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Tape Tuesday: Lost in the Funhouse

New Tape Tuesday!

I respect people who try to stay true to themselves, even when everything in the world is trying to get them to do the opposite. Completely original people, too, like Andy Kaufman who heavily inspired this tape. They say, “You are who you surround yourself with,” but sometimes you get lost. I think recently I was lost–trapped in the dark corners of my own mind. This mixtape is about how I lost myself and how I continue to fight the surrounding negative energy. It’s less sad and serious than it sounds. These 17 songs are essential summer music. Burn them on a CD, go for a drive, and get lost in the funhouse.

  1. Josh Record – Wonder
  2. Bipolar Sunshine – Rivers
  3. The Hard Knocks – Pocket Full of Change
  4. Wet – Bad Idea
  5. SomeKindaWonderful – Reverse
  6. Cave Painting – Rio
  7. Swim Deep – She Changes The Weather (Whitely Remix)
  8. Mychal Cohen – Sentimental Guy
  9. Cowboy Indian Bear – Let It Down
  10. Noname Gypsy – Sunday Morning
  11. SPEAK – Peaks
  12. Kid Astray – Hey Sister
  13. The Casual Tuesday – Seatbelt
  14. Majical Cloudz – Bugs Don’t Buzz
  15. Planetarian – Zoned
  16. PHOX – Slow Motion
  17. The Dear Hunter – Whisper

If it were up to me,
I would’ve remained in that dream a little later


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Kid Astray – Hey Sister

New Kid Astray!

Today is Lydia‘s birthday. About two years ago she welcomed me into the Sunset family and has since become my mentor, my inspiration, and most importantly, my big sister (even though she’s like a really small-sized person). I have always been amazed by how generous and caring Lydia is, and I continue to struggle to find a way to repay her for all that she has done for me. For now I just have music, and luckily that’s one of the loves of Lydia’s life. We share a shockingly similar taste in music. Below is a song by Kid Astray. This six-piece band from Norway has been making a lot of noise (no pun intended) with their debut EP Easily Led Astray, which you can stream in full below. Today I would like to dedicate “Hey Sister,” one of the highlights from the EP, to Lydia, and of course wish her a very happy birthday.

You can also wish Lydia on Twitter by clicking here. Like really, do it. Don’t be weird.

Hey sister, the rain is over now

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