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Josh Taylor & The Cozy Boys – Sunshine & Kool Aid

If you couldn’t tell from my last few posts, I’m still desperately clinging on to the bright, blue skies and warm days of summer, but I think I’ve finally found the magic formula to keeping winter away – Josh Taylor & The Cozy Boys. Like their name suggests, Josh Taylor & The Cozy Boys are the embodiment of Southern California comfort music – it’s bright, it’s sunny, it’s warm, and best of all, it’s like a musical collision between Bob Marley and Jack Johnson.

The duo of Josh Taylor and Ben Glasser first met at USC as fraternity brothers, and the rest is history. They’ve not only ventured around Australia on tour, but have also shared the Coachella stage with fellow fraternity brother and dirtybird protege, Justin Jay.

Their second original, “Sunshine and Kool Aid,” is an archetypal Southern California sunshine. The soft percussion sequences and soaring, arpeggiated guitar riffs serve as a luscious bed of warm, pillowy bass lines and sun-kissed melodies, while Josh Taylor’s soothing vocals instantly grabs your hand and teleports you to the Venice Beach boardwalk, meandering around the sand as the sun is setting below the horizon. Plain and simple, Josh Taylor & The Cozy Boys’ music is heartfelt, tranquilizing, and just down right beautiful.

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