Kehlani – 24/7

If anyone knows how to keep it 100, it’s Kehlani. It’s clear the r&b songstress has been through a lot throughout her life, but that’s what has fans connecting with her like no other these days. “24/7” is everything she feels and probably how any person feels on a day-to-day basis. She makes it clear that we aren’t all perfect little flowers as she sings, “I don’t know nobody that smiles at everybody 24/7“. We all have those negative moments or emotional, rough times and Kehlani is not afraid to express that. This track is probably one of the most relatable Kehlani tracks to date. Check out the raw tune “24/7” below.

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ELHAE – Doesn’t Matter Feat. Kehlani

It’s been a couple of days since the release of ELHAE’s hot new project All Have Fallen, but it’s only the beginning for the Atlanta-based artist. He’s got the fusion of hip-hop and r&b on lock and he manages to mix his talents with another current r&b leader, Kehlani, on “Doesn’t Matter”. The two artists seem to mesh perfectly together and create one undeniably smooth, edgy track. Both artists bring their fresh, rawness and it’s a beautiful thing. Listen to “Doesn’t Matter” below and be sure to check out ELHAE’s latest work, All Have Fallen.

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WSTRN – In2 feat. Kehlani (Remix)

WSTRN has been turning heads for the last few months because they simply have an edginess and likability that no one can deny. They fuse together hip-hop, pop and a little bit of soul within their material and it ends up being an undeniable sound. “In2” is a complete hit in the UK and it’ll only be a matter of time before they explode around the world. “In2” is already extremely catchy on its own, but this new remix features none other than the Grammy nominated r&b darling Kehlani (another artist that seems to be getting bigger every day). It’s a match made in heaven and adds just that extra spark to an already flawless jam. Check out the remix below and keep an eye out for what’s next with WSTRN.

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G-Eazy – Everything Will Be Okay (ft. Kehlani) (MP3 + Lyrics)

It’s not easy to open up to the world and share very personal stories. I’ve done some of that through my Straight Talk Sunday pieces – I’ve talked about my struggles with health issues and going through losing a parent – and each time I’ve published one of those stories, a feeling of doubt has run through me, wondering whether I’m sharing too much about my life. And I still know that I’m doing that on a relatively small scale. When you’re a popular artist doing something like that, it’s a whole different level of vulnerability that you have to be okay with.

But I put those words out because I know it helps people connect to me. And because I appreciate when people I spend time listening to do the same. So when I heard this new song by G-Eazy called “Everything Will Be Okay,” I felt for him and the level of fear and vulnerability that comes with releasing a song like this. The song is an incredibly personal and introspective piece about his own life. It tells the story of Gerald’s decision to leave home to try to live out his dreams and become an artist. In doing that, he left behind his mom, his little brother, and all of his friends from his hometown.

He tells the story of being picked up from school one day by his mom in a packed U-Haul van and wondering where his dad was. He soon found out they were leaving his dad and going away. He talks about his mom losing her job and the family’s financial struggles. And at the end of the song, he tells a heartbreaking story that said in the interview below that he had never even told some of his closest friends; it’s the story of his mom dating another woman when he was young and that woman’s struggles with depression and pill addiction. He writes of finding her dead on the floor of their basement after she had overdosed one evening and his emotions in that moment.

Throughout all of this, Gerald speaks of the demons and guilt he’s faced after leaving home to chase what some might call a selfish dream. But the hook repeats itself three times in the song, with Kehlani – chosen by Gerald for this song because he felt she was the only person who understood the story and its sentiment –  singing “even if I don’t stay, everything will be okay.”

This is the most personal song I’ve heard yet from Gerald, and I appreciate that it comes amidst many of his songs that are very “hard,” in the hip-hop sense. Many of his lines are filled with a hint of arrogance, because that’s what hip-hop is often about. But Gerald knows that it’s also a form of music, and music is at its most powerful when its truthful, emotional and carries an element of vulnerability. And that’s just what this song is: a powerful and vulnerable chronicle of the demons Gerald has felt as he’s gone from being a neighborhood kid with a dream to a worldwide star known as G-Eazy.

Watch an interview with G-Eazy about the process of writing this song and read the full lyrics after the jump.


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[Download Mixtape] If Yr Remixing This It’s Waaay Too Late

New Drake!

Earlier this year, Drake shocked the hip-hop world by dropping an album without prior announcement. The album, really pretty weirdly titled If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, completely blindsided us and has dominated our iPhones since its release. Like any Drake release, it also spawned thousands of remixes from SoundCloud producers, eager to craft a triple-fire-emoji-IRL-flame-thrower-Yeezus-All-Day-performance-GIF-dope-ass-swag-ass remix that gets passed around the blogosphere like Rachel Green sexually among the friend group in that show about friendship. I noticed that I had a lot of these remixes in my iTunes, and so far James Blake is the only producer to get a Drake remix onto a Tape Tuesday.

Most of these tracks are remixes from If You’re Reading This. Some of them are remixes of older tracks.

Connect with me on LinkedIn, and let me know what you think of the mix.

*The SoundCloud playlist is missing track 9, “Madonna (OG Ron C & The Chopstars Remix).”


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[Download Mixtape] Tape Tuesday: FACTORY

New Tape Tuesday!

Two of my favorite movies are Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto and Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere. Both movies are set in affluent areas of California, which I’ve sort of been obsessed with lately. Not to get too weird but the complex relationships had by young adult children of stupid rich families fascinate me.

So I set out to make a mix that sounds like the hills of the ‘Basas.

It started in Hollywood…

*SoundCloud mix is missing track 11 (“Bellyintro” by Lord Byron) and track 23 (“L$D” by A$AP Rocky)


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