[STREAM] Beyonce – Drunk In Love ft. Jay Z & Kanye West (Remix)

WOOOOO I LOVE THIS. Out of nowhere Kanye jumped onto Big Brother‘s and Big Brother’s Wife‘s track and actually had a better verse than Jay, to be honest. So I guess we should prepare to be hearing college girls/girls in their 20s singing this for a while. Don’t totally hate it. That said, never forget Kanye’s “Ego (Remix)” verse.

[h/t Angie Martinez]

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Kanye “Attacks” Paparazzi; TMZ Is The Worst

By now, everyone has heard about Kanye’s “Don’t talk to me!” rant from earlier this week, but tonight things got a little more heated. As he was leaving LAX, Kanye was, obviously, bombarded by more paparazzi outside of the airport. Push comes to (literal) shove, and there’s a tussle. What we first heard, and what TMZ would have you believe, is that Kanye brutally attacked a photographer, sending him to the hospital:

But obviously, there were other cameras there, and that’s where we get the full story:


So not is all as it seems. Was Kanye totally in the right? Naw. I don’t think that dude really needed paramedics, though.


Enjoy the #KanyeWrestlingMoves trend that popped up on Twitter.

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Kanye West & Jay-Z – Otis (Remix ft. BeBe Boohgz)

Otis Jacked

So yesterday “Otis” form Kanye West and Jay-Z’s upcoming album Watch the Throne dropped and today we’ve got a remix that features up and coming rapper BeBe Boohgz. As I’ve said before, I’m digging this dude’s style. He’s serious with his flow, he spits it like he means it, and he makes me believe the things he says. I’m very weary of new and young rappers, but BeBe makes me believe that he is something different. He stands out. Check out his remix of “Otis,” where his verses are spread out intermittently throughout the song. He goes hard. I just wish that his name was something other than BeBe Boohgz. Totally prejudice, but I can’t stand the name.

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99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ – Aloe Blacc

99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothin’ – Aloe Blacc

So this is really awesome. Aloe Blacc, the old school, vintage soul man of our generation recreates Kanye’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothin'” and mixes it with Jay-Z’s “99 Problems.” If you don’t know Aloe, check out his “I Need a Dollar,” which is a super dope song itself.

He performed this at BBC along with a few other choices. This was definitely the most interesting. Kind of like his version of a mash-up. His band does an awesome job recreating Kanye’s instrumental, and Aloe’s voice is as kick ass as always.

I really hope Aloe’s talent becomes recognized on a wider basis. I’m talking Grammy’s level. Multiple. I’d love to see him work with hip-hop artists as well. Everyone seems to have their own version of “I Need a Dollar,” and it would be awesome seeing him do original stuff for rappers.

Ye I’m looking at you.

Download “99 Problems/Can’t Tell Me Nothin'”

Aloe Blacc || Facebook || Twitter

Dream Big

D Prep || Twitter

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Kanye’s “Power” Ignored

As the “Power” video hits the 44th moment of its second minute I was struck with confusion. As I clicked the red x on my browser, I was dealt a swift hand of disturbance. So as I sit, typing this post, I will and can not lie. I recognize Kanye’s talent and ingenuity yet I have no love for him. Despite of this I watched the video. His gimmick is just that alluring. Despite of this I followed, albeit briefly, him on twitter. I was just that curious.

So with the confusion still racking my brain, I search, once again, for Kanye’s “Power” Video. To Youtube I go expecting to reshuffle a new hand of disturbance and instead I am handed something else; in turn sparing me the many elusive symbolisms of Kanye.

It seems the artist Bad News Brown decided to capitalize on the hype and expectation over the “Power” video months ago. In May he posted his own music video on Youtube under the title of “Kanye West’s Power (Official Music Video).” Like more than 200,000 other people he preformed the classic bait and switch on on me.  (That number is now steadily climbing seeing as it is now on the first page of Google when you search for the “Power” video)

At first when I realized I had been  bamboozled I rose up in righteous  indignation and hurled various insults  at this Bad News Brown. I likened  his existence to that of Smokey The  Bear and hoped he was caught in a  forest fire. As even more colorful  insults spewed from my mouth  the fake music video continued to  play and I soon realized that all was  not  lost.

The music video that was actually  playing was not bad. Actually it was  kind of good and the fact that Bad  News Brown, a rap artist, was  producing the beats smooth flow with  a harmonica kept me watching  and  listening.

Now I don’t forgive this Bad News  Brown for tricking me. I won’t even  thank him from saving me from  watching the “Power” video again but  I will share two of his songs with you.  The first highlights his strengths as an harmonica player and the second as a singer.  If you like them be sure to check out his album “Born 2 Sin” and follow him on Twitter. He is definitely one to watch. Even if, like me, you have to be tricked into it. Be sure to tell me your thoughts on the “Power” video and Bad News Brown.

Reign/Harmonica Direct Download Link

Born 2 Sin Direct Download Link

Written by Falade who is now deeply wounded, dealing with trust issues, and emotionally scarred by being tricked Bad News Brown

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Drake, Kanye, Weezy, Eminem – Forever (Travis Barker Remix)

“Forever” – Drake, Kanye, Weezy, Eminem…TRAVIS BARKER REMIX

Okay so hear me out. I am not usually one to notice a drummer or what he/she is up to back there. But then I saw this video. Understand that I knew Travis Barker was an outstanding drummer by reputation, but like…this blew me away. My first thought? How are his arms not about to fall off after playing one song? Other thoughts-look at how many drum pads he has in front of him! And it seems he could do it all with his eyes closed. Favorite part, for those who don’t want to watch the whole thing…at the end…catch the end of Em’s verse and his final run with the hook. As bizarre as this may sound, Travis’s drumming on the last hook almost mirrors Eminem’s flow in his verse. And he really puts on a show at the end. This is really something else. Again, all coming from a girl who never pays much attention to the drums.

Bonus Edit: Download “Forever” (Travis Barker Remix)

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