[MP3] Jungle – The Heat

Jungle first came to me in their groovy song “Platoon,” then next with their slow and airy song “Drops,” and today they’re back with “The Heat.” It’s back to that funky groove that they started with. For a reason I can’t quite put my finger on, it’s sexy. Bite on this one and let it carry you through to October 21st, when they’re releasing an EP with the same name, The Heat


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Jungle – Drops

After catching our attention with an awesome breakdance-themed music video for “Platoon”, mysterious newcomer Jungle is back with a relatively subdued follow-up called “Drops”. Over a soothing backdrop of warm electronics and finger snaps, Jungle’s airy vocals (that kind of remind me of Bon Iver for some reason) take over and help make this one of the most beautiful/mesmerizing songs I’ve heard this year. I’m not even tired, but I want to go take a nap to this song right now (and I mean that in the most complimentary way possible). Listen for yourself below.

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Listen While You Work: 4.0

I read a lot of articles that say email is the barrier that stands between a human and productivity. I believe it, too. I find myself going to work and struggling to get through my emails in a day’s time. What it leaves me with is time spent in meetings or reading and responding to emails. So when do I actually get work done? When I get home, mostly. And there’s nothing fun about that. So I’ve decided I’m going to start blocking time off on my calendar for a full hour to sit down and do work and not allow myself to read my emails for that hour. Probably nothing groundbreaking, but easier said than done. Good news is: I just created a new Listen While You Work playlist that’s just over an hour long, so it’ll be the perfect soundtrack for this work hour. Hope it’s helpful for you, too.

This version features music by a k u a, Arbeia, Mausi, There’s Talk, Lonely Child, Jaymes Young, THUMPERS, Lorde, Disclosure, Evan Duffy, JUNGLE, Jetsi Kain, and Arthur Beatrice.



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Jungle – Platoon [Music Video]

I don’t know what to think about the kid who stars in this new video for Jungle’s groovy debut single “Platoon”.

On one hand, I want to be best friends so we can spend all day discussing her views on life (anyone with moves like this obviously has a thing or two figured out about the world). At the same time though, I don’t think I could ever be in the same room as this girl — risking the chance that a dance party could break out at any moment (this happens a lot in my hypothetical scenarios) while my moves (which are basically just me flailing my arms around like those inflatable dancing guys at car dealerships) get outshined by a six year-old girl. Mainly though, I’m just afraid of getting rejected by a six year-old who’s too cool to hang around with a guy who spends his time writing creepy blog posts about six year-olds in music videos.

Seriously though, shit gets so real when the song breaks down around around the 2:15 mark as she stares the camera in the eye before pulling a beanie over her head and unleashes a terrifying throat-slicing move. Easily the most badass thing I’ve seen this year. Fire. Check it out below while you wait for the single to hit iTunes on July 15th.

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