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The Chuckness Presents: Overlooked #1

New Overlooked!

(Written by Chuck at The Chuckness)

The art of collaboration is an undeniable force.

A little over a year ago, I linked up with the hip-hop oriented site Refined Hype on a feature that we called “Overlooked.” The deal was simple: I provided their audience with my favorite non hip-hop songs of the week, and their team hit me with a handful of tracks that slipped under my radar. Both audiences benefited in that they were introduced to new music entirely outside of their respective comfort zones.

I’ve been following Sunset in the Rearview for a while now, since Lydia was freshly graduated from Duke, and it’s been exciting watching the site grow from one personality to many. Arjun came out of left field by combining a dynamite music taste with hysterical writing, and he swiftly became one of my favorite contributors of the site. This all led to where we are now: a new round of “Overlooked.”

I’ll be hitting the SITR crew with three tracks that I think they missed over the course of the month, and Arjun will be providing three picks that he thinks we airballed on over at The Chuckness.

A collaboration for the people.

Hit the jump to find out what three songs we overlooked this month… Continue reading “The Chuckness Presents: Overlooked #1” »

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Jose Gonzalez – Cycling Trivialities


“Cycling Trivialities” – Jose Gonzalez

This one has a bit of a somber sound, but his voice sounds absolutely beautiful over the acoustic guitar pattern.

All this time you were chasing dreams

Without knowing what you wanted them to mean

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