Monday

My goodness, you guys. I sincerely apologize for dropping the [Wrecking] Ball on the Mashup Mondays feature. Somebody should Wake Me Up and remind me that I need to treat yall like Royals, because that’s what you are. Alas, the Demons of the real world have been haunting me. The Monster that is work has been particularly monstrous lately. But today, I got a chance to Slow Down and enjoy some mashups. That’s right, I’m a lion and you’re going to hear me ROAR. [Applause from the crowd.]

Bonus points to anybody who can name the artists behind all the songs listed in this description. Or all of the artists used in Mashup Germany’s mashup below. Crazytown.


1. Mashup-Germany – Top Of The Pops 2013 (Hey Brother) [Revisited]


2. Ed Sheeran & Passenger – No Diggity vs Thrift Shop (Kygo Remix)


3. Ricky Cervantes – Artichoke Dip (OutKast v. Ke$ha v. Madeon v. Grandtheft)


4. Isosine – Hearts (Bon Iver vs Calvin Harris vs Ellie Goulding vs Childish Gambino vs Jeremy Lim vs Serena Sun)

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