“New Piano Song” – Jonsi

Jonsi Go Live Album

Jonsi, of Sigur Ros, gave me one of my favorite albums of the year when he released Go. I’ve got it on vinyl and it spends more time spinning than it does cuddling up in its case. Now I hear that Jonsi has released Go Live, a, wouldn’t you know, live version of this album that includes a DVD, and I can already feel my toes a’tinglin. I got a chance to see him live at Coachella, and it was spectacular. Now I get the whole experience recorded and on my iTunes? He’s spoiled me rotten, that silly winged Icelandic man.

Oh, and yeah. Just had a brilliant idea. Jonsi needs to meet up with Freelance Whales. Both have this incredible ability to play instruments in a way that they aren’t often played. The crackling, tapping, and light drum beating here might be what reminded me of Freelance Whales, but really…if someday you see a collaboration between those artists, come back to Sunset in the Rearview and give me your money. I’ll be standing there with my arms crossed, attitude in my eyes, saying, “Yep, told you so.”

Go - Jónsi Purchase Go

Credit to Pigeons and Planes for the track

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ADVERTISEMENT: “Let’s Colour” – Dulux 

Please, for the love of all things good, do not pass up the opportunity to watch this ad. I know that most people dread advertisements and immediately reach for the remote to mute the television – but that’s because people assume that ads will be bad. I work in advertising, and as I’ve learned from my Creative Director here, good is the enemy of great in advertising. Your work absolutely has to be great – otherwise, it falls into the category of “mute. now.” Well, this one is great. Superbowl worthy. 

Set to Jonsi’s hit song, “Go Do,” which is one of my favorite songs of 2010 thus far, this paint ad uses time-lapse brilliantly to show how paint can totally revamp a city and bring people to life. 

This seems to be the year of the great paint ads. Advertising shop McKinney made a great spot this year for Sherwin Williams – also one to check out

Download “Go Do” (via Music For Ants)

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Jonsi Performs Unreleased Song, “Icicle Sleeves”

Jonsi Performs Unreleased Song, “Icicle Sleeves”

Jonsi is one of my favorite artists, so to see that he is on video performing an unreleased song is very exciting. However, I think the song is a little too dark/harrowing for me. In the second half of the video they perform “Kolnidur,” a song from his recent album, Go.  It is pretty darn cool that they’re performing in a chapel in Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetary.

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Kaleidoscope (ft. Jonsi) – Tiesto

“Kaleidoscope” (ft. Jonsi) – Tiesto

This was released last year, but I am just now getting around to listening to it. I must say…not a likely pairing of artists for one song, but that often happens to be when the music sounds the best (think: Broken Bells). Tiesto fans and Jonsi fans, I would imagine, are from different crowds, but the two artists do a great job blending their styles together. Thanks to my friend Leslie for the find on this one!

Download “Kaleidoscope”

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Coachella Wrap-Up

So here goes. How to do a review of Coachella in few enough words that people other than my family may consider reading it. Amazing? Of course it was. Once-in-a-lifetime? Hopefully not. Crazy? To be expected. It’s going to take a little more than that, folks.

So here’s where I’ll start. And I’ll put it into sections to make it easier for those who don’t like to read.

1. Some of the bands I saw…mainly my favorites

The first band I saw was The Specials.

I’m going to have to admit I overlooked their name when I saw the lineup. There I was, all focused on the hip, new music because I’m a blogger, blah blah blah, but man, never forget about the classics! Boy was I slapped in the face! They were awesome! But, sure enough…I was too excited to be seeing the scenery to stop in one place and really let it soak in. There was running-around-exploring to be done.

Next up: Passion Pit. Now again, while I’m being brutally honest with not only all of you, but also myself, I will admit that I had a little (and yes, I mean little) thing against Passion Pit ever since I saw their MTV Woodie Awards act and was so bored by the main singer’s performance that I wanted to cry. The falsetto that he’s so famous for sounded forced and, quite frankly, terrible. Thus began my little Passion Pit boycott. Boom! Comeback city! Passion Pit lived up to their original standards and were quite a fun band to watch at Coachella this year. Not that I would know, though, because I was too starstruck by the sighting of Whitney Port to be paying any attention to the music. She brushed against my arm. Total girl crush.

Tried to see La Roux, but was turned off by the pushy crowd full of teenagers, so moved over to catch a glimpse of Imogen Heap. Well, I thought it was going to be a glimpse, anyway. Fooled again! My sister and I ended up in the 2nd row, thanks to much nicer fans who realized that we were short and it would not be of any harm for us to be in front of them, and we were able to catch an up-close performance by the ever-adorable “Immy.” Let me just say this, to any and all artists out there: be interactive with your fans. Be honest on stage. You will develop a relationship with your fanbase by doing this, and if it comes off attractively, your fans will feel a deeper connection to you. Imogen Heap was a little late to get on stage, and she was so deeply apologetic about it, and honest about how frantic she was, I’m pretty sure she had the whole audience feeling like her best friend wanting to say to her, “it’s okay! Do your thing, girl!” Well sure enough, she did her thing. Despite some of her audios not working as planned, she pulled off a killer show that ended with the incredible “Hide and Seek,” but of course didn’t exclude another of my favorites, “Between Sheets.”

“Between Sheets” – Imogen Heap

Oh and another thing: her set was great. She was playing on a glass piano (read: awesome) and brought out a 3D tree decked in lights.


Now before I get too carried away and lose all of you, I’ll start narrowing down my opinions. Saw Vampire Weekend from afar, they sounded amazing. The instruments sounded great, and Ezra Koenig, their main singer, sounded just as spectacular live as he does on the albums.

Of course I saw Jay-Z, who was stellar, and many of the other headliners.

Fast-forward a bit, and here was my view of Florence and The Machine:

Powerful female vocals: check. Beautiful weather: check.

And of course, let’s cut to my last two favorites of the weekend: Jonsi and Phoenix. Of all the shows over the weekend, my top priority was to see Jonsi. And I must say, it was everything I hyped it up to be. He sounded absolutely incredible. His outfit was amazing (of course he donned some feathers as he tends to do) and he was great on piano and guitar. He emitted great energy when it was necessary, but also carried emotions through his slower songs. The crowd was definitely feeling his mood, if you can’t tell from this photo:

Among others, he played one of my favorites, “Boy Lilikoi:”

“Boy Lilikoi” – Jonsi

and another favorite, “Go Do:”

“Go Do” – Jonsi

Right after Jonsi left the stage, the crowds really started packing in for Phoenix. And I would venture out to say that the crowds picked the right show to flock! They were really great performers live, and I think a lot of what’s to thank for that is that their main singer knows his limits. It seems he doesn’t try to hit notes that are out of his range, and for this, he sounds terrific live, just as one would hope. They of course closed the show with “1901,” which was extremely fun to dance to.

“1901” – Phoenix

Oh, and how could I forget! The highlight of this show was that I caught the beachball that people were throwing around and got to launch it into the air again. Big deal for a short girl.

Shows I missed that I wish I had seen:

Yeasayer. One of my new favorite songs of the moment:

“2080” – Yeasayer

If you’re a fan of Local Natives, you might like this. Check it out if you haven’t heard it yet. Also wish I had caught Local Natives, though they’re coming to my area soon, so I’m not too bummed. Wish I could have caught Miike Snow, but they overlapped with Jonsi, and I know my priorities. MGMT I saw part of, but their crowds were way worse than La Roux’s. They still sounded good, though. Anyway…enough rambling. Hope you enjoyed the recap, and hopefully you can make it out next year if you weren’t able to this year! I sure hope I can!

Oh and one last bit, which is perhaps one of the most crucial parts of what made the weekend so amazing. The scenery was spectacular. Check out some more photos:

Check out the sunset in what served as my rear view this past weekend:

Or if I actually turned around and looked for myself:

That’s all for now. All songs are downloadable by right clicking and saving the attachment. Enjoy!

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Listen to the Jonsi Album, “Go”

Yall already know what a huge fan of Jonsi I am. Well, NPR is here to save the day. They’ve allowed the streaming of the Jonsi album, called “Go” for yours and my listening purposes! Click here to listen to the album. 

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Jonsi does a cover of MGMT’s “Time to Pretend.” As justly stated by the listener sitting next to me, “beautiful voice. The piano is great too.” Exactly what I would have said. Once again Jonsi makes me feel a bit like I put on a pair of wings and could float right into the sky. 

Download “Time to Pretend” (right click and save)

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“Tornado” – Jonsi

Another beautiful song from Jonsi. Every song that leaks continues to amaze me. I could listen to his music again and again and again until I slipped away into a meadow of rolling hills, blue skies, and chirping birds. Is that what Iceland is? Is that his inspiration? Anxiously awaiting the album (called Go) release on April 6th.

Download “Tornado”

via Get Up Stay Down

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Around Us” (Acoustic session, WNYC 2010) – Jónsi

I absolutely love his music. I got a request from a friend to post more of his stuff, so here we are. Don’t float away!

Boy Lilikoi” (Acoustic session, WNYC 2010) – Jónsi

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Jonsi – Boy Lilikoi


“Boy Lilikoi” – Jonsi

Jonsi Birgisson is the lead singer and guitarist for Sigur Ros, a great band from Iceland. Jonsi has released a solo track that could easily become a sunset favorite of the month. Looking forward to his album that will drop on March 22nd, titled “Go,” as it has great features and if this is a sign of what’s to come, it’s clearly going to be dope.

Download “Boy Lilikoi” (Right click and save)

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