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Levek – Look A Little Closer

Indie folk band Levek is channeling its inner Simon and Garfunkel with its newest album, Look A Little Closer, which technically comes out on the 25th but is currently debuting on Hype Machine.

I don’t make that Simon and Garfunkel reference lightly, as they’re one of my favorite duos in basically all of pop culture. Levek deserves the comparison because of their lilting harmonies, quiet echoes, and cascading acoustic melodies. Give just one listen to “Canterbury Bell,” and you’ll catch my drift.

Although the S&G influences are pretty evident, Levek also mixes in some funkier sounds on tracks like “Muscat Mingle” and “Can’t Buy This Love,” which are perfect chill songs to counter the introspective mood of the rest of the album. On “Solemn Feeling Forever Healing,” Levek introduces some cool vibe riffs that remind me a bit of Air. “French Lessons” rounds off the eclectic mix with instrumental experimentation that is simply pleasing to the ear.

Best track is most definitely “Girl in the Fog,” which is full-fledged S&G with a little twinge of Fleet Foxes, making for an eerie but wonderful mix of old and new. It has a mysterious tranquility that gives it the quality of a song off of a 1970s movie soundtrack.

Watch out for Levek; they’ve got big things ahead.

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Kings of Convenience – Homesick [MP3 + Lyrics]

Kings of Convenience

Songs like “Homesick” by Kings of Convenience are why I started Sunset in the Rearview in the first place. I just heard this for the first time while listening to music on Turntable.FM, and fell in love immediately. Sounds a lot like Simon and Garfunkel to me, who just might be my favorite band of all time.

I’m everyday glad to know exactly where home is. Home is with the warmth of my family. Home is sitting by the fireplace on a cold night, reading a book and sharing stories. Home is a big Thanksgiving meal with family and friends, filled with wine, laughter, turkey, and full bellies. Home is going as a family to a Houston Rockets game every November. Home is on the water, riding out the waves. Home is in your arms. Home is near and home is far.

MP3: “Homesick” – Kings of Convenience


Lyrics: “Homesick” – Kings of Convenience:

I lose some sales
and my boss won’t be happy
but I can’t stop listening to the sound
of two soft voices blended in perfection
from the reels of this record that I found

every day there’s a boy in the mirror
asking me
what are you doing here
finding all my previous motives
growing increasingly unclear

I travelled far and I burned all the bridges
I believed as soon as I hit land
all the other
options held before me
will wither in the light of my plan

so I lose some sales
and my boss won’t be happy
but there’s only one thing on my mind
searching boxes underneath the counter
on a chance that on a tape I’d find

a song for
someone who needs somewhere
to long for

cause I no longer know
where home is

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