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Mashup Monday | Week 137

Mashup Monday

Figured it was time to refresh the Mashup Monday artwork. Bears are cool, right?  I’ve been kind of into them lately. Hit the jump for your fill of this week’s top mashups!

 1. The Scars of Your Love [Purity Ring + Adele + e-dubble + John Legend] – DJ Bahler


2. Get It On Night By Night (Chromeo vs Marvin Gaye) – Mashed and Confused


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Mashup Monday! Ft. Beemer, DOSVEC, Fergie Ferg, The Hood Internet, and Kap Slap

Mashup Monday

Woah. I totally flopped on last week’s Mashup Monday. Sorry about that – no excuses – I suck. But this Monday I’m gonna find only the best mashups to make up for it. And today’s fact of the day? My future brother-in-law is 30 today. Wow. Old as fuck. Hang in there, old fella. And have a good one. Get ready to be welcomed to the family. Initiation only takes about 11 years. Think: keg stands, redheaded slut shots, prank calling elementary school teachers…it’s all comin for ya. Never too old – even at 30.


1. “Yeah Again” (Beemer Bootleg) – Chris Brown x Basto
I thought I’d never put Chris Brown on this blog. But damnit, this just sounds fun.

Yeah Again (Beemer Bootleg) by DJ Beemer

2. “Feeling Good” – DOSVEC
This is pretty mainstream for my liking, but it’s a good gym mix.

DOSVEC “Feeling Good” Mashup by DjWhatt

3. “Nightfire” (Childish Gambino x Kavinsky) – DJ Fergie Ferg
We love Gambino at Sunset.
Nightfire (Childish Gambino x Kavinsky) by DJ Fergie Ferg

4. “Gold Dust Paradise” (DJ Fresh x Coldplay) – DOSVEC
DOSVEC making the list twice today! This is dub-heavier than I typically get, but I can dig this.
DJ Fresh vs Coldplay (DOSVEC Mashup) “Gold Dust Paradise” by DjWhatt

5. “The Way Marvin Was” (Big Sean x Wolfgang Gartner) – The Hood Internet
These guys kill it. Every. Single. Time.
The Hood Internet – The Way Marvin Was (Big Sean x Wolfgang Gartner) by hoodinternet

6. MP3: “Guetta’s Calling Solveig Up” – Kap Slap
Aw, this one sounds kind of sweet. I like it.

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