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[Premiere] The Landing – Paranoid (Kanye West Cover)

With SWISH’s release swiftly approaching, Brooklyn producer-singer The Landing is certainly timing his latest release flawlessly, and we can confirm that his cover of Kanye West‘s 808s and Heartbreak hit is far more than just savvy marketing.

“Space-pop” is The Landing’s preferred genre, and he certainly imbues West’s bouncy electronic track with an extraterrestrial feeling. The synths are beefed up to galactic proportions, and contrast well with the breezy island bounce of the percussion.

Moving at a brisk pace, The Landing expands on the style that made How Strange to Be, his 2015 EP, an unexpected success. He’s a first-rate producer and songwriter, and both of those qualities are apparent on “Paranoid.”

The Landing’s voice is a bit similar to Mr. Hudson, who appeared on the original, and he handles the verses with a quiet, restrained charisma before breaking into a sandy falsetto on the chorus.

“Being the first cover I’ve put out, I wanted to do something unexpected but relevant at the same time, and Kanye as a pop artist has fascinated me for continually delivering on these two fronts,” The Landing said of the single. “We all ‘worry bout the wrong thangs’ while knowing fully well we don’t have to.”

With a unique style and flair, The Landing’s cover will surely help you through the bleak winter months and keep your Kanye appetite satiated until the release of Swish.

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Most Anticipated Albums of 2016

2015 came and went, some albums gave us chills, others made us want to party like it’s 1999, and then there were ones that just never seemed to arrive at all. While Adele made her surprising reappearance into the music world, Frank Ocean was probably off on an island far, far away laughing at us all as we impatiently wait for his sophomore album. He was most likely chillin’ alongside Rihanna and Kanye West, who have also been taking their precious time to release their next albums. Before we get too bitter about this, it’s important to think about all the great works of art that are likely to flood our ears in 2016. Here’s a list of albums that will (hopefully) arrive in the new year and fill our musical needs.

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[Stream] Rihanna – FourFiveSeconds ft. Kanye West & Paul McCartney (DJ Mustard Remix)

DJ Mustard is usually known for his popular Bay Area-hyphy sound, but today he dropped off an upbeat, airy remix of the Rihanna/Kanye/Sir Paul McCartney banger. Where the original features some strings that are standard for the Beatle, Mustard delivers a remix that’s closer to something we’d expect to hear from Sunset favorite Kygo. If this is the sound Mustard’s going for his next album, sign me up.

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[Stream] Big Sean – Blessings ft. Drake & Kanye West

Big Sean‘s had himself a hell of a few hours. Last night, he was featured on the debut single from Meek Mill’s sophomore album (which is also a banger), and late last night he dropped a single of his own. “Blessings” is a bit darker then we’re used to hearing from Sean, but anything with Drake and Kanye West features is destined for greatness. Dark Sky Paradise drops on 2/24.

Download Big Sean Blessings ft. Drake & Kanye West

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[MP3] Listen To Kanye West’s New Song “Only One”

Well this is a wonderful surprise. Wake up New Years Day to find out the almighty Yeezus dropped a new song before the ball dropped? Happy freaking new year! No word on where this will end up. “Only One” is a Yeezus channeling the spirits and talking to his mom, whom he loved very much. We’re supposed to be getting an album this year, but for now it’s all speculation. “Only One” has background vocals from Paul McCartney.

Happy and healthy new year, everyone!

Update: “Only One” is streaming on kanyewest.com

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Kacy Hill – Experience

Things are looking good for Kacy Hill, whose first single “Experience” landed her a deal with Kanye’s G.O.O.D label. The fact that she was a back-up dancer for the Yeezus tour is neither here nor there – the song is unusual and dope and the signing makes perfect sense as the 20-year-old, Phoenix born Hill has already hit a home run with one of the first songs she ever wrote.

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Common’s AAHH! Fest Enlists Dave Chappelle, Will Kanye Make An Appearance?

AAHH! Fest is a newly minted music festival that will take place this Sunday at Chicago’s Union Park (the same grounds that host Pitchfork Music Festival.) Curated by the city’s own Common, the lineup includes top bills like Lupe Fiasco, De La Soul, and Jay Electronica, among others. The fest will be hosted by legendary (and rare) comedian Dave Chappelle, who could probably justify the ticket cost alone.

The lineup also notes a “very special guest.” Whispers around town have been rumoring the guest to be Kanye West, which wouldn’t be all too surprising. When Mr. Chappelle did a gig at Radio City Music Hall a couple months ago, Yeezy stopped by to give a surprise performance. Could lightning strike twice?

Either way, AAHH! Fest should be a cool, Chicago-centric time as the city winds down with summer’s close.

A community showcase will take place from 10AM-1PM, while the main stage acts will go from 4PM-10PM on September 21.

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[Download] Future – I Won (ft. Kanye West) (Different Sleep Remix)

One of my favorite track’s from Future’s sophomore effort, “Honest,” was his collab with Kanye about their trophy wives (Future is married to Ciara and if you don’t know who Kanye is married to then I just don’t know man); a lot of people found it to be fairly misogynistic and/or sexist (it’s been a long day and I can’t remember if those are actually the same thing) but it struck me as an awesome love ballad.

Different Sleep took the banger and made it into a soft, melodic track that is great for winding down at night. The piano he added to the hook reminds me of 90s pop music and it’s awesome.

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10 Songs I’m Playing On Repeat

Have you ever experienced one of those breakthrough moments where you feel like FINALLY you’ve reached what you’ve been trying to get to for so long? I had one of those today. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been in a funk for a while now – just not really feeling like myself. Work hasn’t been exciting me, and I’ve been letting that affect my personal life. But I turned 27 yesterday and I told myself that 27 is going to be better than 26. And I woke up this morning, and somehow I just felt giddy. I’ve been cheery all morning, and a big part of it has been fueled by the music I’ve been listening to. So I wanted to share 10 songs that I’m playing on repeat today (some new, some old). I don’t usually get into remixes or heavy beats, but I’m feeling it today, so why the hell not! Let the beat build!

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Bonnaroo Music Festival Announces 2014 Lineup

We finally have the second major music festival lineup of 2014 by way of Bonnaroo. Top billings include Elton John, Kanye West and Jack White. Other notables include Vampire Weekend, The Avett Brothers, Phoenix, Skrillex, Kaskade, Wiz Khalifa, Disclosure, Broken Bells, Janelle Monae and Pusha T.

The lineup stacks up pretty nicely with Coachella’s, announced last month.

Which would you rather go to?



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[STREAM] Beyonce – Drunk In Love ft. Jay Z & Kanye West (Remix)

WOOOOO I LOVE THIS. Out of nowhere Kanye jumped onto Big Brother‘s and Big Brother’s Wife‘s track and actually had a better verse than Jay, to be honest. So I guess we should prepare to be hearing college girls/girls in their 20s singing this for a while. Don’t totally hate it. That said, never forget Kanye’s “Ego (Remix)” verse.

[h/t Angie Martinez]

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[Music Video] Kanye West – Bound 2

For some reason, it never even crossed my mind that Kanye was going to release a video for “Bound 2,” which is arguably the best track on his latest effort Yeezus, but man, am I glad he did. Featuring a newly mastered version (much more like the live version that he performed on the late night circuit a couple months ago), Kanye gets on his motorcycle and drives through the Grand Canyon, I guess? And Kim’s naked? I don’t totally get it, but what else is new.

h/t the MJF Mafia

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